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Fangtastic Club Vampires- Illness - Allergies - (F/F/M) Action,contagion, S-torture


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Posting for Fireflower (Andrea Frey on YouTube) This is her first sneezy story she ever did! Please Comment if you enjoy it! And she will see it! She is just waiting on approvals to be able to post herself. But in the meantime enjoy!



Chapter 1 -

Meeting -

I ducked out of the cold winter night into the Fangtastic Night Club - A goth bar. I loved winter, the one time of year my allergies didn’t give me hell, and I could get out and do things.
Red and black deecor low lighting, leather padded benches and booths surrounded the packed dance floor. Gothic-Techno-Metal pulsing from the speakers. The red and black lights making the whole place glow and sink into shadows. Fake Candles at every table.The drinks at the bar themed for Vampires, as was the club. It was a little crass, a little cliche...but I loved it the pulse of the music, the crushed bodies, the clothes the make up, the pale skin, the costumes. All part of the fun.

As I dance, I noticed a women in the crowd eyeing me her long hair was pinned above her head as she danced. Her strange golden eyes meeting mine. She must have contacts, I mused to myself, as I watched her through the crowd of people. She was tall about 5’9 curvy and athletic her red and black dress hugging her curved shoulders, and  flaring out below the breasts. She had a small button nose piercing eyes and freckles. She was beautiful to behold. I felt drawn in by her eyes, I wanted to get closer to her, I began moving through the crowd. Both of us becoming distracted by a couple to my right.

The bodies pressed in closer to me and I was forced to move next to them. The man looked irritated his cheeks flushed, sweating a little. His dress shirt open sweat beading down his muscular chest. His hair slicked back, his brown eyes wide with anger and a little puffy,  his nostrils flaring as he talked to a women in front of him. She was 5’1 if that and looked up at him, her hair black and cropped in a short bob. She was wearing to much eyeliner and glaring up at him, her lip quivering tears in her eyes her breath coming in little hitches.
Man - “ I didn’t want to come *sniffle* We shouldn’t h--h---h -” **His face contorted holding back a sneeze his breath hitchy his chest moving up and down. “ Hh--ave…. **Sniffle**” I couldn’t move trapped by the crowd. “ Have --c--coome.” **his face contorted again like the sneeze was going to come but he was trembling to fight it back.wiggling his nose with his knuckle.
Woman -  “ We HAb to come - It’s her b--b--i-rthbay. **sniffle** And I do --don’b wanb her to thinb we ww” **Her body shakes and quivers her nostrils flaring and red her face contorted ready to sneeze - needing to desperately her nose twitching from her clear conjestion. “ wwwere “ she takes another hitchy quivery breathe “ Avoibing her. After all we dibn’t make it lasb year. Anb missed her party for her graduation last weeb.”**more hitchy breathy she fiddles with her nose trying not to sneeze. The music continues blaring and I can only hear them at all because I am being pressed closer and closer together by the seething crowd of dancers all around us. My head next to their shoulders.
Man: “Fine but ca--ccc-cca - can we at” ** he manages to barely hold back the ever building sneeze sniffling again** “ at llll-ll--least ggo ssoon? We made our… ppoint” ** I was bumped from behind and my hair flew into his face as I moved to steady myself tickling his nostrils. He turned away from the woman and let lost his battle with his nose. He took that last deep hitchy shivery breath trying to hold it a moment a last ditch effort to stop what is coming. I was trapped I couldn’t move away.
Simultaneously the woman took his momentary lapse in speech to try to bite out a reply. She took in a deep breath to try to speak but that was her mistake her nose twitched uncontrollably and both she and he turned away from each other and sneezed.
HIS were thunderous, being right next to my head - Loud and unstiffled, but still barely heard by anyone but me over the music. “ACHOOO - ACHEEWWW -- Sn….chskkk…. ACHOO ACHOO ACHOOO ACHOOO! ACHOO! “ he couldn’t even get his hand  up to catch them. Spray from his flared red nostrils, landing on my neck, and face.**
Hers were small and dainty, held back by her dainty little hand. “ a-Chu, a-Chu, a-Cheuu, achuw A-cheeew.” which only seemed to make them worse getting louder and demanding full release.  Her face controted again and her whole body rocked forward towards me as she let fly a string of massive sneezes unable to control it anylonger. “ACHEWWWW ACHCEEEWWW ACHEEEEW, ACHOOOEEW…. Hhhhehhhhhehh hhhe ACHEWWW ACHEEW!” Thoroughly soaking the top of my silk red clothing as her spray hit me in the chest.*
“We’re sobe sorry.” **They said in unison as they looked at me covered in the result of their failed holdbacks. “ Whab cab we do?” Asked the women blushing with embarrassment.”
“ Nothing… It’s ...It’s ok. But maybe you should take his advice and head home.” I said with a teasing smile hoping to make light of the awkward.
She sniffled and took in a deep breath to answer me, looking like she was preparing a retort when another sneezing fit took her, “Acheew a-chu, a-chu - ACHOOEW!! ACHEWW,” **Snort - sniffle ** “ Ugh….” She groaned and looked mortified as she had once again she ended up covering her hand and my chest with her spray.
The Man sniffled to and he looked like he was holding back another fit by the way his shoulders were trembling, and he coughed into his hand. He looked at his partner and she sighed, then he Sneezed again aiming down and away only catching my shoulder and his hand this time. He gave her a pitiful look and swayed a little the last sneeze making him dizzy. I reached out to steady him as did she. And her expression softened and she nodded at him.
Women: “All righb, we’ll heab home.” **She says taking her partners and arm and they slowly made their way off the dance floor. I watched them go following in their wake as the crowd parted slightly for the sniffling couple.

Chapter 2

Covered in go I headed to the bathroom to see what I could salvage of my outfit and redo my make up. I was thoroughly covered. The woman I had been eyeing across the dance floor and eyed me with a pitying glance.

