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Everyone Needs Someone (Star Wars, Poe)


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So, I enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker for the most part, but there wasn’t enough FinnPoe in it for me. I just decided that I would have to create some myself. This takes place after the Rise of Skywalker and I hope that you all enjoy it!










    Deep within the Resistance base, which had taken a while to set up, was as quiet as one would expect. It was the middle of the night and it held numerous exhausted fighters from the battles that were being raged. Now they had a free moment to try and relax and recuperate, but that wasn't the case for everyone.


    A sudden gasp sounded from Poe Dameron as he sat up on his military issue cot. Sweat clung to his body and flattened his hair against his forehead. His breath came in painful gasps as he looked around the room madly. He gulped almost painfully before a few coughs started to force it's way from deep within his chest. His eyes were squeezed together as the coughs turned into a wheeze.


    There was a small beep as an orange and white BB unit came to life and started to roll forward slowly in the dark. He instantly turned the lights on and Poe squinted in alarm as he looked down to his friend. "H-Hey, buddy," Poe stammered as he tried to downplay what was going on.


    BB-8 rolled back and forth, his dome swiveling to and fro. He seemed to close in on Poe's sweaty shirt that was plastered against to his body. Suddenly self conscious in front of his best friend, Poe tried to make himself look smaller. "I'm fine," he retorted sharply as he sat up and swung his legs over the side of his cot. "It's just hot in here is all. You wouldn't know since you can't feel it."


    He rose to his feet and almost stumbled thanks to the aching feeling in his muscles. BB-8 let out a worried chirp, but Poe did his best to ignore him. Instead he made his way over to his small rack where he had his clothes and pulled off the sweaty shirt that clung to him. BB-8 rolled upward to noticed the scars that lined his back, thanks to some failed missions and some interrogations. They had stopped causing Poe physical pain long ago. Yet, there would always be some emotional turmoil that the physical scars led to that would never fully be erased from Poe’s memory. BB-8 wasn't able to focus on them for long since Poe quickly thrust another plain white tank top on to hide the scars.


    Poe turned around to make his way back to his bed when he suddenly stiffened. BB-8 rolled up to his leg to see what was going on, but Poe said nothing. His face suddenly went slack and a desperate, albeit ticklish look appeared on his face. BB-8 waited patiently as Poe brought both of his hands up to his face and snapped them over his nose and mouth as his body suddenly jerked forward as he took in a massive breath.


    "HrhsSHsh! HrsSHsSH! HrshsSHsh! HRshsSHsSH!"


    Each explosion seemed to take a new level of exhaustion from Poe as he blinked his eyes a few times to clear them. He was hesitant to lower his hands from his face, but when he finally did, a thick stream of yellowish white liquid seemed to flow from his nose and make a mess of his upper lip. The substance was on his hands as well and it continued to seep from his nose, despite Poe's best efforts to sniff it back.


    He didn't say anything as he swiftly walked past BB-8, leaving the worrying astromech behind. He disappeared into the tiny restroom attached to his quarters and the door closed behind him before BB-8 could follow. He headed over to the sink and turned on the water, running his hand under the stream before grabbing a squirt of soap. He rubbed his hands clean before he reached over to a wad of a toilet paper. He brought it up to his nose and wiped it clean before he gave a productive blow. It shook his entire frame and brought on a cough that seemed to be torn from his throat, causing him to shudder in pain.


    Suddenly, dizziness overwhelmed him and he slowly slid down onto the ground. He sat with his knees brought up to his chest and his head in his hands. A headache throbbed with each pulse of his heart while his nose was completely clogged and caused his sinuses to throb painfully. He couldn't remember feeling this wiped out from just a little illness, but this one was really kicking his ass.


    It only took another moment for the doors to suddenly open. He flinched before he looked up and saw BB-8 steadily rolling forward. The little droid seemed to look at his friend in concern and fear as he approached cautiously, expecting Poe to chide him for following him.


    Instead, Poe flicked his hand a bit and sighed. "Come here," he instructed his dearest friend.


    BB-8 rolled up to him slowly before he stopped right across from him. He took another roll forward until he hit Poe's feet gingerly, careful not to roll over his toes. Poe couldn't help but force a smile when he looked at his friend. "It's alright. I'm okay. You're worried about me, huh?"


    Embarrassment seemed to overcome the little droid as he allowed his dome to tip forward. He stayed there until Poe stretched out a hand and rested it on his dome. BB-8's dome tipped upward to see a smile showing on Poe's face. "I'm okay. There's nothing for you to be worried about, okay? I promise. It's just a cold. You remember me getting a cold before, huh?"


