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Friendship and the Fetish


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Hey all,

So it’s pretty typical for me and my close friends to thoroughly dissect all aspects of current relationships/crushes, but I’m uncomfortable bringing the fetish into that. I wish, though, that there were people who I could do the same thing with, but focused more on the sneezing. And, you know, who understood. Sometimes I wonder if I should just tell one of them and see what her reaction is. But like, not say that female sneezes are also attractive, to make things less weird for her?

How many of you have a friend or close friend that you do that with? Have you shared the fetish? And were they “in real life” friends or friends from the forum?


the socially awkward one who likes to hide, yet also wants to be seen lololol



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Have never discussed the fetish with friends irl and most likely never will. It's just a step that I don't think I will ever be able to take. Partly there's a certain selfish aspect to it that I want this just to be my thing, and partly its the embarrassment factor of knowing that after I have told them, if anyone sneezes around us, or if they sneeze, they will think that this has a sexual connotations for me, and I'm not sure I can cope with that :) 

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most of my close irl friends know about the fetish, but only my really really close friends who i share everything with and share a deep trust with. even then, they know my kinks bc we talk about kinks sometimes,  i'm not like "oh she has such a good nose, she's so cute!!!" when we're discussing crushes, bc that's NOT the dynamic, it's more like "oh you're into candle wax? that's cool i like sneezing. yes really!" like more of a getting to know each other thing than a communal gushing thing

that being said i do have a ton of fetish friends from the sneeze community and we gush about sneeze/nose stuff that we're thinking about like allll the tiiiime!  (in between normal conversations of course lmao, but u kno like with some regularity as often as one might discuss a crush etc)

there's also a really great community for stuff like that on the sneeze fetish corner of tumblr! 

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Maybe it’s just me but I can’t see why my friends need to know about the fetish. My v close friends know I have one, for various reasons, but not what it is. They got bored of trying to guess ages ago and no longer care. It would just feel awkward for them to know. 

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yeah like my friend knows I have A fetish but not exactly about what, but that's all I'm comfortable with sharing anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The idea of sharing the fetish with a friend isn't one I've considered, but thinking about it it's a barrier I hope I can cross one day. I've only shared it with 3 other people, all significant others. I am good friends with one of my ex girlfriends so that's the only experience I have of a "friend" knowing about the fetish, but we haven't discussed it at all since we broke up and I'd say it's a little bit silently awkward whenever she sneezes around me.

I have one friend that's always been very comfortable talking about fetishy stuff he's into; he frequently casually drops that he's into things like feet, being dominated, being peed on, etc. I hope one day I can share it with him, but sneezing just feels so much more uncommon and unheard of than those other things and I'll always have a fear of being judged for it.

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I have one friend who unwittingly knows because when I first met her we hooked up at a party and when we went back to my house I told her about it. She later became very close to my friend group and is now one of my closest friends. Once I realized we were gonna actually become friends I asked her to not tell anyone about it and she said she wasn’t planning on it. 

I think if given the choice I wouldn’t tell any of my other friends and I also kind of wish I could take back telling her. She’s never made it awkward or even really brought it up to me but I just feel like it’s something so personal that I want to limit the number of people who know about it, especially the number of people close to me who know about it. 

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Interesting question! I've been planning on telling a friend many times, but I've never actually done it. The first time was with my childhood friend about four years ago, and one evening, we discussed fetishes in general. She was pretty cool about it, but I didn't find the courage to tell her why I'd brought the topic up. All my tries within the past 4 years ended like that 🙄

Since last summer, I've been wondering whether I should tell another really close friend. We've known each other for a year or so, but it is the closest friendship I ever had. And also the most awkward, because I had a crush on him for a while and he eventually came out to me. He's never told anyone else he's gay, so that was some well-kept secret, and I felt bad for hiding my secret from him. But then again, it would've been even more awkward for him to know that I like his sneezes (well... I admit they're perfect, but I don't feel anything anymore when I witness any) and I don't want him to think that I only became his friend because of his sneeze (Okay, that is pretty unlikely, but I'm still afraid). 

Anyways, we've been talking a lot about sexual orientation, sexuality, preferences, identity etc. I recently concluded that I might be asexual and discussed it with him, which felt like a first step towards talking about the fetish, but we never did. I don't know if I'll ever do so.

It's still a bad feeling to hide it, but right now, I'm trying to figure out whether this is a thing I really want friends to know or rather only my future partner(s). Maybe I'll mention that I have a fetish, but not specify it... I don't know. 

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A couple of my friends know. It was important at some point in my life to tell someone, it was a part of my way to coming to terms with my fetish. It was still pretty general though, not something I could gush about or anything. I don't think I would that easily tell anyone anymore, I've become more private a person and the need simply isn't that strong anymore. There's one friend I have become very close with recently, and I have been thinking that I might just tell them at some point as we discuss a lot of really personal stuff with each other anyway. It's still a pretty big part of me, I mean the fetish basically is my sexuality anyway. Well, we will see.

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I did tell some friends in the past, when I was in my late teens, but that didn't turn out too well. They had zero interest in talking about it and a few of them were only uncomfortable and worried that their sneezing did stuff for me. So, nope, awkward and pointless for me, in any case. Not planning on telling anyone else. They didn't mock me about it or anything, it was just a very unnecessary thing to tell them. I wanted that super open friendship that I saw them have between each other, when they discussed things that were really personal, but apparently, it didn't stretch that far (or just didn't include me, that's a more likely possibility). So, no. Not doing that again. :lol:


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I have never told anyone until last year - I got the courage to tell my husband that I have sexually induced sneezing, but that is all I could do.  Not sure how to get to the next step!

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