“That doesn’t look fun.” **She says her voice making even the simple statment a sultry purr, her eyes on me hungry and predatory.
“ It’s no big deal.” I said with a jovial smile, “ I just arrived in the city ….. Came here to meet new people…. Guess i can say mission accomplished…” I smile at her with a wink.”.Besides I have pretty severe allergies so…. Not gonna hold a little sneezing against them…. Like i said… no big deal” I laughed awkwardly a little annoyed I am being delayed from cleaning up. Licking my lips in nervousness, then taking a long deep breath to try to relax.  Play it cool. I thought to myself. She is obviously into you if she is still talking to you in this state.
She smiles and it makes my heart jump, “ Why don’t we go to my office and get you cleaned up. Hmmm?” She gives me a warm smile and I return it looking into those golden piercing eyes.
“ Y-- you’re office? You own the club?” I say REALLY shocked she’s still talking to me.
“ Mhmmmm.” **She purrs leading me into her office and getting out some tissues wipes and clean tank top with the Fangtastic NightClub logo across the chest. “ Here you are… so?.... What are you allergic to, that you’re used to this sort of thing? They must be pretty terrible allergies if THIS doesn’t bother you.” She says in another soft purr as she helps me clean up with the towels and make up wipes.
“ Like Everything.” I laugh and shake my head “ That I know of - cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, birds, pollen from flowers, trees, weeds, Feathers and Dust. Oh and most cologne, aftershave and  perfumes. Certain soaps, and laundry detergents, candles, incense, anything with a strong scent really.  “
She looks a little taken back. “ That is quite a long list.”
I laughed “ Yuup, just the fun of being me.” **sniffle** “ Speaking of whichb… the wipes seem to be… bbe.” **I felt the tickle starting in my nose deep and strong and sudden. My cheeks flushing with embarrassment.** “ kkchew achew achew.”  that relieved the tickle at leat for now. “ Scented wipes. Maybe just the tissues and towel for now.” I blew my nose into the tissue and put the wipes away, as soon as my nose was empty however the tickle resumed as I smelled the perfumed wipes. “Kkcheww, acheeeew , ckkshewww.” *sniffle* “ Excuse me.”
“Oh you poor dear” she said gently “ here I have a whole box of tissues, she opens a cabinet behind her to get tissues, there is some perfume, make up, a package of cigarettes a lighter an ashtray and a can of fabreeze. The Fabreeze falls as she hastily grabs the tissue box. Her hand comes out so fast i didn’t see it move, as she catches the can. She had caught it in her left hand her fingers closing around the trigger firmly as she moved to catch it. In her haste for it not to hit the floor…. She accidentally fills the room with a good 15 second spray of the fragrant strong summer flower scent.
Oh God I thought as the tickle in my nose gets so bad I can barely think. A thousand tiny tendrals stickling every inch of my nostril. The tingly uncontrollable need to sneeze filling me. My body tense my breath hitchy gasps trying not to breath but needing to breath. Involuntarily taking in a very deep breath as my body demands to sneeze. Me desperately holding back my eyes red, and watery. My whole body trembling as my new friend handed me tissues.
“ I’m gggg-- heh --- heh -- aaahg---agh--- he --- I’m gggoo--- ggaghhhh-- heh -- heh --- agghhhh-- hehhh.sn---sn-- agheee he -- gasp gasp gasp -- sn--- gasp sneeeaaaa--- ahhha-- sneeze…. “ I fought it as long as i could the tickly tendrils in my nose were buzzing wiht movememtn making it vibrate uncontrolably with each breath i took to speak. “ k-che--achhewww acheewww ksniiew ASCHEWWW ASCHHEW ASCHEEEEEEEWWW CHOOOO! CHOOO SCHEWWWW SCHEWWW SCHEWWW SCHEWEEE” I was dizzy I couldn’t breath I couldn’t move, I could do nothing now but inhale more of the dreaded flowerly tortury scent and sneeze helplessly as the tickly tendrils invaded and vibrated my nostrils. “ ACHEWW ACHEWWW ACHSSSSCHEWWWW!” I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed for about 5-10 minute straight eyes closed lost in the attempts not to sneeze and failing over and over again.

I was gasping for air, when my companion handed me the tissue box and finally - blissfully opened the window. The icy winter breeze swept through the room carrying away some of the scent filled air. It was -30 C outside, I was only in the tanktop and short black leather skirt I wore to the club. I was freezing almost instantly though she didn’t seem bothered at all. I felt the tickle in my nose again. And turned away for another violent sneezing fit - “KSCHE - heheheh--aaaaa---heee-ugh----heh--hehhh-- ACHeeeeeEWEwwweee kscheew -- KSCEHWEEE”  barely able to breath eyes closed it lasted for 5 more agonizing minutes until the icy breeze and my nose finally decided I was done. I sniffled and blew and blew and sniffled filling tissue after tissue forgetting for a moment my lady friend was there.

“ Oh my that is quite a reaction, I am terribly sorry.” She said with poised warmth and she smiles at me her golden eyes looking into mine as she wipes the tears away with the tissue and I blow my nose poor red for the millionth time. “Why don’t you let me make it up to you. How about you come early tomorrow hmm? And we can see about getting you a few free drinks. Here’s my card.”

I took the card with trembling hands: It read  Valery Fields, Club Manager, Fangtastic Night Club. I was a little shocked she wanted to see me again after that but smiled.
“That sounds great. Thanks.” Free stuff and time with this beautiful goddess of a woman, yes please, I thought to myself shivering violently in the icy cold room as the breeze swirled snow onto my icy skin.
Valery seem unbothered by the cold. “ You may go enjoy yourself again if you wish, or stay here for a few minutes, it’s up to you.” She smiled beautifully and waited for me to answer, my lips turning blue as I froze but at least the cold crisp air had gotten rid of all that scent. Though it was tickling my aggravated nostrils a little. “K-chew...kchuew” the tickle leading to relief of a few small sneezes.
“ I think I’ll head home.”
She nods and puts my clothes in a tote bag also bearing the clubs logo and hands it to me.
“Very well then, Have a good evening I need to get back to the club.” She says with a dazzling smile.