    While it wasn't recent in his memory core, BB-8 managed to find it. He tipped back and let out a beep while Poe chuckled before it turned into a cough. He turned to the side and continued to hack, practicing good etiquette even if BB-8 was a droid and could no way catch this. "I'll be okay. I just need some rest and I'll be alright. What do you say we head back to bed?"


    BB-8 rolled forward still and allowed Poe to rest both of his palms on his dome to help him up. His legs continued to shake, but BB-8 was there to make sure that he wouldn't fall. The two of them walked out of the bathroom and over to Poe's bed. Poe sat down with a heavy sigh of relief before his features suddenly stiffened in the same way that they had before.


    He immediately lifted his elbow over his face and seemed to crunch into it. "HrshSHsh! HtrhsSHs! HrcSHsSH! HrchsSHS!"


    BB-8 had rolled to the bathroom in the middle of the fit and managed to find some tissues that were in the tiny cabinet. He used his small clawlike arm to pick it up and carried it back over to his sniffling friend. He set it on the ground in front of Poe's cot. When Poe didn't make a grab toward it, BB-8 rolled forward and nudged it even closer to Poe while letting out a long beep.


    Poe glanced down in surprise before a look of gratitude spread over his face. "Thanks, buddy," he sniffed as he leaned down to pick up the box. He pulled out about five of the soft tissues before pressing them against his nose and gave a productive blow before he crumpled them up and set them on his small nightstand. "I think that we should try to get some more rest."


    BB-8’s dome swiveled around to his recharging station and to his friend. Poe noticed and chuckled in amusement, but it quickly turned into a cough. "I'll be fine, BB. You don't need to worry, I promise. Just finish your charge."


    The little droid seemed beyond reluctant, but he started to drag himself over to the charging dock. He rolled onto it with his dome still swiveled around to Poe, who was still sitting up and rubbing the small bundle of tissues against the underside of his bright red nose. Poe forced a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I’m fine, BB. You really don’t have to worry about me. I promise that I’ll be a lot better in the morning when I get some sleep.”


    BB-8 let out an almost sad and dejected beep as his dome swiveled down. Poe grunted as he swung his legs back onto the cot and slightly lowered down. He rested his head on the rather uncomfortable pillow and lifted his hand to run it through his slightly ragged hair. A cough began to bubble at his lips and he didn’t even bother to cover his mouth as tiredness surged through him. The coughing continued to deepen until BB-8 lifted his dome back to regard his master with worry once again. He let out a low beep that Poe couldn’t even hear because of the harsh coughing.


    Eventually, the coughing fit ended. Poe sniffled in the aftermath since the jarring nature of the coughing had caused his nose to run freely. He grunted to himself as he rolled onto his side facing away from BB-8 and pulled the blanket up to his chin. “Damnit,” Poe whispered with a painful rasp to his words.


    BB-8 couldn’t handle it a moment more. He rolled forward from his charging dock and ran slightly into the cot. His metal on the cot’s metal made a slight clanking sound. Poe groaned as he threaded one of his hands from under the blanket and rested it on top of BB-8’s dome dismissively. “I’m fine. Go and charge, BB-8,” he wheezed with another harsh cough.


    With a dejected warble, BB-8 rolled himself backwards. He slightly pivoted where he was with his dome rolling around on his body. He regarded Poe once more before rolling back and speeding as quickly as he could out of their room and down the long hallway.


To Be Continued.....

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Awwww! I love how many times he insists he'll be all right and BB-8 seems to believe him less and less each time. The droid's characterization is done so well here. And I loooove all the descriptions of sick!Poe. The sneezes were wonderful; poor thing's full nose was so hot. Looking forward to more!

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I agree there wasn't enough of him and Finn in the most recent movie… poor Poe. Love how he's comforting the droid even though he's under the weather, too!

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On 1/19/2020 at 8:00 AM, tarotgal said:

Awwww! I love how many times he insists he'll be all right and BB-8 seems to believe him less and less each time. The droid's characterization is done so well here. And I loooove all the descriptions of sick!Poe. The sneezes were wonderful; poor thing's full nose was so hot. Looking forward to more!

Awe thanks so much! Your comment means so much to me! I hope you like the next part in the story!


On 1/19/2020 at 10:20 PM, ellwren said:

I like this! Great job bringing BB-8 to life.Very promising.

Thanks so much! I’m glad that you’re enjoying it so far!


21 hours ago, MoonDuck said:

I agree there wasn't enough of him and Finn in the most recent movie… poor Poe. Love how he's comforting the droid even though he's under the weather, too!

Right! I wanted so much more. I had to let my imagination run wild and wild it has run. I loved some of the scenes with Poe and BB-8 in the Last Jedi and I thought they could’ve done a lot more with them in the Rise of Skywalker besides that scene in the beginning. Anyway, I could talk about this all day. I’m glad that you like it and I hope you like the next part!





