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Mostly female, some male. ¬†Slight¬†caretaking. ¬†Complete fluff. ¬†Bea is pronounced "Bee",¬†like the insect. ¬†Short for Beatrice. ¬†Frustratingly, the¬†male character did not choose to enlighten me with his name. If he¬†shares it with¬†you, let me know!¬†¬†ūüėÜ

It started out innocently enough.  Busted foot while running = make appointment with sports medicine doctor.  The less time away from running the better.

Tucking one leg under her and gently swinging the other, she settled in with her book, waiting to be called back to an exam room.  Quickly losing herself in the story, she didn't notice the increasingly frequent sniffles and slight itch overtaking her nose.

"Bea Klauder?"  The medical assistant called out, scanning the room.

Surprised at the short wait, Bea closed her book.  She limped to the door, absentmindedly sniffling yet again and running her hand beneath her nose.  After reaching the exam room and going through the process of getting her blood pressure checked and a brief overview of how the injury occurred, she once again returned to her book.

About 15 minutes later, a light tap at the door signaled the doctor's arrival.  Clearing her throat, Bea looked up from her book and froze.  OH dear god, the doctor was hot.  He was tall with a perfectly trimmed beard and deliberately mussed hair.  A gorgeous pair of brown eyes set above a perfectly straight masculine nose and a wide smile greeted her as she swallowed hard.  This was NOT what she had been expecting.

Dr. McHotPants reached out to shake her hand, and she, feeling like she was in slow-motion, took his hand and shook it.  She began to relax as he asked more detailed questions about her injured foot than the medical assistant had, although she continued to punctuate their conversation with delicate sniffles that were becoming more and more insistent.

He indicated that she should take off her shoe and sock, and she obliged, hesitantly placing her foot in his hands.  She shivered as his cold hands lightly pushed and pulled at her foot, wincing as he hit a particularly tender spot.  He glanced up, asking "How much does that hurt?" assessing her reaction before continuing on with his gentle probing.  He quickly narrowed in on the painful areas, pausing once more as he heard her gasp.

"Sorry - did that" he started to say when she flinched forward, interrupting him with a pair of shuddering sneezes, muffled into her elbow.  "Hh..H'mmphscho'oo! H'tschoo!"

"Bless you!"  He said, letting go of her foot and pulling a packet of tissues from his pocket.  He passed it to her.  "Here - I'm just getting over a cold myself."

"Thanks."  Bea said, before sneezing twice more.  Wiping her nose with a tissue, she added, "Just allergic to something, I think.  I almost never sneeze more than once."

An unreadable expression flashed across hot doctor's face as he once again picked up her foot and finished the examination.

Bea sneezed four more times before he finished, causing him to pause and bless her each time, before finally asking what she was allergic to.

Bea shrugged.  "Not a clue.  Never been allergic to anything before.  Cleaning stuff, maybe?  It's a mystery."  She grinned, completely unconcerned.

The doctor smiled, glad she wasn't upset.  He instructed her to rest the injury for two weeks, wear shoes around the house, avoid going barefoot, and to do the stretches he'd shown her.  If it still hurt then or if it got worse instead of better, she should schedule a check-up and they'd consider steroid injections.

As she got up to leave, Bea tried to hand the tissue pack back to him.

"Ah, no.  You keep it.  Doctor's orders."



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Part 2 


Bea finished putting the finishing touches on her makeup and surveyed herself critically in the mirror.  Her reflection stared back at her:  wavy brown hair, soft pink lips, smoky eyes, delicate nose ring and cartilage piercings, clingy green top that perfectly matches the color of her eyes and skims all the right places, skinny jeans, and (sadly) flats with the new inserts.  She looked damn good.  And good thing, too, since she'd be spending the rest of the evening at her friend's engagement party and needed to project an aura of confidence, as she was the only single bridesmaid-to-be.

Her phone vibrated and she winced as she realized she was already late.  On my way! She texted Clara, knowing no explanation would be needed.  Another buzz and 3 heart emojis appeared on her screen.  Bea grinned, grabbed her keys and purse, and made her way to her car, limping slightly.