I thanks her and nodded heading to the coat check only to find someone had stolen my coat. I filled out the forms and they said they would look into it. I was enraged, sniffly and exhausted I just wanted my warm bed, but i didn’t have cab money so that was a good 20 minute walk in the biting wind. Ah well. Nothing can be done. So i took out my half soaked clothes from the bag and wrapped it around me at least that would provide some protection. By the time I was home I was utterly exhausted and frozen. I cuddled into my bed with relief warming up under the covers and passed out.   
Chapter 3

I went through a regular day, got up for work ate, drank, usual 9-5. Bought a new jacket, then came home and showered getting ready for my date  I was feeling a little tired, and my throat was a little scratchy from all the dry air in my office… that was all it was. I assured myself.
I was excited I couldn’t wait to go meet up with this beautiful women. She was absolutely stunning, i couldn’t get her out of my head. And the fact she KNEW about all my allergies saw me as a sneezy nasty mess and didn’t care…. WOW. Sign me up like yesterday! I chose a sweater that came down to my knees and leggings and decided to wear my hair down in loose curls. I put on some basic makeup,  slipped on some heeled boots, my new jacket and I was set.

I got about 5 minutes of the 20 minute walk when it started to snow….well it was kind of snow. It was only -10 today so it was thick heavy wet sleet. That chilled me even in my coat as I walked to my date. But I would not be deterred. No rain nor wind nor sleet shall keep my from this.
When I got to the club the parking lot was deserted except for a few cars near the side door as it was only around 8pm, just after sunset. I guessed that was where I should go. I shivered in the icy breeze as the sleet drive at my face some of it getting into my coat and sliding down my back as it had been the last 10 minutes or so when i turned the corner. I hoped my shirt wasn’t soaked. I knocked on the glass door and a bouncer came to answer.

“ Yes.” **He said gruffly**
“ I’m here to see Valery… I mean I was invited to see her tonight.. .here.umm…. Now.” I was trembling and freezing. Feeling hot and cold at the same time and more then a little lightheaded I was so nervous. My palms sweating a little. I hope this went well. The bouncer nodded and led me to the back to her office.

Behind the desk was a man who stood 5’10 he had long dark hair tied back in a ponytail and smooth chiseled features, and dark brown eyes. His skin was smooth, like chiseled marble and he looked at her with a predatory stare and smiled but there was no joy in it.

“Good evening, I am most pleased to see you decided to come this evening. It saved me the trouble of tracking you down.” His accent was thick, romanian by the sound of it. His fine cut black suit and red shirt. He was everything a the vampire trope embodied and I rolled my eyes a little as I shivered.

“Where’s Valery? I am here to see her for a dddate?” My voice was shaky and uncertain, and I was utterly confused -  who was the vampire wanna-be why was he here what was going on.   

He came around the desk and looked into my eyes his were thick orbs and I could not help but stare into them mesmerized, I could neither move nor speak my body slack and shivering my jaw hanging open slightly.

“Where is my money and the item that dear Valery stole from this room.” He said his expression thunderous, dangerous.

“ I dont know what you mean? Ssshe jjjust invited mmme here ttto cclean up…Then ffor a ddate tonight.” I was terrified and compelled to answer. “ I agreed of ccourse she’s beautiful and still wanted to see me even after seeing my allergies first hand.” I say shivering. God I am so stupid like a woman like THAT would ever REALLY be interested.  “ I was coming here tonight for dinner and dancing. That’s all.”

He smiles a predatory smile that sends chills down my spine showing two small fangs on his top and bottom teeth. No, this isn’t happening. “Hmmm…. Well that is troublesome…. She has covered her tracks well. I cannot extract what I need from you THIS way…. I will have to use.. More persuasive means of persuasion.”
Torture…. Oh god that means torture. I panicked and started to tremble.
“ And I saw more then enough in what I COULD get of the security footage to get what I need.”

He inhaled deeply enjoying the rich scent of my panic and fear. “ Mmmmmmm.” He lets out a long breath. “ Well now,” He leans forward looking into my eyes and I feel his will wrap me in an iron grip. “ You will call post that you won a 3 week cruise on your social medias, You will then call your employer and tell them you leave tonight. You will then destroy your phone, and you will contact No one else.” He says his commands coming one after another, I dutifully robotically followed each one.  NO! This -- can’t --  no one will come! If I do this --I am his… oh god… I am so fucked. When it was done he smiled that predatory smile. “ You will follow me silently until I tell you to stop, and you will answer any question I ask.” And once again I obeyed, my feet walking themselves up to the roof and into the waiting helicopter. I felt a blindfold go over my eyes as we sped away. I shook in terrified silence for about 10 minutes as we moved through the sky.

“ What are the top 5 things you are most allergic to.” He asked slyly a devilish delight in his voice. 

The question took my surprise - why did he want to know, but my mouth moved to answer.

5 - Mold & Mildew
4 - flowers especially lilacs and lilies 3   
3 -  Dust
2 - Feathers
1 - Perfumes - I am most ESPECIALLY allergic to flower perfumes… my nose tickles just thinking about it.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. That was random. What could he possibly want to know that for. I mean does he want to make sure I am not sneezing through our toture session?

“ I don’t know anything. I *clear my scratchy throat and shiver a little* “ I swear that I don’t please… please let me go.”
He snorts a little and looks out the window. “Well my dear on THAT we can agree. You no nothing. But soon you will learn. I may even keep you as my pet when this is all over. If you do as your told and tell me what I want to know.”

“ I don’t know anything.”

“ Yes you do my dear. You just don’t KNOW you know it. But certain strenuous conditions can potentially force it to surface.” You can hear the hunger and anticipation in his voice for what is to come.
The rest of the ride I spent in a cold sweat terrified and shivering. My throat raw and thirsty from all the talking and the utter terror. We landed on a snow covered field the northern lights dancing above us. We must be VERY far north for those to be a thing. We approach a massive stone building, a castle made of concrete. But still a castle. I start to shiver again my cheeks flushed as I plod along behind the Vampire club owner. He leads me past the lavish entry way through a heavy steel door down to a dungeon. A concrete stone basement with heavy iron manacles attached to the walls and the cold concrete floors. My blindfold was removed and I was chained to the wall on the far side of the open cell. Five other people about mid 30s with collars around their necks trudged in after the vampire each holding a box. And two more followed pushing a mobile steel table.