I had some extra time tonight and I was able to write the next part. Definitely some more fluff and worrying BB-8 and Poe. I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think! 








    A harsh metal banging awoke Finn from his deep sleep. For a moment, it reminded him of when he was a Stormtrooper and he needed to be awoken early with the rest of his platoon. However, when he glanced around to the standard issue Resistance room, the events came rushing back. He was with the Resistance now, with Poe. He was doing something that actually meant something and that he believed in. Finn couldn’t imagine a place that he would rather be.


    The pounding grew louder until Finn realized it came from the door. He sat up and allowed the blanket to fall from his shoulders. He tilted his head as he threw his legs over the cot and walked over to the door cautiously. He opened it to find BB-8, who seemed to have been repeatedly running into the door.


    “BB-8, what are you doing? Do you have a glitch or something,” questioned Finn as he tiredly rubbed a hand against the back of his neck.


    BB-8 rolled forward and collided harshly with Finn’s leg. Finn gasped loudly in surprise as he lowered down to kneel in front of BB-8. Finn rested a hand on BB-8’s dome as BB-8 continued to beep and warble almost frantically. Try as he might, Finn still hadn’t gotten an even basic grasp on understanding BB-8. Poe had been trying to teach him, but Finn just wasn’t picking it up. Both of them had grown frustrated and Finn had decided to leave deciphering what BB-8 said to Poe. Now he suddenly wished he at least knew basic picture what BB-8 was trying to say to him.


    “You know I don’t know what any of that means,” sighed Finn as he rubbed his free hand against his eyes. “Can’t this wait until it’s actually light outside?”


    BB-8 gave another firm beep as he drew away from Finn and slightly rolled over in the direction he came. He rolled back to Finn and tipped his dome up with an almost eager beep. Finn set his jaw as he tried to guess what BB-8 wanted. “Do you want me to follow you?”


    The little droid let out an exited and shrill beep. Finn couldn’t help but chuckle. “Alright, got it. You want me to follow you. I’m coming.” He quickly threw on a plain white t-shirt and shoes before bustling after BB-8 down the long hallway. The lights flickered on when Finn and BB-8 passed thanks to the motion sensors as they walked down to Poe’s room.


    “Hey, hey hey,” Finn began as he kneeled down beside BB-8 and pulled the little droid toward him. “What are you doing? It’s the middle of the night and you want me to wake up Poe?”


    BB-8 rolled forward and hit Finn harshly, nearly knocking the former Stormtrooper over. Finn set his jaw in frustration as he pointed a finger to him. “I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me. Blast! If only I could understand droids.”


    BB-8 appeared to be as frustrated as Finn was. He rolled forward once more and collided his dome with Finn’s head. Finn gasped in surprise as he lifted his hand and rested it on his head. It felt slightly tender, but he had been through plenty worse. “What was that for?”


    The droid rolled back to the door and rested his dome against it. Muttering under his breath, Finn drew himself forward and pressed his ear against the door. He knew that Poe would be furious if he found out that Finn was spying on him like this, even at BB-8’s insistence. Finn drew in soft breaths through his mouth as he tried to pick up even the slightest sound coming from the room.


    He thought that he heard moving around as if Poe was having some sort of dream. Finn didn’t think of that as some sort of trouble. Yet, when he glanced down to BB-8, the droid was still rolling around nervously. Something wasn’t sitting right with either of them and Finn decided to trust BB-8 on this. There was something in there that BB-8 wanted Finn to see or help with. That much was obvious.


    “Okay, okay. Let’s just knock,” Finn began as he rose to his feet.


    Before he could, BB-8 easily opened the door on his own. Finn glanced down to BB-8 as the little droid rolled forward slowly. “Or you could just do that, sure.”


    Finn followed BB-8 into the darkened room as the door closed behind them. It only took a moment for Finn’s eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness as BB-8 rolled over to Poe’s cot and let out a concerned beep. Finn didn’t need to know what BB-8 had said to know that he was worried.


    The former Stormtrooper crept forward and noticed the ace pilot nearly shaking. “Poe,” Finn questioned in a whisper as if trying to really see what was happening.


    The closer Finn drew, the more that he realized something was off with Poe. The man had a blanket pulled up to his chin while he shivered madly so that it seemed like he was shaking. He mumbled in his sleep while letting out a few harsh cries that startled Finn where he stood. He tried to catch what Poe was saying, but the gasps were too sharp and intense for Finn to focus on the words.


    BB-8 rolled slowly over to Finn and rested his dome longingly against his leg. Finn slightly waved him off. “I know, BB-8. I’ll see what I can do to help,” Finn reassured.


