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Pool Viewing Area Obs (M)


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So I’m trying to get back into a regular routine after a rough couple of months, which includes taking my kid back to swimming lessons.  The viewing area overlooking the pool is set up like a little café, with about 10 small tables, some cozier chairs in the corner, and several chairs directly facing the windows in front of the pool.  I took one of these so I could keep an eye on the lesson and settled in with my book to read for a while, not really paying much attention to the few people around. 

His sneeze took me completely off guard, and was a little startling because it was so loud.  It came from one of the tables behind me, and I was immediately disappointed that I didn’t have a visual.  Even though it was loud, it was very vocalized at the end, sounding like, “AHH-RESHhhCHIEW”.  It was like the ending captured all his breath and was desperate…I think that’s what got me.   

My first thought was, “Oh man, please let him do that again…” and I wasn't disappointed, as my thinking was interrupted by his, “AHHHH” that was growing louder by the second.  It was so loud that the woman next to me turned to look, which I should have done as well, but was too frozen in my chair to move.  He launched into a fit of four almost identical sneezes with no break in between: “AAAHHHHH-ReshhChiew, ahhRESHhhhhChiew, AhhreshhhhCHIEW, AhRESShhhCHIEW”.  They were much slower than I expected, almost seeming like he was dragging them out to attract attention, but the desperation in his voice and breathing (so loud you could really hear it) made me believe that he wasn’t in any way trying to control the sound or volume. I also noticed that even though they were desperate-sounding, there was no relief in his voice that they were over.  So right away I wondered if there would be more.  The woman next to me chuckled and went back to her phone while I carefully shifted my body, so that I could take a quick glance over my shoulder.  I couldn’t really see much of his face because his hand was blocking it, as he was using his palm to ferociously rub his nose in a circular motion, which I thought was adorable. I shifted in my chair again, hoping there would be more, but alas, he was done.

I went back to reading, or at least trying to, when I heard the scrape of a chair from behind and suddenly there he was, leaning up against the wall by me, looking out over the pool.  I got a sidelong view of a stocky-build with broad shoulders, dark hair, and a very long, prominent nose.  I couldn't help but replay the fit over in my mind and I think I started to smile in his direction, because all of a sudden he was smiling at me.  I was completely flustered and felt the heat rise to my cheeks, but kept it together, still smiling.  Thankfully the lesson ended and it was time to go…I was completely embarrassed that he caught me looking at him.  But not sorry about seeing him smile.  Or hearing him sneeze.

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Wow, what a treat :heart: thank you for sharing this beautiful observation in this well-written way!

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Thanks for the comments.  Glad you enjoyed reading about it.

On 1/7/2020 at 9:31 PM, CheekyGuy said:

That's a gorgeous scenario - did he blow his nose afterwards?

He didn't, which was a little disappointing.  He was rubbing his nose so intensely, that I thought for sure it was coming.  But, nothing. 


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