As they manacled me to the chains tears of terror streaming down my cheeks I shook and sunk to the icy concrete floor. Oh god…. I’m gonna die here --- this is real--- fuck--- that’s a torture table.. .like in the fucking movies… shit shit shit i’m gonna die here…. Fuck….oh god… this is gonna hurt…. More tears slid down my face as I panicked my breath coming in gasps.

Chapter 4
Torture -

The Vampire sat in a cushy chair that was brought in and placed in the corner by yet more people in collars just for him. He sat and then he prepared himself to watch. Smiling as the five people in boxes put their boxes on the table. The collared people standing nearby. He smiled in anticipation another pale faced monster in a lab coat came in. The new vampire was wearing a mask and goggles as he came towards me and offered me a drink. Which I took and food of bread and butter which I ate despite my discomfort.  I was chained standing to the wall suspended on a small platform I could barely stand on the table and the others below me. I was hung there like a painting on a wall a prize. And the Vampire in the Throne smiled at me eyes ablaze with anticipation.. 

He then got out a notebook he put on the table near the box Labelled 5 his body blocking my view as he picked up the box and turned towards me. He walked towards me holding the box and placed it under my nose. Which started to itch and tickle as he got closer, he opened the box with a practiced hand and jostled it releasing a cloud of mold spores directly into my eyes nose and mouth. The tickle became the tingling tendrils in my nostrils as they flared and turned red. Tears streaming down my eyes. I could see through the blurr a moldy book and cloth it was covered in spores. The sight making me tingle and tickle even more. My breath hitching uncontrollably As I struggled not to sneeze. “ Heehh… aaaheeng---he---a --- -aaa---aa “ Each involuntary hitch of breath drawing more and more spores into my nose as the box was jostled again more spores floating in my face. My nose scrunched up in agony the Vampire in the Throne leaning forward in eager anticipation. “ Heeeh aaach00 heh -- heeehhh -- Akk--aehhh -- Kacheeew k-acheww kachewww acheeww.” The spray went all over the vampire holding the box and 3 of the people in collars standing behind him. I sniffled and he turned to the other humans who looked mortified.
“Clap” The vampire in the throne commanded and they all did. Meanwhile I was gearing up for more sneezes but the box was removed.
“ Now tell me what you know? Where is Valery? ”
I shook my head my burning throat and heaving chest unable to answer as I fought against more sneezes that tried to come out of me. “ A---A --- I do--- ddddd- aheee-- hheeee ddd--heeeaaa---aaa Akchew Achewww Ascheeewwwww! Achewwww… I ddddon’tt a assghh A Knnno Aschewww aschewww aschewww don’t know….”  my throat was raw I was exhausted already, my nose tingling all over but there was some relief now that the spores were sneezed out and I panted watching him anger in my eyes but also relief. Torture.. This is torture but not pain…. At least there is that… but oh so tired. I had sprayed all the others there with my sneezing. They had all apparently been instructed to bear witness to my humiliation. I shivered my head throbbing and coughed a little as the humans nearby swallowed.

“ Hmmmm I see still not there yet… “ He said with a smile shifting in his seat eagerly.   

“ Next and make the others do it. Gather them closer.” He seemed to enjoy the control the power his predatory eyes gleaming. Making these people watch making me watch them. Oh yes he definitely was a enjoying it. A young women in a oversized night gown opened the next box while Dr.Vamp wrote in his notebook. She held the box up to my hose flying it open and shaking it a little so that the pollen from the flowers was in my face the lillies and lilacs strong rich scents mingling to drive my nose even crazier she put down the box and got the flowers out in her hand and put them right under my nose, tickling my nostrils with pollen filled center of the Lilies thier strong scent overwhelm me. The burning tendrils of tingling overwhemed every part of my noze as the pollen seed got stuck to the mucas inside my nose. I couldnt get the pollen out a sniffed and snuffled as my nose ran and my breath caught in hiccuping short hitchy gasps. “Hhhh--hhhh--- a-- no  I won’t I wwwwon’t sssneeze wont sneeze ddddon’t want ot ssssnssssnnn ehhhh ehhhhhheea aaa ---  k-chu - I tried to sneeze and hold back stiffling a little so i only sprayed one victim. But I couldn’t stop the pollen was still stuck in my nose and the women shook the flowers again in my face. Making hte ticklish itchy tingle even worse as I breathed in. I couldn’t help it I needed some relief. The vampire gestured the others moved closer. He WANTED them to be sprayed. “ I c---ccc--I’m sssossso-- so - eeehch-- soo sorry eeeeh eeeeeh asschew aschewwww aschewww - “ I sneezed and sneezed for a bout a minute in a constant stream of hitch breaths even after the pollen was gone I couldnt help it my throat was raw, and I shivered my cheeks flushed and my whole body ached desperately. And a thought occurred to me as I tried to catch my breath and coughed on those near me. Those poor humans… I was shakey…. Sore throat that wasnt usually part of my allergies neither was this chill…. I was sick… as well as ---- “ achewww achewww”  coughcough cough -- Allergic….Oh all these poor people…But I couldnt say anything or do anything all I could do was sniffle and sneeze… One of the people below held up a cloth for me to blow into and I did gasping as the flowers were taken away.

“ Now then… Where is Valery?” I still had no idea, oh god all that sneezing it felt sort of good to be clear now as my eyes watered and I sniffled my nose starting to refill with congestion and I coughed and shivered.

“ I do--dddd---do--- achooo acehewe dont know.” He grinned and then sighed a little my nose was plugged and I continued to shake. “ Hmmmm. Perhaps we need to continue tomorrow… Can’t toture properly til your nose recovers a little. And I want you to myself for a while….”