    He kneeled down and rested a hand on Poe’s shoulder gently. He started to shake him ever so slowly. “Poe. Poe, wake up,” Finn urged.


    Poe groaned a little more until Finn gave him another fierce shake. Poe then gasped in surprise as his eyes flew open. He faced the man that was standing over him fearfully. “F-Fidn,” he asked as congestion tinged his words.


    Finn tried not to make a face at Poe’s words. The pilot was in worse shape than he thought if he sounded like that. HIs voice was all but shot while congestion made his words difficult to understand. His breathing was wheezy and seemed to catch in his throat. And that was only Poe’s voice.


    “Whadt are you doig in here,” Poe rasped as he blinked his eyes as he tried to focus on Finn in front of him.


    BB-8 flicked on the light, causing Poe to hiss in slight pain. Finn frowned as he lowered his hand to tap it against BB-8’s dome. “BB-8 came and got me. It took me a little while to grasp what he wanted, but we made it.”


    Poe blinked his eyes in surprise before he glared at his droid. “I told you dnot to gedt hib,” complained Poe in exasperation to BB-8.


    “He was just concerned,” defended Finn as BB-8 rolled behind him. “And rightfully so. You look horrible, Poe.”


    Poe chuckled before it turned into a painful cough. He turned away from Finn and untangled his arm from under the covers. He pitched forward slowly as he sat up as the coughing managed to tamper off. He sniffled in the aftermath thanks to the coughing releasing some congestion. “So I’ve bedn told,” Poe huffed as he glanced down at BB-8. The droid tried to tuck even more behind Finn to avoid Poe’s harsh gaze.


    Finn glanced around for a box of tissues or something that he could give Poe to blow his nose since he could hardly understand him. He hadn’t been in Poe’s quarters too often and he certainly didn’t know where Poe kept things or if he had any tissues.


    While Finn was looking around, Poe sucked in a heavy breath and lifted his hand to cup it over his nose and mouth. “HrHcsHSSH! HrchrSHsH! HRchrSHSSH!” Poe sniffled heavily while his hand was still pressed against his face. He scowled as he drew embarrassed eyes up to Finn.


    Finn didn’t even need to ask when Poe needed. He was already on it. He spun around on the spot and immediately headed to the small desk Poe had in the corner for work after missions. He lifted a data pad and some tools that Poe had been using to tune up his X-Wing, but he found none of the precious tissues that Poe desperately needed.


    While Finn rooted around, Poe watched through watery eyes. “The fresher,” he managed to say as he tried to sniff back the congestion, but all it did was make his throat tickle and head feel like it was stuffed with cotton.


    Finn nodded in understanding as he headed to the fresher that was attached to Poe’s room. Perks of being a Commander.


    The door opened and Finn surveyed Poe’s fresher. He found a toothbrush as well as shaving cream, although he preferred when Poe had just a little bit of stubble. Finn forced those thoughts from his mind immediately as he focused on the task at hand; finding the tissues.


    He made his way over to one of the drawers and found what he was looking for. He grabbed the box and brought it over to Poe. “Here,” he offered as he passed the entire box over to Poe since it seemed that he could need it.


    Poe looked down at the box with his hand still cupped over his nose. Finn had never seen Finn be more embarrassed and that seemed to make his feet rooted to the ground. “Ub, you bight dnot wandt to wadtch this,” Poe suggested with another semi productive sniffle.


    Finn managed to jolt himself out of it as he turned. “Oh, yeah, right, sorry,” he apologized as he lifted a hand and rubbed it subconsciously against the back of his neck. Why was he always so awkward when it came to Poe?


    After Poe blew his nose, he balled up the tissue and threw it toward a nearby trash can. He slightly smiled as he made it easily before lifting his wrist to rub at his still tickling nose. It seemed that he constantly felt the need to sneeze, but it rarely blossomed into the full feeling that would give him the release that he craved. He then rubbed his hand against the stubble that was beginning to shadow his face. He could only guess how much of a mess he really looked like.


    “I’m sure that I look like a complete mess,” Poe pointed out as he ran his fingers through his knotted hair. He hadn’t taken a shower since he had become ill and it showed.


    Finn turned back to glance at his friend before shaking his head. “You don’t look like a mess.” He gave a brief pause before both he and Poe broke into a fit of laughter.


    It only stopped when Poe began to cough so painfully that it almost sounded like he was being choked. He leaned forward with his fist up to his mouth and face red.


    BB-8 gave a series of worried beeps with his dome swiveled up to Finn. Finn immediately made his way over and sat on the cot beside Poe and forced him to sit up the rest of the way. “Easy. Easy,” Finn chided as he started to pound on the back of Poe’s back to break up some of the congestion and lessen the coughing.


