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Trying to Hide It (m, f) completed 1/15


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Freddie gets sick for the first time in his new relationship, and isn’t sure how to handle it.  

They’d been spending the night at each other’s places for a few weeks now.  Either Jamie would come to his place or Freddie would come to hers.   She preferred he come to hers – she didn’t have to worry about the dog, and she had her place set up to be more allergy friendly.    To be honest, he didn’t care, as long as he was with her.


That Thursday morning found him waking up with a stuffy nose, sore throat and a headache.  And Jamie looking at him, a studious expression on his face.   “What’s up?” He asked.


“You were snoring.  That’s new.”  


“Oh,” he sniffled.  “Can you hand me a tissue, please?”  He paused to blow his nose.   “It must be dry in here; my nose is stuffed up.   I snore when my nose gets stuffy.” He explained, not ready to admit that he was probably getting sick, not knowing how she’d feel about that.   “Why don’t I take Pace out while you get ready?”  If he could just avoid her until she left for work and he went home get some DayQuil.   


“Sure!” She agreed, heading over to her closet and flipping through tops.   


He slipped his jeans on and called for the dog to follow him.   He took the dog out to the complex’s dog run and waited for him to do his thing.  “Huhhchushh…uhhhchuhhshoo.”  He sneezed, wishing desperately he had thought to bring a tissue with him.   He rubbed his nose on his sleeve and sniffled, then went to pick up after the dog.  


Returning to the apartment, he ducked into the bathroom and washed his hands and brushed his teeth.  She was in the kitchen so he started getting changed in the bedroom.  Blowing his nose again, he muffled a “huhhchummph” into the tissue.  He gave his nose another blow, hoping that would hold him through breakfast.


She was packing her lunch when he entered the kitchen.  “Hungry?  I was making oatmeal.”


“Sure,” he agreed.  It would feel good on his sore throat.   He pulled the orange juice out of the fridge and poured them both a glass.   She placed the bowls on the table as he crossed over and kissed her forehead.  “Sorry if I kept you awake last night.” He apologized.  


She shook her head.  “I was worried I woke you.  I woke up sneezing for awhile around 2, but you were pretty sound asleep.”


He groaned inside.  This wasn’t a stuffy nose and some sneezes; this wasn’t starting to come down with a cold.   The snoring and the sleeping like dead signaled he officially had a cold.  He wasn’t gonna be able to hide this for long.  He sat down and ate his oatmeal, trying not to sniffle while they discussed their plans for their days and that evening. 


She left for work a short while later and he headed back to his place.  The first thing he did was grab DayQuil, stashing another packet in his jeans pocket.   Tired, he stretched out on the couch until it was time for him to head to the studio.  


He hooked up with Alex shortly before rehearsal before they met to go over jokes with the other writers.   “Did anyone ever tell you sharing is not always caring?” He sniffled, plopping down in the chair next to Alex’s desk.   


Alex gave him a confused look, folding a tissue in half and blowing his nose.  


Freddie doubled over with a harsh set of sneezes.  “Harchushh, harchurshoo.  You gave me your cold.”  He sniffled as Alex passed him the the tissue box.  He gave his nose a wet blow and deposited the tissue in the trash can next to Alex’s desk.   


“Bless you.  You catch everything.”


“How am I going to hide this from Jamie?  I don’t want her to get it.”


“I don’t think she gets sick that often.  She said that much when we tried dating, and I had a cold.  She’ll probably just fuss over you.”


Freddie gave him a skeptical look as Alex let out a strong “EhhChuhh, heh-chuhh, Chuhh..”  Alex rubbed his nose and continued.  “You can’t hide it.  The sneezing doesn’t let up the first couple days, so unless you avoid her completely…and then she’ll think something’s wrong.”


Freddie nodded, considering Alex’s words.  “Time to go over jokes for tonight.” He said, and he and Alex headed to the conference room.


Freddie returned home after taping, exhausted with his head pounding.   He was achy and congested, sneezing more and more as the day progressed.   The first thing he did was call Jamie.  She had tried to call during his drive home, but things had run late and he was on the road later than usual.