Bea entered Clara's house without bothering to knock, kicked off her shoes (yes, yes, barefoot was ill-advised but common courtesy trumped pain), and went straight to the kitchen, snagging a glass of red wine before going in search of her friend.  She found her talking animatedly with her future mother-in-law.  Rather than enter that conversation, she instead wandered in search of Pete, Clara's fiancé.  A loud sneeze nearby caught her attention and she turned, eyes widening as she saw Pete and Dr. McHotPants.

"Bless you," Bea said, approaching as Hot Doctor bent forwards with another harsh sneeze.  She rummaged in her purse, pulling out the pack of tissues from earlier as he straightened up and sniffled softly.  "Here - you look like you need them more than I do."  She grinned, smirking slightly as she continued, "I thought you were over your cold."

Hot Doctor laughed ruefully and accepted the tissues gratefully, pulling one out and tending to his nose.  "Me too.  Apparently not."

"Wait, you two know each other?" Pete interrupted, glancing back and forth between the two of them.

McHotPants simply nodded, coughing lightly as Bea blurted out, "Yeah, I was in his office today."

"What? Why?"  Pete asked, suddenly concerned.  "You ok?"

"Mmmhmm.  Fine.  Totally."  Bea took a sip of her wine and ran a hand under nose self-consciously.

"You always were a shitty liar."  Pete sighted, looking at McHotPants who shrugged and looked to Bea.

"Alright, alright.  I busted my foot while running a few days ago and finally got it checked out.  And it's fine, see?  Nothing broken, no boot needed.  It'll go away on its own soon enough."

Pete stayed silent, continuing to give her his unrelenting "teacher-look."

"Go on, tell him, it's ok."

"She'll be fine.  If she rests it, doesn't run for two weeks, doesn't wear heels, wears the proper inserts, and avoids being barefoot."

They all three look down at Bea's feet.

"Nice pedicure."  Pete said, smirking.  "A great patient already, hmm?"

Bea blushed, but as she opened her mouth to object (after all, didn't she wear flats?  And inserts?  At a time when she needed to be uberly confident and sexy?) she interrupted herself with a sudden sneeze "Heh-tchiuu!" that she barely caught against her wrist.

Now it's McHotPants' turn to look concerned.  "Bless you," he said.  "Still doing that?"

"No. I mean yes, but not really, no."  Bea said, completely incomprehensibly.

"And on that note, I see my lovely wife-to-be and she looks to be in need of a drink," Pete said, deftly excusing himself from the conversation.

McHotPants raised an eyebrow at Bea and she sighed, resigned to explaining further.  "I meant, yes, I sneezed again, clearly, but that's the first sneeze since I left your office.  So, no, not really still doing that..." She trailed off.

"So, how do you know Pete?"  McHotPants asked, searching desperately for a way to put Bea at ease, sensing her embarrassment and wanting her to stay, to talk to her further.  He'd thought she was pretty earlier, in his office, but now he thought she was absolutely stunning.

The tension in Bea's shoulders eased as she told a charming story about how she had met Pete in college, as they shared the same major (literature).  McHotPants, it turned out, had known Pete since high school when they ran cross country and track together.  

Bea and McHotpants made their way to the couch, happily swapping stories of the absurd adventures they'd gotten into with Pete.  The conversation flowed easily, sprinkled with plenty of laughs.  And with an increasing number of sneezes.  By the time Bea was ready for her second glass of wine, she and McHotPants had gone through the small packet of tissues and were both pink-nosed and sniffling.

"Heh'etshoo! Hh..hh..Hep'tschiu!  H'tschoo! 'Tschoo!  Hhh..eh'hehh..Heh'ihp'choo!"  After yet another small fit of sneezes, Bea looked up, groaning in frustration.  "I wish I knew what was setting me off.  This is driving me crazy."

McHotPants rubbed absentmindedly at his own nose as he looked, really looked, at Bea.  Her eyes were bloodshot, nose twitching, a dazed look spreading once again across her face.  He imagined he didn't look much better.

"Be right back," he said suddenly, getting up and walking purposefully away.  Halfway across the room he paused, buried his face in his elbow, and sneezed three times in rapid succession.  Shaking his head as though to clear it, he continued walking until he found Pete.

"Shit man, you ok?" Pete asked as McHotPants entered the kitchen and immediately doubled over with yet another shuddering sneeze.  "Heh..H'aeschoo!"