    Poe let out a whimper and Finn realized he was pounding way too hard. His hand settled for just rubbing slight circles against Poe’s back. He started to hum comfortingly as Poe’s painful coughs began to tamper off to breathy wheezes. His eyes and nose streamed from all the strenuous coughs, but he seemed too tired and weak to do anything about it.


    “You okay,” Finn fretted as he looked down to his closest friend.


    Poe blinked his eyes a few times as if trying to register who was talking. His gaze then lifted to Finn. “I’m fine,” he rasped, his voice almost completely gone.


    Finn didn’t believe it for a moment. He just wasn’t going to tell Poe that. “Uh-huh, right,” Finn murmured, half to himself.


    Poe’s body gave a sudden shiver and Finn noticed goosebumps appearing on his arms. His teeth began to chatter and Finn knew that he couldn’t leave him like this. He glanced around before brining the standard Resistance sheet over Poe’s shoulders and tried to wrap it around him. Poe had been one of the first fighters to offer not to take an extra blanket and leave it for those that needed it more. They only had a limited supply of certain supplies and Poe was one of the most selfless people that Finn knew. He hadn’t taken anything extra, or what was was needed in Finn’s opinion, and Finn wondered if it had anything to do why Poe was so ill now.


    “Warm,” Finn asked.


    Poe let out a low mumble while still shivering. Finn couldn’t believe how tired and weak Poe looked. He had never seen him like that and it was a little frightening for Finn to see. He also knew that something else was going on with Poe. He just needed to figure out what.


    Suddenly, Poe shifted closer to Finn and sagged toward him. His head rested on Finn’s shoulder heavily.


    At first, Finn stiffened in surprise. He then relaxed and glanced down to the sniffling mess of a man beside him. “I’m going to help you feel better, Poe. I’m just not quite sure how.”


To Be Continued......

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  • 2 weeks later...

I managed to write another part before one of my exams. Hope you enjoy!







    Finn wasn’t sure how long he had been sitting with Poe on his shoulder, trying to think about exactly what he needed to do to help Poe. He never had dealt with anyone who was sick beside himself and that was a stretch. He had been given so many injections and vaccines that he rarely became ill. He couldn’t remember the last time that he was sick or even what to do for a sick person. He knew that he couldn’t leave Poe, though, and he wanted to do whatever he could to make him better.


    It took Poe letting out another horrible cough to bring Finn’s attention back to Poe. Finn glanced around to see if he could see any water that he could give Poe to drink. He didn’t see any, but he also didn’t want to leave Poe either.


    A whirl sounded from BB-8 in front of the cot and Finn’s attention turned to him. Relief showed on his face as he turned to the droid. “BB-8, do you think you could get Poe something to drink?”


    BB-8 gave a beep of affirmation and rolled quickly out of Poe’s room. The door swished to close and Finn continued to rub at Poe’s back. He was still coughing, but not as deep. Every few breaths would bring out another cough which would shake his entire frame. His hair would brush against Finn’s cheek as Finn looked down to him.


    Luckily, BB-8 returned a moment later with a bottle of water in his small mechanical arm. Finn brightened as he stooped down to grasp it. “Thanks, BB.”


    Finn brought the bottle up to Poe’s lips since he didn’t trust Poe’s shaky hand not to spill it. “Drink,” Finn instructed as he tipped the bottle upward.


    Poe took a few sips and that seemed to calm the coughing. Finn set the bottle aside before wondering exactly how high Poe’s fever was. That would also feed into the decision of what Finn would do next. Yet again he felt himself relying on the little droid in front of him.


    “Do you know where Poe might have a thermometer,” Finn asked.


    Poe weakly lifted a fist to rub at his drippy nose while his eyes fluttered shut. “I don’t need that,” he muttered darkly.


    Finn decided not to argue with Poe on that. However, he still nodded hopefully to BB-8. The little droid didn’t hesitate to roll into the fresher without hesitation. He arrived back a few moments later with a traditional thermometer that would be placed under Poe’s tongue.


    Finn let out a breath of relief as he lowered toward BB-8 and took the thermometer from him. “You’re the best,” he exclaimed.


    BB-8 flicked his lighter in a thumbs up as Finn glanced at the device. He turned it over before pressing a button in the center of the thermometer. The screen lit and he turned to look down at Poe.


    Poe’s eyes had started to open, but he looked less than thrilled that BB-8 had brought the thermometer to Finn. “I dodn’t dneed thadt damn thig,” Poe snuffled.


    “Your skin says different, Poe. You’re burning up,” Finn pointed out. Poe felt like one big ball of pure heat and Poe didn’t normally run that hot. That and the shivering told Finn that Poe had at least a low-grade fever.