“Hi.” She answered, sniffling.  “You were right about it being dry.  Wish you would have mentioned the wihh” her breath hitched.  “Wind…ihhtschooo….hiiihhhtschooo….ahhhh…ihhhtschooo.”


“Bless you.”  Her sneezes made his own nose itch unbearably, and he pinched the bridge of his nose.  “Bad allergy day?”


“Yeah.  Do you mind staying here again?”


He hesitated.  “To be honest, I’ve got a horrible headache.  I was thinking I’d just stay home tonight.  That way, I won’t keep you awake if I’m restless, and you don’t have to worry about keeping me awake.  I know you worry about that when your allergies are bad.”  When she stayed at his place, away from her air purifiers, he’d found her sneezing on the couch more than once so she wouldn’t disturb him.   “I just kinda want to crash anyway.”  He rubbed his nose hard, trying to forestall an imminent sneeze.


“Well, if you’re sure.  I want you to be able to rest.  You sure you’re ok?” She asked, noticing that congestion was starting to creep into his voice while they talked.


There was a pause.  Then a muffled “huhhchushh.” And a sniffle.  He couldn’t hold that one back.  


“Bless you.  You’re ok? Not getting sick?”


His head throbbed.  “Fine.  Just a sneeze.  I’ve just got a bad headache.   Sleep will take care of it.  Honest.”  

“You need anything?” She offered.


To get off the phone before I really start sneezing, he thought.  “Just a quick dinner and some sleep,” he assured her.    “I’ll call you in the morning.”


“Ok.  Sleep sweet.”


“Goodnight, Jamie.”


He had barely ended the call when he exploded into sneezes.  Huhhchush, chuschh, Chuschhoo, huhhchushh, uhh chushoo.”  Grateful he’d called her from the kitchen, he reached for a paper towel and blew his nose.   Alex was right, the sneezing didn’t quit with this cold, and the more he held them back, the worse they got.



Jamie decided to call Alex.  They hadn’t talked in awhile, and maybe he’d want dinner.  

He answered after a couple rings, also, she noted, also sounding stuffy.   “Hey Jamie,” he said, easily.  “What’s up?”


“Wondering if you had dinner plans?”


“I ordered in.  Got a cold and the wind kicked my allergies into gear, so between that and the Benadryl I just took, I’m wiped.”


“I feel your pain on the allergy front.” She commiserated.   


There was silence on the other end.  She was about to say something when she heard a sharp, shaky inhale followed by “hihh-chuhhh, ihhhchuhh.”  A sniffle. “You’re not seeing Freddie tonight?”


“He cancelled.  Said he had a bad headache and just…” A sigh.  “Holdon” she rushed. “Ihhhtschoo, ihhtschoo, hiihhtschioo, hihh-hihh-hiiitschoo!  Excuse me.   He said he just wanted to sleep.” 


“He did say something about a headache when he left today.” Alex admitted.   


“He also sounded kinda stuffed up.  Same thing this morning too, actually.   You said you had a cold?”


“Yeah, there’s been one slowly making its rounds through the office.   I’m the latest victim.”


“Did Freddie get it, you think?”


“I don’t know, Jamie.  He just said he had a headache.”  Alex paused to cough.  “I didn’t really hear him coughing or sneezing today.”   He conveniently left out that he had mostly holed up in his office today and not spent a lot of time with Freddie.   “I’m sure if he were sick, he would tell you.”


“Yeah.” She said.   “I’ll talk to him in the morning, let him rest tonight.”


“Good plan.   Take tonight for yourself.   I got the delivery guy here, so I gotta go.”


“Ok.  Goodnight Alex.”




Freddie saw the text from Alex and groaned.  ‘Dude, you gotta tell her.   I’m pretty sure she knows your sick or at least suspects.   I didn’t tell her.’   Looked like he was telling Jamie sooner rather than later.    He checked his watch; still a half hour to go before he could take some NyQuil and go to bed.   Sighing, he decided to use the time to come clean with Jamie.   


“Hi…hii-yitschoo.”  She answered with a sneeze.


“Bless you.  Allergies still bad?” He said, rubbing his itchy nose.  


“Yeah.  How’s your head?”


“Pounding.” He admitted, congestion increasing as the urge to sneeze did.


