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Photic Sneeze Reflex on Jeopardy!


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On today's episode of Jeopardy, the category "Science Around Us" for $400, and the answer is "With the Photic Sneeze Reflex, Looking at this can cause some people to spontaneously sneeze." The middle contestant rang in and said "What is the sun?" The answer was accepted as a substitution for light.

But I saw that and thought, "oh wow, one of our favorite means of sneezing is on a quiz show!"

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i was literally in my phone commenting on someone's fic when that question came on

let me give context: i watch jeopardy and then wheel of fortune with my family every night after dinner

so im in my phone doing whatever and my mom's usually in her phone doing whatever and my dad's in his laptop doing whatever and we watch jeopardy and wheel and then put the tech down for more engaging shows

im in my phone commenting on a fic when this question comes on and like it felt so fucking surreal 

part of my brain was like why is fetish content on the jeopardy why is alex trebek saying these words am i having a weird stress dream right now??? is this one of those weird stress dreams where my family finds out i fuck sneeze???

like my brain fucking bluescreened for a minute and i felt my face and ears turn red 

i vaguely heard my parents commenting on how "oh that's weird! i didn't know that!" in the background while i vaguely dissociated

and then the next second he was moving on to some question about #followforever and the lady got it wrong and they gave her the point anyway and i got to change the subject to how that was the wrong answer and i felt so relieved if not still a bit disoriented 

it was: a fucking wild ride for me

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I haven't watched "Jeopardy!" in several years and missed this episode.):

But does anyone here remember an episode 12 years ago or so where Alex Trebek actually faked a sneeze in the context of a question he was asking (I think the question had to do with allergies)?  I remember it because a family member of mine happened to be in the room while I was watching, and I was so taken aback and embarrassed I nearly switched off the TV!

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