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"I've got to do something about this nose" (ex-boyfriend's very sniffly cold), M


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I never feel comfortable writing obs about current partners, as I always worry that if I told them about the fetish and they did some googling, they'd find a story about themselves on here that's I've written for strangers' sexual pleasure!! However, one benefit of a breakup is that I don't worry so much about sharing obs of ex boyfriends. 😅

I was dating a gorgeous Scandinavian man for a while, let's call him M. He's 6'3 and slim, 34 years old, thick brown hair, pale blue-grey eyes, angular features, and the sexiest nose (honestly, I swiped right on him because of his nose!) straight and long, with delicate nostrils and an interesting bump at the bridge that went out to the sides more than up. When we were dating, just looking at his nose would turn me on! 

Anyway, on to the obs. 

It was a weekday, a few months into our relationship, and M and I had plans to meet for drinks after work. Up to this point, I had never seen or heard him sneeze, though he had talked about sneezing quite a bit. Funnily enough, he claimed that, if his chest and neck got cold, he would sneeze nonstop until he warmed up that part of his body! I never observed this glorious phenomenon, sadly. He'd even had a few colds since we'd gotten together, but no sneezing around me :(. On this particular day, he'd been ill with a sore throat the week before but seemed to have recovered. He'd gone swimming two nights earlier and mentioned walking back with wet hair made him sniffly, but i didn't think much of it. He also mentioned working from home that day, but didn't say anything about feeling sick. We were texting about evening plan details from work, when he texted, "Just a heads up, I'm a bit under the weather - got the sniffles, but should be good to go out". Safe to say my productivity halted --"got the sniffles" ?!?!?! I died. I suggested we stay in instead of going out if he's unwell, and after some back and forth about whether he felt well enough, he decided he would prefer to stay in, so I offered to pick up dinner things and head to his. 

When he answered the door, he looked so pitifully ill that it is laughable he was considering going out in his condition. He looked exhausted, and the entire tip of his nose and nostrils were bright pink. He was wearing baggy gray sweatpants (my favorite look on a cosy man) and a thick sweater, and when we kissed, i felt a bit of moisture from his nostrils on my cheek. Not into huge amounts of mess, but was INTO THIS IN A BIG WAY. It soon became evident why his nose was looking so abused. This man had come down with "the sniffles" indeed, and his nose was literally running like a faucet. He had to blow it constantly. Fetish overload! We were cuddling on the sofa after dinner when I was treated to my first (ever) sneeze from him. I was talking, when he turned away and muffled a powerful, body-bending, "HUMMPPH-CHOOO!" into his sweater-covered elbow. Per his funny "chest/neck being cold" superstition, he immediately got up and put on another sweater and a scarf. No more sneezes that night, but at one point I walked into his room right as he was blowing his nose for the 200th time in the bathroom -- he seemed a bit embarrassed (relationship still kinda new), looked up at me pitifully over his tissues, and said "I've got to do something about this nose". Dear lord. 

That night, in bed, I started to hint at the fetish. Told him I thought he looked quite sexy with his red nose and sniffles. He thought it was funny and a bit weird but seemed pleased actually! Especially after I showed him just how much I enjoyed it...😈 

I work from home Fridays, so I obviously opted in to working from his place the following day in hopes of seeing more of this treat, and I was not disappointed. The poor dear was even worse when we woke up. First sneeze happened as he was carrying all his laptop and work stuff into the living room. With his hands full, I hear a loud gasp, and then , "HEAAKCHOOOOO!", uncovered, body-bending, turned away from me, very loud and irritated-sounding sneeze. I blessed him and pretended to be chill (lol). About an hour later, he was doing dishes in the kitchen (same room as living room, where I was working), and I hear another loud gasp and 'HEAAK" -I look up immediately and get a double view - of his back to me but also of his side profile in the kitchen mirror! as he sneezed, "KCHOO!" immediately gasps even louder and "HEAKKSCHOOOOO!", an even louder, wetter, more desperately irritating sounding sneeze. For the first one, he sneezed right down into the sink (gross, as he was doing dishes...) and for the second one he turned to his side so I got a full picture of him, full on, in the mirror, leading up to and during the second sneeze! His face looked so incredibly itchy and irritated - eyes closes, nose bright red and scrunched up, mouth gasping for air, and then the release. I couldn't help myself; I got up immediately and went and hugged him, rubbing his back, saying "awww, you're so sick! bless you!" and giving him lots of kisses. He seemed a bit embarrassed and was very sniffly while I kissed him, until he had to break away to blow his nose. 

He got increasingly sniffly through the day, to the point that he just held a tissue up to his nose constantly. At one point, I walked into the living room where he was working after having been on a conference call in his room, and he had stuffed tissues up each nostril so that he could work. It was hilarious and absolutely pitiful, but that is seriously the extent to which his nose was running.

I got one more sneeze out of him that day, the harshest and most irritated-sounding of all. You know when someone's getting sicker with a cold and you start to hear the irritation and congestion in their sneeze? It was like that. a huge gasp "AHHH?!" and then, "HEAKKCHKEWW!", really ragged and seemed to take a lot out of him 

He didn't cover any except the first, which I personally find a bit of a turn-off, but I know some people here quite enjoy. 

This cold seems to have broken the "sneeze seal" with him, as he became a decently sneezy person around me after this. For the rest of our relationship, I was treated to singles doubles, and even one memorable triple from him at random times. But this first experience was truly amazing.


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One follow-up memory! 

A few days later, he mentioned that his roommate, saying, "L and I were watching TV, and he started sneezing. I hope I'm not contagious!", to which I replied "Babe, you are most definitely contagious". He was a bit sheepish at this. They have a great friendship and care for each other when one is ill or not doing well. It's really sweet.

I'm not sure his roommate actually ended up coming down with whatever M had, but what a sight that would have been - two sneezy men worrying about each other! yum. 

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