“You sound awful.  You’re even more stuffed up than this morning.   That can’t just be dry air.” She told him.”  


“Um…” he hesitated.


She continued.  “I know Alex has a cold.  He said there’s one going around at work.”


“Umm…well…hh-hold od.  Huhhchushh, uhhchushh, huhhushhh, Huhhschoo, huuyuschooo!”  She heard 5 muffled sneezes and then the phone being set down, followed by the distant sound of him blowing his nose.  He picked the phone back up.  “Sorry about that.” 


“Bless you.  Is that your way of telling me you have a cold?”


A pause.  A cough.  “Yes.” He finally admitted.  “I woke up with one this morning and it just kept getting worse as the day went one.  I don’t want you to get it.  Based on Alex and everybody else, the first few days are rough.”


“But why not just tell me? I would have understood.”


“I don’t know….” He admitted, coughing again.  “I guess I wanted to protect you from getting sick.”


“That’s sweet of you, but you still should have told me.  I can decide if I want to be exposed.  And sweety, I really don’t get sick that often.  Honest.”


He sneezed twice.  “I just figured, you’ve already got your allergies to deal with….i was gonna tell you tomorrow…”


“When you couldn’t hide it.”




“So, what are your plans?”


Huhhchushoo.  Plands?” He sniffled and sneezed again.


“Go blow your nose.”  She waited while he set the phone down and moved away from it to blow his nose.   “Plans.” She said, when he came back.  “Are you going to hang out by yourself and avoid me until you’re better, or will you let me choose to be around you and try to help you feel better?”


“Oh.”  Even though her tone was pleasant, that hit like a gut punch.   “Umm, let you choose?”


“Are you asking me or telling me.”


He cleared his throat.  “Telling you.”


“Can you come over here?  These winds are going to keep going, and my allergies are terrible.  I’ll keep you awake without the air purifiers.  Plus my neighbor left for the weekend so I’d have to go back and forth for Pace.”


He sniffed.  “I can do that.”


“Pack what you need until Monday.  Do you need anything from the store?  I don’t think I have any cold medicine.”


“I have some.  I can pick some more up on the way over.”  


“ I’ll get groceries.  I’ll see you soon.”


His initial response was a flurry of muffled sneezes.  “Sorry.  Alex was right.  The sneezing doesn’t quit with this.   Give me at least an hour.”


Freddie packed a weekend’s worth of clothes and thing plus his stash of cold medicine and headed out, stopping at the store for more cold medicine and cough drops.  He picked up a couple boxes of tissues; the way he was sneezing he didn’t want to use all of Jamie’s, she’d need them if her allergies were bad.  


Jamie hit the grocery source for soup ingredients, popsicles, ice cream, other snacks and orange juice.  She had just pulled up to her apartment when Freddie arrived.  He helped her carry the groceries inside and collapsed down on her couch, coughing roughly.  

end part 1

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14 hours ago, sprinkles287 said:

Oh my god. This hit me in all the feels. I have such a soft spot for Freddie.

There’s more coming.  I’m stuck on the Drabble thread, so full length fics it is.  (Can you tell I don’t want to do my homework 😜)

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Part 2:  (this is Alex pre-Alyssa btw)


She carried everything to the kitchen, coming back with a glass of water for him.  “Did you eat?”


He nodded, catching his breath after the coughing fit.  “I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Did you?”


She shook her head.  “I‘ll make myself something quick. Can I get you anything?”


He shook his head, raising his arm up to his face.  Huhhchushh.  I’m good.”  He snatched a tissue from the box on the table and blew his nose.    He grabbed his bag and went to stash it in the bedroom, bringing the cough drops and one box of Kleenex back out to the living room with him.  


Jamie was sitting there with a bowl of cereal.  “You didn’t have to bring your own tissues.” She said, seeming amused.    


“I didn’t want to use all yours, especially if your allergies are bad.”   


She smiled.  “I have a feeling we’ll both need them this weekend.”  She looked at her watch.  “It’s 9:00.  Do you want to watch a movie or just head to bed?  I know you wanted to go to sleep early.”


He sneezed.  “I should take the NyQuil.   I was supposed to take it an hour ago, but didn’t want to take it and drive.  After that, I’ll probably fall asleep.  Sorry.” He apologized.  “I’m not good company.”