    Poe curled his lip in pure distain. “I’b fide.”


    Finn was about to comment on that when he saw the common far away look in Poe’s eyes. Poe seemed to realize that too as he blinked his eyes quickly. Finn immediately grabbed a few tissues from the box and pressed them into Poe’s hand just in time.


    Poe brought up the tissues to his nose as he pitched forward. “HrshSHSH! HrchrSHsH!


    “Bless you,” Finn offered.


    Poe raised a hand to almost halt him. “Waidt,” he muttered with one of his fingers raised to halt Finn from speaking. “I’b dnever done afdtet two.”


    Finn was forced just to look down and pick at a piece of skin over his fingernails. He was certainly out of his comfort zone trying to help Poe, yet he wouldn’t change it. He was Poe’s friend and this was what friends did, right?


    “HrhshsHS! HrhcSHSSH! HRchrSHSSH!” Poe pitched into the tissues before a few painful and wet coughs seemed to grip Poe’s chest. He sniffled in the aftermath as a weary expression showed on his face.


    “Bless you,” Finn repeated once he was sure that Poe was finished.


    Poe balled up the wilted tissues and threw them toward the trash. It didn’t even come close to getting in. Finn was about to rise to his feet to grab it when BB-8 rolled forward and picked it up for him. The little droid looked beyond relieved to have something to do, even if it was a rather small and mundane task.


    “Have you eaten today,” Finn asked after Poe had pulled more tissues from the pack and had blown his nose so that he could be understood.


    Poe shook his head. “Not hungry,” he rasped.


    “But, you should really eat. Isn’t that what sick people do,” Finn pointed out. Not that he had been around that many sick people, but when he had been injured and in the med bay Poe had always brought food for him. In fact, he was sure that all he knew about being cared for when sick or injured came from what Poe had done with him.


    Poe lifted a fist to rub at his slightly watery eyes. “You do realize it’s the middle of the night, right? The mess hall closed ages ago and I’m not eating those Resistance rations.”


    Finn gave a shudder just thinking about the rations. He was thankful that there was food and he had eaten worse, but the Resistance rations tasted like nothing. “I don’t blame you. No one likes the rations, but you should still eat,” Finn pressed.


    Poe waved him off. “I’m not hungry, Finn. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning. I might feel better by then,” he pointed out.


    Finn struggled not to roll his eyes. He knew how stubborn Poe could be. He would brush off illness and injury as nothing and would always fight through it. That was just part of Poe’s personality. However, Finn knew that he had to look after Poe right now no matter what the pilot said. It had been bad enough that BB-8 had sought Finn out and Finn knew that BB-8 didn’t panic over nothing. There was still more to the situation than Finn knew and he was just waiting for Poe to either tell him or for Finn to figure it out on his own.


    “You can head back to your room,” Poe offered after a moment as he shifted on his cot almost subconsciously after a wave of silence passed between them. “I’ll be fine.”


    Finn wasn’t so sure. If he knew anything about Poe, it was that Poe would do anything to keep up his tough exterior. He placed up walls to block others out, even Finn. They had come a long way and had fostered a close friendship. Although it sometimes felt to Finn as if it was one step forward and two steps back.


    Just as Finn was about to bite the bullet and head back to his room, he felt a tap on his boot in front of him. He looked down and saw BB-8 bumping against him. He glanced down to the droid as he heard BB-8 let out a long beep. Although Finn hadn’t learned to understand what BB-8 said when he let out his beeps and trills, Finn could tell that BB-8 didn’t want him to leave.


    BB-8 swiveled his dome fearfully to point up at Poe, who had turned slightly away from Finn to cough over his shoulder. He blinked his eyes in the aftermath tiredly while he breathed through his mouth since his nose was too clogged to do so. He just looked ragged and exhausted. There was almost no hint of the fearless man that Finn had first met not too long ago. That showed just how awful Poe was really feeling.


    Finn lowered his hand and rested it against BB-8 dome. He patted him as if he was a dog before looking back to Poe. “I think I’ll stay in here for the rest of the night if that’s okay,” he requested.


    Poe raised an eyebrow in surprise. “I don’t need you to,” he announced quickly.


    Finn shook his head quickly. “Of course you don’t. It’s more for me than you.” Thinking fast, he tried to appear as pathetic as he could. “It doesn’t hurt to be in likeminded company. Especially after everything that’s happened.”


    Poe seemed to take in what he was saying before finally managing a small nod. Finn nearly leapt for joy. Having Poe think that Finn was staying because Finn needed it was much easier than Finn trying to convince Poe that he needed him.


    “I’m not sure I’ll be the best company,” Poe pointed out as he swallowed painfully. “My coughing may keep you up.”