"Not really, no." He said congestedly.  "D'you have any Benadryl?  Thought it was my cold but it's gotta be more than that.  Something's bothering my allergies."

"Oh, uh... Oh fuck.  I completely forgot.  You're allergic to cats.  Clara has a cat.  Sorry man, I'd've warned you if I'd thought about it.  There's some Benadryl in the cabinet.  Here."  Pete passed him the bottle.

"Well, at least now I know what's causing it.  I'm gonna grab a couple pills and head out, I think.  Congrats again.  Great party."

"Thanks, man.  And be sure to get Bea's number before you go - don't think I haven't noticed you two tucked away all night."

McHotPants rolled his eyes, but didn't deny it.

Meanwhile, Bea was in search of tissues.  She locked herself in the bathroom and treated herself to several long, wet blows, trying to rid herself of the persistent tickle that had been torturing her all night.  Relieved when the sensation eased after a few minutes, she splashed water on her face, touched up her make-up, and slipped back out, trying to hide her limp as she walked back towards the couch.  She stumbled as McHotPants gently touched her arm, pulling her towards him to keep her from falling.

"Whoa - you ok?" He asked, concern for her blossoming once more.

She nodded mutely, not trusting herself not to stutter as a shiver of pleasure washed through her at his touch.

"You sure you're not coming down with something?  You're warm, and you're shivering.  And - bless you - you're sneezing a lot.  Bless you again."  McHotPants shivered himself as he felt the force of the sneezes rip through her.

Bea blushed furiously, wishing she hadn't interrupted him by sneezing again.  "Not sick.  Really.  I just - I think I need some fresh air," she mumbled.

"Hey, no need to be embarrassed.  I've turned into a total mess tonight and could use some air too.  Pete just told me that Clara has a cat, which explains the sudden return of my "cold."  I'm allergic."  He punctuated that statement with a sharp sniff, followed by a stifled sneeze.  "On the plus side, I swiped some Benadryl. One for you, and one for me."

While talking, he maneuvered them towards the kitchen, settling her on the bar stool at the counter while he filled two glasses with water.

"D'you have a coat?"  McHotPants asked.  Let's go in search of that fresh air.  A walk is probably out of the question, but maybe we could sit on the steps, at least until the Benadryl has a chance to kick in."

"No.  I was running late and didn't think to grab one.  It's ok though, I'm overheated anyway,  If I get too cold I can steal one of Clara's."




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Part 3

***30 Minutes Later***

Both McHotPants and Bea were looking better, albeit tired and cold, by the time they re-entered the warmth of Clara's house.  Finding Clara first, they said their goodbyes, Bea promising to call her if she felt worse.

"Don't worry Claire-Bear, McHotPants here is a doctor.  And Pete's already dispensed medication from your home pharmacy.  I'll be right as rain in no time.  Just need to get away from whatever is getting me all worked up.  I know we talked about a drunken sleepover girls' night tonight, but I've gotta get home."

"At least let me find someone to give you a ride."  Clara insisted.  "I know you had a couple glasses of wine, and you're not used to Benadryl."

McHotPants frowned, considering.  He hadn't thought of that.  

"How about I give you a ride?  I didn't have anything to drink, so I should be good.  Benadryl doesn't really knock me out anyways, my system's too used to it."

"Oh, thank you,"  Clara said, relief evident in her voice.  "Pete and I will bring you your car tomorrow.  Hand over your keys, Busy-Bee.  Text me later!"

Bea nodded, already feeling her eyelids growing heavier.  "Love you Clara.  Tell Pete we said goodbye."

"Will do."

Dr.  McHotPants walked a very quiet Bea back to the car.  She was clearly worn out, limping more noticeably now.  He felt much better, although he was still stuffed up and a little itchy.  He plugged her address into his GPS after they got settled in the car, fully expecting her to doze off on the twenty minute ride.

And she did close her eyes, and lean her head back for a bit, but her sniffling became more and more insistent, and despite her best attempts to ward off the itch in her nose, she started sneezing again.  And again.  And again.  Once she started, she couldn't seem to stop.