“Do you mind if I put a movie on in the bedroom?  I know that’s not your favorite thing…”


He shook his head.  “Do.  It’s finde.”  He grabbed a tissue and gave his nose several strong, wet blows.   “I don’t think anything will keep me awake.”   


He went and took the NyQuil and curled up in her bed while she got ready.  “Are you warm enough?” She asked, handing him a bottle of water.   


He nodded, “I’m ok.”  He leaned back against the pillows, making sure he could reach the tissues and yawned.  “You pick the movie.  I’m sure I won’t see much of it.”


She settled on an old comedy.  “Do you need anything?” She asked, moving the garbage over to his side of the bed.


“I’ve got tissues and water.  I think I’ll be warm enough.  Huhhhchussschh, uhhhchuschhuhh.  You’ve got me tucked in pretty good.” He grinned.   


They started watching the movie, and true to his word, Freddie was asleep and snoring 15 minutes in.   She set an alarm for 3 when he could take more NyQuil and settled to watch the movie.  Hiiitihhtschoo!”  A strong sneeze rocked her, and she looked over to make sure she hadn’t woken Freddie.  Ihhtschoo! Ihhhthschoo!  Hahhh…ihhtschooo…uhhhh….hahhihhschooo!  Freddie slept through the four loud, for her, sneezes.   Realizing that her allergies were going to remain problematic, she got up for some Benadryl so she wouldn’t disturb him.   He needed his rest.  


She, too, fell asleep before the end of the movie; she always did.  The TV usually kept Freddie awake; that’s why he didn’t like it on in there, but she could fall asleep watching anything.   She woke up at 3 when the alarm went off to find Pace snuggled up next to her, not Freddie.   His water and tissues were gone, but his shoes were still there, so he couldn’t have gone far.  She grabbed the pillow he had left behind and walked out in the hall, noticing that one of the lamps in the living room was on.   She heard a muffled “huhhchummphshh.” Come from there and followed the sound of the soft but, judging by the sniffling that followed, ineffective noseblow.   


“Bless you.” She said softly, entering the living room.  


He jumped.  “Did I wake you?”


She shook her head, rubbing her nose.  “I set an alarm for your NyQuil,” she said handing him the bottle.  She sat down next to him.  “Why are you out here?”


“I couldn’t stop coughing.  Then the sneezing started.  I didn’t want to wake you.”


“You could have taken your pillow.” She tossed to at him.   “And grabbed a blanket.”   She went to the closet and pulled out a blanket, handing it to him.


“You have to wash that now.”  He protested, turning away for three harsh sneezes.


“Bless you.   And like I don’t have to do laundry anyway.  Lay down.” She ordered as his phone dinged.  “Who are you talking to at 3 am?”


“Alex can’t sleep either.”


“Well, you’re going to try.  Do you want to…” she trailed off, nose crinkling.  “Ihhhtschoo.  ihhtschoo…uhhh…ihhtschooo….hihhh-hihhhhh-hihhhyihhtschoo!  Do you want to stay out here?”  She took the tissue Freddie handed her and blew her nose.  “Thanks”


“Stay out here, I think.  You had a pretty rough day with your allergies.  I really don’t want to keep you awake.”


“Do you need anything?  Juice?”


He shook his head.  “I had some.  Can you just sit with me for awhile?”


She curled up in the chair while he texted Alex back.  “Tell him goodnight.” She said.  “And I’ll sit here until you fall asleep.”   


Sleep did not come easily for him; despite the NyQuil, he continued to cough and sneeze for over an hour.   She fell asleep in the chair before he did.   Noticing she was asleep, he picked up a throw blanket and draped it over her before tucking himself back in on the couch.   


He must have fallen asleep at some point because he woke up to Jamie and her usual morning sneezing fit.  “Hihhhtschooo…ihhhtschooo…tschooo…uhhhihhhtschooo.”  Three more sneezes followed before she was able to blow her nose.   


“Bless you, baby.” He made a face at how hoarse and congested his voice sounded.   


“Thanks.  Ugh. I hate that.  Hihhhtschooo! I’m late on my pills this morning.”


Freddie blew his nose as she sneezed again.  “What time is it?” 