    Finn was just relieved that Poe wasn’t kicking him out. Whatever reasons Poe may give him to try and discourage Finn from staying wasn’t going to work. “I don’t mind,” Finn told him quickly as he glanced at a smaller cot that was in the corner of Poe’s room. Most of the rooms had two cots or a bunk just because of the practicality of it. Not to mention that they sometimes needed to make room and it made it easier if they had to double up.


    Poe still seemed a little uncomfortable as he watched BB-8 head toward the closet where Poe kept extra blankets. Finn rose to his feet and followed the droid. He stood on his toes as he reached over Poe’s clothes that were hung up nicely to the shelf at the top of the closet. He brought down the extra blankets and pillows and brought it over to the small cot. He didn’t need much since he wasn’t sure how much sleep he would actually be getting.


    Finn made the cot up to the best of his ability before sitting on the edge. “Can I get you anything else,” Finn offered.


    Poe shook his head. “I’m fine,” he replied shortly.


    Finn could tell that Poe was a little embarrassed and reserved to the idea of Finn staying over in his room. However, Finn knew that this was where he needed to be, even if Poe couldn’t admit it.


    “Alright. Just yell if you need anything,” Finn told Poe after a moment. He reached down to pull off his boots from his feet as he swung his legs onto the cot and bringing the covers around his shoulders as he turned on his side to look in Poe’s direction.


    Meanwhile, Poe had turned on his side so that his back was to Finn. A few coughs shook the bed despite Poe’s best efforts to quiet himself. His breath seemed to wheeze in his chest as he let out a few wet sniffles that did nothing to help air to flow through his nostrils. He seemed so tired and yet his body was making sleeping difficult.


    Finn kept himself awake until he heard Poe drift off into sleep. It was far from restful, but it was better than nothing. He managed to close his eyes as he drifted off into a light sleep.


To Be Continued.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another part for you guys on Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy!









    "No. Get out of my head. No. Leave me alone! No!"


    Finn awoke with a start when he heard the wail coming from Poe's bed. It took a moment for him to register where he was and what had been going on.


    Poe was sick.


    Finn had come to help thanks to BB-8.


    He had fallen asleep in Poe's room.


    Now Poe was screaming.


    Finn immediately threw the covers off of himself and rushed toward Poe's bedside. He noticed that Poe seemed to be enthralled in a nightmare as he twisted and thrashed in his bed. The covers tangled his limbs and hindered his movements and seemed to make everything else worse. Poe's head threw back as sweat drenched his entire body. It looked as though he had just taken a shower.


    BB-8 rolled back and forth and beeped in alarm. Finn stretched out a hand backwards to try and halt the droid. "It's okay, BB-8. I'm going to help him."


    Finn longed to know what to do. He felt himself just standing there in alarm as Poe continued to whimper and strike out in his sleep. To Finn it didn't seem like a normal nightmare. Then again, he hadn't known that Poe was having nightmares. It made sense after everything that he had been through. The sickness just seemed to bring out the pain and suffering that Poe had already been feeling.


    "Poe," Finn whispered as he snapped himself out of the worry. He needed to do something other than watch him. He stretched out a hand and shook Poe's shoulder. "Poe, you need to wake up."


    Poe didn't stir. He just continued to mumble and twist his head around. Some of it made sense to Finn and the rest just sounded like gibberish. Finn set his jaw fearfully as he thought about what he could possibly do to make it better for Poe.


    "I don't know what to do," Finn confessed as frustration and helplessness rose inside of him. He lifted a hand and pushed it against his forehead. "Think, Finn, think!"


    A whirling sound turned Finn's attention to BB-8. The droid had rolled forward and had bumped into Finn's legs. He then rolled back and took off halfway to the fresher. His dome swiveled back around to Finn as he rolled back and forth swiftly in the same spot.


    Finn jumped to his feet and followed BB-8. "What should I do, BB-8? I know that you know what to do, right," he asked hopefully.


    BB-8 rolled over to the sink and opened the small cupboard. He picked up a washcloth with his tiny mechanical arm and held it out to Finn.


    "You're a genius, BB-8," exclaimed Finn as he swiftly took the washcloth from BB-8. He straightened and ran it under the cool water before wringing it out. He headed out of the fresher with BB-8 right beside him.


    Finn sat on Poe's bed and lifted the washcloth in his hands. He looked down and noticed that his hands were trembling. Why am I so nervous to help my friend? He would do the same for me. He did the same for me! I just need to suck it up.


