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On the most recent episode of the new Party of Five reboot, the character Emilio (Brandon Larracuente) goes to the apartment of a woman he's been seeing, and their make-out session gets interrupted when her cat sets off his allergies. Two nice sneezes - LOUD and really forceful, and I like the interplay between the kissing and the sneezing.

It's season 1, episode 3, "Long Distance." I know the show's on Hulu and it's available for free at freeform.go.com, but I'm not sure about outside the US. The sneezes are right around 5:45.

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On 1/21/2020 at 11:49 PM, jano said:

Nice! I find sneezing while in the middle of kissing to be really hot.

Totally late to the party but I LOVE the concept of kissing being interrupted by sneezing. SO HOT. 

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