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Greg handled Holiday Party Season well. He maintained a wardrobe of green and red sweaters that made him look acceptably adorable and fuckable. He could hold his alcohol and had a few practiced anecdotes that conveyed the proper air of charm. He almost always managed to sneak out with the girl everyone else was looking at almost never remembered to save her number. His absolute social apathy was apparently irresistible.

This one was a work party, which meant Lizzy was hiding in the corner. Lizzy hated Holiday Party Season. She was wearing a black turtleneck, completely unconcerned with Christmas spirit and infinitely cooler than everyone else at the bar without knowing it. The dark circles under her eyes indicated that the head cold she’s insisted was “no big deal” at Monday’s meeting was getting worse. She was drinking whiskey, trying to get away with not talking to anyone. As Greg headed toward her, having drained his drink as an excuse to pass by on the way to get another one, he got a clear view of just how pink the tip of her nose had become.

“You look like you want to go home.”

Lizzy let out a short laugh that turned into a cough. “Yes, I do.”

“My car is out back, I’ll drop you off.”

“Yeah - but I can’t actually go yet.”

“How come”

“Joe wants to hang out for a bit.” Joe was Lizzy’s boyfriend, he was posted up at the other end of the bar throwing darts and making eyes at the bartender. Greg hated him.

“You have the flu.”

“No, I have a head cold.”

Greg examined Lizzy while her lips fluttered open and she pretended she wasn’t holding back a sneeze. “Nah, I bought that a couple of days ago, but now something is seriously wrong with you. You’re damaged goods.” Lizzy smiled again and let out a deep belly laugh that triggered a proportional coughing fit. “Don’t laugh -” he felt immediately guilty.

“You called me damaged goods. If I don’t laugh that was like a really rude thing to say.” She cleared her throat.

“I have cough drops in my car.”

“How are things going with Monica?”

“Who’s Monica?”

“Monica from accounting - who has definitely been after you all night.” Lizzy was losing the fight with her impending sneeze, “Heh - ah - hechoo!”

“You know - I might even have NyQuil in the car.” He reached out and felt her forehead, which was hot enough to make his stomach jump.

“It’s ok, Joe is gonna take me home. You should pick up someone sexy, I think the company tab is open till midnight.”

Greg knew that was a lost cause, Lizzie was too distracting - he was significantly less suave when she was around. He also knew her useless boyfriend probably hadn’t noticed her fever, probably wouldn’t care if he had, and wasn’t going to take care of her. Which was almost as annoying as her refusal to see that she could do better. “I’m going home anyway,” he lied, “how about you tell Joe you’re heading out and he can come by and fuck your feverish brains out later if he so desires.”

“I don’t have a fever.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything. But you have a very scary fever.”

She felt her own forehead, as if this were a valid measure, “I don’t think so.”

“It’s ok to admit that you feel awful, Liz, I won’t tell anyone.”

She caught his eyes for a moment, “Ok, I feel awful. Please take me home.”


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good start so far to this story and I'm interested in seeing, what you'll come up with in the future!

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