"H'mpch! Hh...heH'Mmpch! 'Mmmpsch! Tsch!  Hh...huh...hHupt'choo!  Heh...hhh...het'chiew!  Eh'ttschoo!   Ih'hih...hHhh...heh'eytshoo!"

When she finally caught her breath, she was mortified.  She'd sneezed all over his car, and there were no tissues in sight.  And worst of all, the tickle was still there.  It was only a matter of time before she sneezed again.  Hiding her face behind her hands, she apologized.

"Oh my god.  I'm so sorry.  That was so disgusting.  I couldn't stop them.  I am the most gross.  I swear I'm not usually this out of control - I've never sneezed so much in my life!"

"Hey - it's ok.  Bless  you!"  McHotPants cut across her frantic apology.

McHotPants reached across her lap and fumbled in the glovebox for a handful of napkins.  As he got close, her nose twitched again and she shot forward with another trio of sneezes, desperately trying not to catch him with the spray but completely unable to hold them back or stifle them.  He handed a few to her as she straightened, eyes tearing, sniffling miserably.

A thought crossed his mind.  No.  No way.  Was she allergic... to him?

"Bea..." He started to say slowly as she finished blowing her nose and wiping at her watery eyes.    "Bea, when did you first start feeling like this?"

"Allergic?  At your office."

"And then when did it start again?"

"At the party."

"I think you might be allergic to me."

"What?"  Bea considered this a moment before saying, "No, it's impossible.  I was getting better once we got outside at the party, and you were with me.  And, wait, I remember feeling sniffly in the waiting room at the office.  Not sneezy exactly, but definitely sniffly.  Plus, you can't be allergic to an actual person.  Right?!  No way."

"I mean, to my cologne or something.  I wear the same cologne to work everyday.  It'd make sense if the whole office and waiting room was infused with it.  I've worked there for years.  And when we were outside, it was windy.  The scent of the cologne could've been blowing in the opposite direction."

"Well, there's one easy way to find out, I suppose."  Bea said, resigning herself to doing away with the last shreds of her dignity.  "I've had enough of this mystery allergy."  She mustered her courage, leaned towards McHotPants, and took a deep breath in through her nose.  Her reaction was instantaneous.  Her eyes slammed shut and she didn't even have time to cover or stifle before sneezing.

"Iht'dtschoo!  'Tschoo!  Tschoo!  hhH'tchiiew!  Hehh...ehh...Ey'schoo!  Haeschoo!  Huh'eashoo!"

After the first flurry of sneezes passed, McHotPants managed to press a wad of napkins into her hands and rubbed her back reassuringly.  He considered it a minor miracle that he hadn't distractedly run the car right off the road as she geared up for another set of sneezes.  He found the presence of mind to roll down the windows to air out the car and cranked the heat to high.

The sneezes had mostly tapered off by the time they reached Bea's apartment.  

"Thank you for the ride.  I think you got more than you bargained for."  Bea grinned wryly, trying to recover her confidence.  "I am such a mess.  I really wish you hadn't seen me like that."  She froze, realizing she'd said more than she'd meant to.

McHotPants turned off the car and twisted to look Bea squarely in the face, all joking and witty banter gone from his tone and his face.  "You are not a mess.  You're absolutely gorgeous and funny, and look at you - you just had the worst allergy attack and you're still smiling and joking around.  I'd really like to kiss you, but - I think you'd just start sneezing again."

"Kiss me?  Like this?!"

"Yes."  He said simply.

"Well, shit."  She said, stunned.  "For that, you get my number.  And my undying gratitude for the confidence boost."

McHotPants walked around the car to her door and helped her out.  He walked her to her door, and passed her his phone.

"I'll call you tomorrow.  I'd love to take you out sometime.  And I promise not to wear any cologne."


Bea let herself inside and leaned back against the door, marveling at what had happened that night.  She heard McHotPants sneeze twice more before the sound of his car door closing and engine starting.  She bit her lip, closing her eyes and feeling a warm glow whoosh up from her core.

Well, fuck.  She and Clara needed to have that girls' night.  And soon.  She had a lot to talk about.


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I swear I commented earlier....brain gremlins, I guess.

this was wonderful.   I loved how it ended.    I’d love to see if anything else pops up between these two.   Or if he tells you his name....

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