Chapter 5

Pleasure in the Gloom
He rises and comes towards me dismissing the others with a wave of his hand. They eagerly file out. Some of them giving me pitying glances.
He saunters to the boxes and reaches into one of the boxes #2 pulling out a feather boa and dumps it into box number one shaking it then pulling it out covered in dust. A nice one, white with real feathers, now coated in dust, and its coming towards me. Just looking at it makes my stuffed blocked nose tingle and twitch.
He reaches up an icy hand to touch my burning red cheek and hovers before me, floating like hs is walking on nothing. He Places the boa around his neck and then he comes in close to me his shoulder and neck in my face. I hold my breath for a moment as he sniffs up my neck running a fang along my neck making me shudder. Running his tongue along my slender neck sending a jolt of pleasure through me. I let out my breath and a puff of dust comes up off the feathers, he moves so the dusty feathers go right up my nose.The coated in dust tickly tingly feathers that feel like 1000 tiny tickly fingers in my nostril. My nose twitches I take in despearte hitchy breaths trying not to sneeze. But oh god the tickle its so intense I can’t even… oh god… 
In front of me and I see a puff of dust in the air as I take desperate hitchy snuffly breaths. His body is pressed against mine. I need to sneeze I must sneeze my breath coming in hitchy half breaths.

“Where is she” He whispers again. “ You may NOT sneeze until I say. Sneeze” I feel the power of his magic wash over me. I NEED to sneeze the tickling in my nose is so intense I can do nothing but writh under him, his steel arms wrapped around me as he runs his fang along my neck again. Its stuck the tickly tingles electrifying my nose to unbearable proportions I need to sneeze, I want to sneeze it is so tickly it hurts I cant even rub my nose my hands are bound. The feathers dance in my nose tickling me more 10 000 tickly tendrils assault my nostrils I shake and shiver. “Asssh asshh… ccan’tt ppplease… let mee ssssn-- hehh ehhhhe asssh ashhhh as asssh sneeze pllleeease.” I beg I can’t help it I need the release I can think of nothing else. I need it.

He chuckles deeply amused “Where is she?” the motion of his shoulders tickling the feathers in my nose on the boa more deeply more dust entering my already supercharged nostrils they flare my nose runs my eyes water. I am gasping in his arms. “ I ddd---dooo--- gasp gasp --dooon’t kkknow --- assshw -- but the sneeze can’t come I am ready to sneeze but it is stuck it hurst so much. The tickle is unbearable. I shudder and gasp against him. “ Sneeze” He whispers and then his fangs glide into my neck just as I unleashed a torrent of held sneezes.  A double RUSH of pleasure fills me. Where his fangs sunk into my neck a pleasurable tingle travels through my body all the way down to my center.
The release of his hold on me comes in a rush. I begin to sneeze and sneeze relentlessly. ASSSCHEEEEEW ASCCCHEW ASHCCCCCCEW ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! The fit and the rush of pleasure arching through me simultaneously my back arched with pleasure from the double release. I keep sneezing over and over again, pleasure continuing to rush threw me with each swallow and pull of his fangs, and the release of my torrent of steady unrelenting  sneezes, as the feathers and dust and head cold unleash themselves upon the boa he pulls away finally getting the feathery mess out of my nose. And I can breath again.The sneezes finally spent the stuffy feeling replaced by momentary exhaustion as I sag where I stand. He licks his lips as he pulls away and pulls me off the wall carrying me to the floor with a smile and manacles me.

I lay down in a ball on the cold floor and pant exhausted from the cold and from the pleasure I just experienced. And as I watched him go a small part of me wanted more.

Chapter 6
Broken -

I don’t remember much of the second day, I passed out on the cold concrete floor. My head aching but the coolness of the floor against it felt good on my fevered head. I was freezing but warm at the same time. Sweating and shaking and sneezing but no tissues, no free hands. I managed to rip off a corner of my shirt to use as a hankie. I was coughing I could barely open my eyes or think, and I knew it would only get worse.
I was given water and bread that was it. Once someone came to check on me one of the people with a collar. They leaned over to check on me and looked concerned but were snapped at to hurry up. The cleared their throat a few times as they fed me. I could see their nose scrunching up and tickly as they watched me eat, their flushed cheeks, before I passed out again.

The next night I was strung up again, and the vampire was in his throne once more. He looked annoyed with my bleary eyes and floppy dizzy sniffles. “ Hmmm, I can see you aren’t cleared up yet from yesterdays session.” He says with annoyance, with a deep “ehehm… mhmmm” as he clears his throat and swallows looking puzzled but continues talking clearing his throat again.

I looked at him helplessly. To weak really to put up much of a fight today or form many coherent thoughts. Though this one occured to me…..He still doesn’t know …. He still thinks this is allergies…Talk about out of touch with humans…..

The vampire pondered clearing his throat again, and swallowing again. Looking a little puzzled, but shrugging it off as being thirsty. He stood up coming towards me, he had evidently decided to not waste the night.
“ Ah well you’re here…. I’m here..……Ehehmm...mmmhm..” he says clearing his throat again “ As I was saying, you’re here, I’m here. May as well, make the best of things even if you’re not ready. We can experiment”  he swallows with an effort again his voice a little deeper then usual a little scratchy amid his thick accent. He smiles at her, oh yes he would have his fun, his eyes gleamed. Watching her suffer on his whims, watching her break and tell him. He sauntered over to the #1 box still sitting on the table, and started whistling to himself as he got out a bottle of perfume with lilacs on the bottle, Flower Febreeze and Axe mens cologne extra strength. “Hmmmm two hands…… ehehem …. Mehhem…. “ He swallows again clearing his throat “ three bottles….what do … what to do…” He mused his romanian accent thick and rough. “ AH yes… I know. THIS is AIR freshener” He smiles at me, my stuffed nose starts to tingle just seeing the can as I remember the fit from the other day. ” And….. It does smell wretched down here.” He smiles at me meeting my bleary puffy eyes and I sniffle uselessly. To congested to even do that as my nose runs, my head pounding as I struggled to breath coughing a little as I watch him. He smiles at me again and steps toward the back of the room and starts to spray steadily unleashing the mist of overpowering flower fragrance through the whole room walking in a circle clearing his throat a little and swallowing as he went. Eyeing her neck licking his lips a little.

