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Pretty girl in my math class


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Hi everyone! This is my second post, but my first oc story. I’ve been reading lots of observations lately and thought it would be fun to write a mock observation story. It's from the classmate of my oc.

So this really pretty girl sneezed in my class today. I’ll call her A. A’s got long black hair and ice blue eyes, and is just overall gorgeous. However, she’s also extremely shy. I’ve hardly ever heard her speak outside of role call.


So, today A finally comes into class. I mean finally because I haven’t seen her for the past few days. There’s been a cold going around the school, but she also misses school more frequently than anyone I’ve ever known. Probably has a low immune system or something, idk.


Anyway, I can already tell that A’s under the weather because she’s even paler than usual and there are dark circles under her eyes. She wipes at her red nose with the back of her hand as she sits down at the desk next to mine. Teacher starts class and all the chatter dies down enough for me to hear her sniffling quietly. Her hand is cupped over her nose and her mouth slightly parted. After rubbing at her nose again, she straightens up and faces forward.


About fifteen minutes into class I see A hand lift toward her nose again. This time instead of rubbing her nose, she pinches it for a few seconds, then sniffles again. Her shoulders tense up a bit and I can tell she’s fighting a sneeze, but just when I expect it to happen, she brings her hand down and looks back up. 


It’s just a few minutes later when it happens.




I snap my head up to see A attempt to stifle into a cupped hand. But her badly stifled sneeze isn’t enough. Her brow furrows again as she sneezes a quiet but forceful double.


“heh’tssssh! he.. Heh-SSSCHH!!”


The last sneeze is the harshest, and sounds… very messy to say the least. 


I watch as what I believe to be her literal nightmare comes to life. The room is completely silent and the teacher pauses class to turn toward her.


“You okay, A?”


Feeling the eyes of the majority of the class on her, A nods slightly, her eyes fixed on the floor. Her hand’s still cupped over her nose and mouth and her cheeks are crimson. Teacher restarts class and A pushes out of her desk before quickly grabbing the hall pass and leaving the room. I hear another sneeze as the door shuts.


She came back about ten minutes later and quietly sits down again. Her face is still red and she barely looks up from her desk. I feel bad for her, but at the same time I’m so turned on. 


I had a few other class with her that day, but no sneezes happened. She was sniffling a little, but this time she used a paper towel to wipe at her nose. I’ll update if I see anything new.

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