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First cafe: 2 sisters both in their 20s were out having lunch with their mum and grandma I think. They were all at the table beside me. The older of the two sisters (late 20s, blonde) had a tissue or a serviette close by and would pick it up every few minutes and blow her runny nose. The younger sister (early 20s, brown hair) only blew once toward the end of their meal. She grabbed her handbag, took out a neatly folded ladies handkerchief (white I think) unfolded it and blew her nose before folding it back up and putting it back in her handbag 

Second cafe: (A few tables away) A family was having a meal and at one point the daughter (18-21, brown hair, had her back to me but I think glasses) pulled a red hankie with a lace border from her pocket and blew her nose (seemed to be quite a long blow)

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Nice nice.  Colds?  Just move red nosed ladies but smart to use hanks.  So soft on the blower - Thanks for sharing 

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How hard is it to stay focused when you spot or hear an nose blow or sneeze in a public place and you can the room. Found myself wandering a book store the other day searching for a prolonged fit of tiny high pitch "choos", sadly never found the owner 

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