As the spray reached my nostrils and my eyes they started to itch and burn.oh god- oh god the tickles!  I thought to myself as the scent entered my stuffed nose. It tickled and twicted my nostrils flaring and I didnt care. To weak to fight it I took in the deep hitchey breaths as my eyes watered and I unleashed them. “ Acheeeeew scccheewwww aa--- aaaa hehe hehe --- ascheeeew ashceweewww assccchew.” I was a drippy mess but the sneezing felt good actually considering the congestion and he glared at me looking annoyed. “ There now….. You seem to be liking that a little to much…..now that the bottle to hand ratio is solved…” He smiles “ lets see how you fair with this. He meets my gaze “ You may not sneeze until you tell me where Valery is.”

With that he picks up the Axe, “This one I think is for me” He says in a rough voice and then drenches himself in it spraying his chest and shoulder and neck. He then picks up the perfume clearing his throat again. “ And this is for you.” As he approaches the scent of the axe sends my nose and eyes into fits. I can’t stop it I start to sneeze and stop start and stop, “Heh --- aaa-- aaaa- hehhhh hehhhh ach--- a---- aaaa I don’b knowb ppppleabe- cough cough cough cough -- gasp gasp -- leb me… snnne---s neeee sneee heh heh --”  the tickle was unbearable thousands of tiny tendrils swirling in my nose tickling tickling tickling I struggled against the restraints. Oh god here he comes he is holding up the perfume… I … I’m already…. In agony…. I need to sneeze….. I am so itcy so tickly its like a 1000 tiny things crawling in my nose… I need to sneeze where could she be…..

TWO PUFFS of perfume in my face and one on my neck. Oh god the tickle oh god it burns so much…. I can’t I’m dizzy. OH god Her heart raced, her head pounded like it was ready to explode. She couldn’t breath it came in stuffy snuffly hitches her nose running like a faucette. Oh GOD….. make it stop. Where could she be. It hurts so much. I need to sneeze I need to. He leans in the perfume and the axe overpowering scent making my nose scream for release. I shook and coughed my breath coming in ragged gasps as I writhed and struggled. He floated up to me again wiping off my face cleaning my neck then running his fang along it again as I gasped and writhed and wiggled in his arms. I needed to sneeze with my whole being but unable to due to his command.
He took in the scent of my desperation, my pure aching need for relief.

I thought desperately, She looked fancy….her dress her shoes, they didn’t come from here…. There was a brand name… on her dress….. From that store in the movies in New York…. Maybe that’s where she went… oh god it hurts I need to sneeze I can’t take this….the itch is like thousands and thousands of ants crawling all inside my nose.….. Oh god he’s gonna bite me…..I need to sneeze... I wonder if it will feel as good as last time…...OH god I  want to feel good the tickle…...I can’t stand it…..I need to say something, anything: “ Nnnn---ew---- aaahhh heh heh hehheh aaaahhhhhehe --- nnnnew-- Yyyork! Sssshe---sssh--hheeeehhhhhh---Went to Nnnew Yyyork…...” I croak out. He pauses and whispers in my ear, his voice scratching his accent thick and delighted with an answer, “How do you know?”
“ Clothes, bbbabg fromb there. She’s gob a base thereb. She musb. Pllease pppplease aaa---hehe hhhheh heh aaaahhh heh heh hheh ….gasp …. Pleaseb leb me sneeze. Please ib hurbs so much. I camb….I camb…. I neeeb….” tears were streaming down my face he cleared his throat again swallowing licking his lips and then my neck making me shudder as even as I already trembled with need.

Oh yes, I wanted the pleasure, bite me. I thought to myself, release me please god.

“ You may sneeze” He purred in my ear then sunk his fangs into my neck, his arms around me like steel cables holding me in place. My head bobbed forward and back forcefully as the torrent of powerful sneezes was unleashed.
I couldn’t stop. And it felt so good, the release and with each release, each swallow the Vampire at my throat replaced the pain with pleasure, washing over me blissful warmth making me tingle in all the right places. My back arched and I exploded in esctascy over and over. As the barrage of sneezes and the power of his fangs sent me to the heights of pleasure.

He pulled away and I kept sneezing, I couldn’t stop. I could barely breathe “gasp gasp -- hehh hehhh hehhh -  ASSSCHEEEEEW ASCCCHEW ASHCCCCCCEW ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! --- gasp gasp gasp -- heeeeeeeh heeeeeeh heeeeeh “ ASSSCHEEEEEW ASCCCHEW ASHCCCCCCEW ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! Heeeh heeeh gasp ASSSCHEEEEEW ASCCCHEW ASHCCCCCCEW ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW!” I was gasping shaking breath coming in gasps I was dizzy and knew i might pass out soon. I vaguely remember being put on the floor as I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. Manacles shackled to me again. I heard the door open and close and the shuffling of feet a few scattered coughs and clearing of throats.
My eyes were so bleary and watery i couldn’t see,  and then three buckets of icy cold water were thrown on me towels cleaning my snot and the perfume off me, a fan sucking out the air. I gasped “ ASSSCHEEEEEW ASCCCHEW ASHCCCCCCEW… gasp gasp gasp hehhh heeeeh heeeeeh... ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! Uggggh” I groaned one of the ones with the collars sniffled beside me and sneezed a few times. She looked a little flushed and dizzy herself. I remembered her from yesterday, she was the one up front with the flowers. I shivered now soaked on the concrete floor she spread a towel over me like a blanket all she could do. Then left me there in a puddle of freezing cold water, shivering with fever and stuffed full of cold and coughing.  I whimpered from exhaustion and passed out.

Chapter 7 -
Expect the Unexpected

Time passed….. I don’t know how long it was….. I heard and saw many coughing and sneezing collared humans come in to feed me, give me water. My head ached, my chest ached I was to weak to move and just coughed and sneezed and coughed and coughed. My ribs hurt my lungs hurt and I felt if I stayed here I might die.
Bleary eyed and feverish i lay under the towel, damp and sniffling. I longed for someone to take care of me.