“9:15” she scrubbed at her nose.  “I’m gonna go grab my allergy pills.  I’ll bring you some DayQuil.”


He nodded, sitting up.  She was back moments later, handing him the blister packet of pills.    He washed them down with what was left of his water while she checked out her phone.   


“It’s gonna be another rough day for me,” she warned him, showing him both the pollen count and the wind advisory on her phone.   


“We’ll be quite the pair then,” he chuckled.




He shook his head.  “But you eat.  I don’t want you getting run down and getting this.”


“I’ll do that, and then I’ll make some soup.  You rest.”


Freddie’s phone dinged again.  “Alex wants to know if he can come over.”


She laughed.  “This afternoon.  You rest this morning.”


She made soup, then spent the morning watching TV, watching Freddie sleep, and trying to ensure he was comfortable.   He gave her a concerned look every time she started sneezing, but she brushed him off, saying she was fine, that she was used to this.


“I just don’t want to get you sick.”


“I’m not sick.  Trust me.  It feels like allergies.  My eyes itch and I’m sneezy.  That’s all.”  He looked at her blankly.  “Ask Alex to explain it sometime.”


Alex texted them both that afternoon.  “Could he please come over now? He was going crazy sitting home alone.’  Freddie was sleeping, so Jamie texted back to come on over.   He showed up at 1, looking miserable.  










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And the End

“You look rough” Jamie stated, bluntly.  


“I don’t know what’s worse right now.  The cold or the allergies.”  He snuffled, blowing his nose into a well used tissue.  


“Come sit down.  Have you eaten?”  He shook his head.  “Wake Freddie.  It’s time he ate too.”


Alex went and shook Freddie awake while Jamie dished up soup in the kitchen.  She returned with 2 steaming bowls and handed them out.  The boys dug in while she switched over to Netflix.   


“Suggestions, boys?”


 “Huh-Chuhh.” Alex sneezed.  “No preference.   I don’t know how much I’ll be able to fohh…focus on it.  Ihhh-chuhh, hihhh-Chuhhh.  Huhhh….uhhhh….Ughhh.” 


HiihhChusshhh.” Freddie finished.  “Don’t give me your sneezes.  I’m doing that enough on my own.” He teased.


“Don’t steal them.” Alex bantered back, scrubbing at his nose with the palm of his hand.  “I think the allergies flaring up is the worst part,” he complained.


Chushhh. How can you tell the difference?”  At Alex’s look, “She said to ask you.” He indicated Jamie.


“I just know when I’m sick and when I’m not.” Jamie shrugged.  “He’s convinced every time I sneeze that I’ve caught this.”


“Am not.” Freddie protested, coughing.


“They feel different.” Alex told him.  “Allergies are a more itchy, tickly nose, itchy eyes .  Colds have coughs, and achyness and fatigue and sometimes increased temperatures.  Both have headaches.” He looked at Jamie.  “Do your ears itch too?”  She nodded.  “That too.”  He paused. “HuhhhhCHUhhh.  It’s some similar symptoms, but they don’t feel the same.”


Freddie coughed and nodded.  


“You know that feeling you get when you have to sneeze but aren’t there yet?   That’s how I feel half the time with allergies and right now.  I swear colds make my allergies worse.”


Freddie gave him a sympathetic look before doubling over.  “Hehhcheshhh, uhhhcheshhhehh.”  He blew his nose.  “That’s how you feel?” He asked Jamie.


She nodded.  “I’m ready to sneeze half my life.   More if my allergies are really bad.  And my nose will feel like it’s full of feathers being fluttered around in there.”


An explosive sneeze from Alex.  “Thanks for that thought.” He grumbled, reaching for a tissue.


“Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.”


“You are accurate.” He grumbled again.  “Just hate feathers…so allergic.”


“We’ll change the subject.” She promised, inhaling sharply.  “Hiitschoo! Ihhtschoo!  Freddie, movie thoughts?”


“Whatever you want.  If you want to keep binge watching Criminal Minds, that’s fine.”


She looked over at Alex, who was pressing his hand against his nose.  He nodded.


“Trying to hold them in never works.” She said, gently.


