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does anyone else?


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ever since I can remember I have always heard and felt, the beating of my heart  through my entire body! I can feel my body expand and contract with each heart beat  and like this warmth starting on the left side of the middle of my chest, that spreads outward through my body with each beat of my heart. and I hear this sound always that never goes away, like when you standing under water without moving, just standing there listening and that sound like a splurging of the water moving as you take a step forward. only it never ever goes away and it's the worst at night almost unbearable! and I can't remember a time when I didn't hear of feel it and it's only becoming worse as time goes by, louder and stronger and becoming painful. has anyone else ever experienced this? is there some way (obviously without causing physical harm to me) to make it stop, that anyone can think of? I'm asking because it's becoming unbearable! particularly the sound and feeling of my body expanding and contracting, the heat part of it stays the same. surely I can't be the only person to go through it right? there has to be something I can do about this isn't there if even to lessen the sensations?

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@Kurn'la  Hey Kurn'la,

So I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when I was little I used to have these moments (usually in a nightmare, and when I'd wake up the sensation persisted) where I woke to a vision of super expansion and then hyper miniaturizing (I can't really describe it better) and both extreme were hellish to go through. It also went with extraordinarily loud and fast pounding heartbeats. It didn't last forever, though, and it was as close to a real feeling of fainting or sickness than anything else.

The other way in which I can relate to the noise and heart pounding : I have acouphens (tinnitus, I think it's called?) and recently it's because increasingly loud and annoyingly persistent, especially at night in silence. Also I used to have digestive issues and when lying on my left side, my heartbeats would become incredibly loud.

Anyways, as the purpose of this was *not* to tell you my whole life, I agree with Q first of all about talking to a doctor. Second, there are a few things you can try in parallel medicine (and it"s by no means contradictory) : I would recommend trying sophrology, first of all (a guided relaxation technique), learning to focus on your breath and block out the other sounds by including them progressively, and you could also try accupuncture. When there's an energy blocage, it helps. Plus, there are veggie juices that can reduce inflammation in the cerebral areas...but before anything, consult a doctor to make sure there's nothing seriously wrong with you. Then you can get to all the others steps, and help you RELAX:)

Hope that helps a bit,



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I told my doctor before and he listened to my heart and said nothing was wrong, but yeah this never ever goes away for even a second it's always there. but I intend to see the doctor again this is driving me crazy!

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I know there is a type of tinnitus that sounds like rushing water due to blood rushing in your ears but I do not know how one would stop it. Try searching "pulsatile tinnitus".

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4 hours ago, •.*°•☆. Q .☆•°*.• said:

if it's tinnitus i know a trick for it  


but idk about the pulsing body part???? i still say talk to your doctor about all the symptoms your having and see what they tell you to do. 

This works really well for some people as a temporary fix for what is called pulsatile tinnitus (where you hear your pulse, basically). Doesn’t work for everyone however, it never did for me when I had pulsatile tinnitus and I tried every trick I could find. 

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