The Door burst open, I jumped and let out a few weak sneezes “ Heeeeh hhhheeechuuu heaacheeww ascheww. And groaned closing my eyes again.” I heard hasty heavy footsteps of mens dress shoes, I was lifted off the ground by a trembling clammy hand and I looked down at the Vampire who had taken me. He was dressed in a suit, but his eyes were watering and puffy, his nose was red and running and he was crinkling his nose.
“Wha---aaa ahhhhheh hhhhhe HEEEH ESSSCHEEEEEW ESCHEWWWW ESCHEWWWW -- sniffle ESCHEWWW ESHCEWWWW ESCHEWWW! Whab dib yyo----yyyo---hehhhh heeeehhhhh heeehh-- ESCHEWWW ESCHEWWW ESCHEWWW --- gasp gasp - sniffle - Whab dib you do to me!” His red puffy eyes were filled with rage. “HOW dib you--- yyyy--- yyy ASSCHEEWW EEEESHEWW -- -heeeeh hhhheeeehhhh ---” His face is contorted with trying to talk and not sneeze moisture flying everywhere from each of his sneezes. He is trembling his pale skin flushed and he glares at me. “ HOW! My wwwhol---heh hhhhheeeeh hhhhhehhh whole STAFF is ----s----sssss--- heeeehhh aaaahhh… “ His nose was twitching again his eyes wide then closing nostrils wide and open as he hitches and breathes trying desperately not to sneeze again. “ Staff is SICK. EVEN OUR K--- kkkkkk -- cough cough cough cough cough --- sniffle ---- ESHhhhh--- Esheeeeeew ESHEWWWW EHSCEHEWWWWW kind.. HOW!?!!!”
He drops me as he doubles over sneezing and coughing uncontrollably, Esheeeeeew ESHEWWWW EHSCEHEWWWWW.  The fall bruising me badly and I roll away, coughing hoarsely laying on the cold floor “Assschew aschew ashcew…” cough cough cough …. I try to croak a word out but nothing comes till I finally manage to say “Maybe - you should be more careful what you eat.” He ROARS in rage and starts to lunge towards me covering me with spray as he sneezes again, Esheeeeeew ESHEWWWW EHSCEHEWWWWW! Then his head snaps towards the door.

I Hear a Thunderous BOOOM echo through the house and then another. Then tromping boots coming down the stairs. I look up, the vampire whirls and snarls. There standing in the doorway framed by teh light behind her is Valery. She is wearing combat armor, dressed all in black her golden eyes and her red hair sticking out the back of her helm are the only sign its her. She looks over at me on the floor soaked, shivering, bruised, wheezing and sneezing covered in dirt, and her golden eyes grow wild with rage.

“Valery, We were jusb talkinb aboub you.” The Vampire attempts to snarl but it comes out as a sniffle as he tries again not to sneeze trying to keep his composure. He weaves on his feet dizzy from the last sneezing fit but tries to maintain his decorum “Returb my ddd---ddda---a----a--- hehhhh ehhhh hehhh ESASCEWWW ESHEWWW ESCHEWWWW! Dagger to me.” He says shaking but taking a combat stance none the less.
Valery growls low and predatory bearing her fangs leaping over the table in a blur of motion I couldn’t follow to stand between the Vampire and me a dagger in her hands. It glows as she points it at the snotty sniffling Vampire.

“ You’re old Arthur VERY old. So old a stake won’t do it, I’m not sure even sunlight would kill you but this… THIS dagger is the one thing I KNOW can. We’re done being your slaves. ” He lunges sloppily at her trying to take the knife but starts sneezing uncontrollably. “ Esheeeeeew ESHEWWWW EHSCEHEWWWWW”
Valery takes the opportunity and stabs him through the heart. There is a flash as dark red flames pour out of the wounds consuming him in seconds with a hot whoooosh of pure power.  Followed by a bright red flash of light and he screams in agony as he disintegrates into a pile of ashes.

I am shocked and shivering, I am to weak to move. I know I’m pale, my head aches and I can’t see straight. Every movement makes my head swim. I’m sweating despite the cold and my mouth and throat are dry and ragged.  I cough weakly my breath coming in hitchy gasps.

Valery turns to face me and drops to her knees at my side. She takes off her helmet and snaps the manacles off my wrists like they were made of paper. She pulls me into her lap, one of her strong arms holding me surrounding me. With the other she takes off her jacket, wrapping me up in it,as best she can.  Warmth! Blessed beautiful warmth!  Tears of joy and relief start trickling down my cheeks. She wipes them away tenderly. Her eyes filled with tears of concern as she cradles me close to her.  “ You did so well, love.” She whispers her smooth silky voice soothing me, as I leaned into her blissfully warm arms. Tenderly stroking my hair, her eyes soft and filled with concern.
“ I ...eeeee hhhhehhh -- A----a---eeeaaaahehe--- asssschew ascheww assschew, cough cough cough cough.”  Was the only answer I could give as she cradled me looking up at my savior confused. She pulled out a hankerchief from her pocket and cleaned my sore nose gently.
“Shhhh, it’s alright love…. It will make sense soon….Just need this…. the vial….” She pulls out a small glass vile hanging on a chain between her breasts and opens it. She moves it under my nose. “Sniff this.. All of it. Ok? Then you’ll remember and it will all make sense. You need to hold it back for at least a minute to let it work.” she says her voice a gentle whisper as she strokes my hair. I leaned over the vial and I sniffed. The powder tingled as it moved into my nose oh god so much… so very much. “DON’T Sneeze yet ok…” she reminded gently.

I shook in her arms hitching and holding back. She put her finger under my nose as the first hitchy wave subsided only to be renewed as I took my second big sniff. She pinched my nose that time and helped me. “ Hehhh heeeeh asssss-- heh heh..-- snfmph- aashsnfpmf---”  I fought the sneezing urges as she helped me hold them back. Massaging my nose, pinching it in just the right places. Like she’d done it before a million times. Then I looked up at her I gasped taking the last hitchy breath of the minute and shook my head. She released me and I sneezed. And with each one I started to get flashes…

“ Hehhhh ehhhh hhhh ---- ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW!” Meeting her at a party years ago. Talking to her for hours after everyone else left sleeping in her arms til the next night.

“ ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW---- hhheehhh heeeeh hhehhh --- ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! “ Taking walks on the beaches, long car rides to the middle of nowhere. Cuddling for hours just listening to the waves.

ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW!  My hayfever making me a miserable sneezy mess even with meds and she sat with me, cuddles me. Made me feel normal.

ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! When she revealed what she was, the first time she bit me, drank from me. The pure bliss that entailed as we kissed and made love.

ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! She was gone on business for a month she came back quiet changed, sad.

ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW!  It happened again and again I did my best to comfort her but each time it took her longer to come back to herself. Arhur was making her do things. Kidnap people for him, Kill for him. And he could -  he was too old to die by the normal means.

ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk hhhhheeeeh hhheeeeehhhASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! I blew my nose into the hankerchief again and another flash. She and I, making THIS plan, when she found out about the dagger.  Inserting a tracking chip under my sin in my hair so he wouldn’t find it. Inserting 3 more to be safe. Planning to steal the one weapon that could kill him. Planning to make sure I got a virus sending in that sick couple under her suggestion. Making sure they found and sneezed on me. So that the human guards on the compound would be weakened. She knew my allergies would cover the illness symptoms. And she knew Aruther…. with such an easy weakness she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist torturing me with it. That it would distract and enthrall him.

I was so tired of sneezing I was gasping for breath as the memories flooded back with each fit. ASCCCCCEWWWWWW ASECHEWWWW KKKkkk ASCHEEWWWW ASSSCHEW ASHCEEEEWWWWW ASCHEWWW hiiiSHECHEWW! Going to see a fairy, having them take all my memories of Valery, removing them from me so I COULDN’T give anything away.

I finally stopped sneezing gasping for air in my loves arms. “ I remember you.” I said softly bursting into tears and holding her tightly though my grip was actually weak and shaky.

“Good, my beloved…. Now let’s go home. My people will tend to the sick here…. Which is pretty much everyone…. How DID you manage that anyway?”

I smiled and looked up at her. “ I didn’b he dib. You were righb, he lubbed (loved) to torture on anyones weakness… he also couldn’b resist--- cough cough cough coguh cough -- gasp gasp --- resist--- keeeechuu aaachuu. Resist making others watch….. Up close, he even made them stand under me so I would spray them…… He thoughb he was being extra cruelb…. Then he fed from me…. Apparently Vampires CAN geb sick if they do thab… who knew.” I laughed softly which led to a long coughing fit that left me gasping. She looked down at me with deep concern stroking my hair. “So you single handedly infected all his blood sources… all his servants… by his attempt to torture you? Then they all drank from them….. Because that’s what they’re for and…..” She laughs a rich musical sound. “ Now that is what you call Karma…” She smiles at me carrying me in her arms. “Now what do you say to a long hot bath, and lots of snuggles, and care? Nice warm pile of blankets? You have been through a lot. And you need to get some real rest.”

Chapter 8
Reunited Tender Care

Valery carried me out of the compound to her waiting private plane putting me down on the couch gently. She moved in a blur, but it could have been the fever, as she got every blanket she could find and wrapped me up in them cuddling me close herself, wrapping her arms around me as I coughed and sniffled and she stroked my hair. I started to doze and she laid me down slipping off.

She gently shook me awake. We were in the air, and I was under the mound of blankets in warm fuzzy sailor moon pajamas, and Valery was standing over me with a tray of hot soup, hot tea fresh water, and some meds waiting for me.
“ Here hun….” She says tenderly putting down the tray so she can help me sit up. As soon as I did my head swam and I almost blacked out. “ Easy … easy.. I’ve got you. Ok? You need to take some meds…. You’re fever is high…. Dangerously high….. And you need to have something real to eat ok? Then you can rest again… hmmm?” She strokes my aching head and I feel that intense tickle in my nose and pain in my chest as I gasp for breath.
“A---a --- heeeeh heeeh  --- hehhhh eeesshhh---- asschewww aschewwww aschewwww ascheew” a hankerchief catches my sneezes, I never even saw her hand move. It was just suddenly there.
“ Better take the meds first.” she says gently and I reach for them popping them in my mouth. My hand shaking to much to lift the glass of water myself. She helps steady it her hand over mine. And I manage to drink swallowing is hard. Everything hurts and I whimper a little but get them down. I shiver, even the short time outside the mound of blankets and I am cold again. She slips in behind me, letting me lean against her holding me upright with one arm and feeding me soup with the other. Its blissfully warm and I am so hungry. The steam from it clearing my nose a little. Halfway through i tap her hand my breath getting hitchy and unsteady, and I start to feel the tickles in my nose again…. “Aaa---- heeeeh heeeh -- Asscchew assschew ascheeeew- cough cough cough cough ---- sorry…” I whimpered.

“ It’s alright love. You’ve eaten enough.” She puts the soup aside and adjusts us slightly so I am laying more reclined but still on her chest her arms wrapped around me as she pulls up the covers tucking me in.
“Thanks.” I moan my head throbbing, everything to bright. She then reaches to the table with her right hand and i hear the trickle of water being rung out of cloth. She places the blissfully cold cloth on my forehead. I sigh with relief as it dulls the throbbing ache.
“ There now, love. Rest.  just rest. Soon we’ll be back in New York.”
She kisses my forehead as I fall asleep in her arms, knowing everything will be alright.

~ Fin ~

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Can't believe this doesn't have more comments - this is fantastic! Nice variety of sneeze causes in a coherent story - I particularly love the first scene with the couple and how much hitching / presneeze action we get before it's finally spread. 

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Whoah this is a super creative concept! I love the idea of people making a plan and being able to do it even if one of them has amnesia. 

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  • 11 months later...

I am glad you enjoyed it!! And happy to be able to post things now myself! 

thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. :) 

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