He gave up.  “HuhhhCHOOO, UHHCHHOOO, HUHHHCHHUHHhooo.”




He glared, blowing his nose.  “Yes.” He muttered.


“Could you have been any louder?” Freddie teased.


Another glare.  And another “yes.”


Jamie sighed, wiping her nose with a tissue and cuing up Criminal Minds.   She grabbed a blanket for Alex, and both boys curled up on the couch.  Freddie was asleep before the episode was half over, coughing occasionally in his sleep.


Alex was having a harder time.   He’d get comfortable and start to doze off when his runny nose would get to him or the sneezing would start up again.  He leaned against a throw pillow, tissue in one hand, rubbing his eyes with the other. 


Hehhchuhh, ehhhchuhh, heyyehhchuhh, uhhh-uhhchuhhshoo.”


“Bless you.” Jamie said sympathetically.  He’d been trying to sleep for almost an hour.  “Do you need more cold medicine?”


He shook his head.  “Not until 4.”  He scrubbed his nose with the tissue.  “I honestly think the allergies are bothering me more.  Like you said, it’s that feathery tickle, and my eyes are driving me crazy.”


“Benadryl?” She offered.


“I’ll be knocked out on your couch for the next few hours.” He warned her.


“I think you need it.  Both the Benadryl and the sleep.”  She got up, got him the Benadryl and Freddie’s extra pillow.   


He spent another half hour awake sneezing periodically, but fell eventually fell asleep.   




Alex spent the better part of the weekend with Freddie and Jamie.   When the work week started back up, he spent more time at home.  Jamie kept Freddie at her place that week.    


By Thursday, Alex was fine.  Freddie was a lot better, but still coughing and sneezing and tired.


Jamie woke up Thursday morning, sneezing as usual.   Hiiitschuhh, ihhhtschuhhh, huhhihhtschuhh.  4 more sneezes followed, and Freddie popped his head in from the hallway.  


“You ok?”


Ihhhtschuhhshooo.”  A powerful sneeze ripped from her, and she had to sit on the bed for a minute.  “Fide.”  She sniffled, noticing that she was a lot more stuffed up that usual, even when she was late for her allergy pills.  Her throat was sore, and her ears were totally plugged up.   Ihhhhschuhhh.”


He came back in the bedroom.  “Those sneezes don’t sound like you.”  He commented as she loudly blew her nose.   


“I’b fide.  Just late od by pills.” Again she blew her nose loudly as a clap of thunder was heard from outside and the continued rain against the window.   


“It’s been pouring since last night.  Your allergies shouldn’t be this bad.”  He noticed she was flushed, and her eyes were glazed over.   


She started coughing harshly, and he took that opportunity to grab her allergy pills and DayQuil for her.   He came back and stood in front of her, offering them to her.   


Tschuhh!”  She managed to pull her shirt up over her nose in time to keep from sneezing on him as a sudden sneeze surprised her.   


“Bless you.”  He placed the pills in her hand and handed her her water.   “I think you caught my cold.” He blocked two sneezes with his wrist.  “Huhhchishh, huhhchushh.  Come on, let’s get you some orange juice.”


“I think so.”  She stood up and wobbled so he put his arm around her for support.


“I thought you said you almost never get sick.” He teased as he helped her back to bed.  “Call your boss.  You’re not working today.”


“I don’t.  But I also didn’t tell you, when I get sick, I really get sick.” She told him, picking up her phone.   


He came back a few minutes later with the juice. “I’ll stay here until it’s time for me to work.” He promised.


She was already half asleep.

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What a sweet story.  I love all that you brought Alex in and the explanation you gave for how colds just feel different than allergies.  And I love Freddie's comment that Jamie's sneezes just don't sound like her once she started to get sick.  Thank you for posting!

(Also- really impressed by how quickly you got this one finished.)

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@Privatedancer Thanks

@sprinkles287 Thanks.  Alex was the perfect one to explain as he deals with both more often than Jamie.  Plus Alex cameos.   And I am really struggling with my homework this week.  *sigh*

@NickG1998  thanks.  This one is done, but I have more with these characters scattered around the forum including a never ending Drabble thread.   Plus I have more adventures in store for them, so even though this one is complete, things never really are for my gang, lol.  

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