    Finn drew forward and started to dab at Poe's forehead and cheeks with the washcloth in an attempt to cool him down. He was no medical droid, but he knew that Poe's fever was higher than it should've been. He had had a fever before with infection after the fight with Kylo Ren and that had been horrible, yet this seemed worse. Perhaps it was for the best if Poe remained less than lucid for this part.


    With gentle strokes, Finn moved the cool washcloth to the back of Poe's neck and then his shoulders. He slightly sponged his chest before making his way back up to his neck and face. Beads of sweat still clung to his upper lip and forehead, but Finn was pleased that he was doing something to try and help Poe. He longed to do more. He wasn't quite sure what else he could do to help his friend.


    Poe seemed to twist away from the gentle touches that Finn was giving him. However, Finn could tell that Poe wasn't fully aware what was going on. That didn't mean that Finn wasn't going to try and rouse him once again. "Poe," he questioned.


    Poe suddenly sucked in a slight breath before pitching slightly into his shoulder. "HrhsHsh! HRcrhsSH!" Poe let out a few wet sniffles before turning back. His eyes were still closed while a few shivers coursed through him, making his teeth chatter and body tremble.


    Finn noticed that Poe's nose was running freely. Poe was in no condition to tend to it to himself and Finn didn't want to leave him like that. Finn bit his bottom lip as he looked down to the still fearful BB-8. "What should I do," he whispered.


    To his surprise, BB-8 lifted his mechanical hand with the pack of tissues in his tiny claw. Finn let out a heavy sigh. "No one tells Poe anything," he hissed as he ripped the pack from BB-8's claw. "You got it?" He pointed a finger toward BB-8 before tapping his dome gingerly.


    BB-8 rolled backwards and gave a harsh beep. Finn curled his hands into angry fists. "I don't know what that means," he grumbled as he lifted one hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. BB-8 let out another beep and Finn hoped that it was one of agreement. It wasn't like he had much of a choice.


    Finn took the tissues and gingerly cleaned up Poe's running nose to the best of his ability. He threw the tissues away before grabbing the washcloth and running it over Poe's burning flesh once again. He had hoped to see some sign that it was working, but all Finn could tell was that Poe was a lot warmer than he should've been.


    Another tap to his leg caused Finn to glance down. BB-8 was back and this time there was a thermometer in his claw. "How am I going to put that in his mouth," Finn asked the little droid.


    BB-8's dome swiveled completely around as he rolled forward and tapped Finn's leg again. Finn reached down and grabbed the thermometer before realizing that it was one that he could touch to Poe's forehead and it would tell him Poe's temperature without having to be under his tongue. Relief washed over Finn. "Great thinking, BB."


    BB-8 gave an excited chirp. The concern that he had for Poe was clear. He was used to it being just him and Poe, but he seemed thankful that Finn was there to do some of the things that BB-8 couldn't.


    Finn switched the thermometer on before pressing the tip to Poe's forehead. It only took a moment for the device to beep to signal that it had a reading. Finn didn't waste anytime in reading it. "103.7. That's bad, isn't it," he questioned with a sideways look to BB-8.


    BB-8 rolled backwards suddenly. Finn may not have been able to speak droid, but he certainly knew that show of alarm when it was presented to him.


    "Okay, okay, what do we do? Clearly this isn't working," Finn pointed out helplessly. He wasn't quite sure why he was asking BB-8 to help. BB-8 was intelligent, sure, but Finn wasn't sure if he could help him like this.


    Just when Finn was about to see if he could anyone else to help with Poe, BB-8 was already rolling toward the fresher. Finn watched him go in confusion until he heard the water turn on in the tub. It only took a moment for it to register with Finn that BB-8 meant to lower Poe's temperature by placing him in some lukewarm water. Finn had done this before when he was a stormtrooper and had been assigned to Hoth for a short while. It wasn't the most pleasant experience and yet it was absolutely necessary.


    BB-8 rolled back into the room. He flicked his lighter in a thumbs up movement that Finn had seen before. Finn couldn't help but grin as he tapped BB-8's dome in appreciation. "Thanks, BB. I think that I got it from here."


    Whether BB-8 believed Finn or not, he wasn't about to leave Poe. Finn respected that. He was thankful to have some support just so that he wasn't doing this all alone.


    "Okay, Poe. I know that you're not going to like this, but we don't have a choice," Finn told the still unconscious Poe. He set his jaw in determination as he stretched out his body and grasped Poe under his arms and started to pull him backwards. Poe wasn't large by any means, but it was a whole different thing when Finn had to drag him out of the bed. He struggled to his feet while doing his best not to drag Poe too much.


    He ended up sitting him on the edge of the bed as Finn sat beside him. Finn draped one of his arms over his shoulders while gripping Poe's waist tightly. He rose to his feet and found that he had a better grasp on him. Finn brought Poe forward and half dragged, half led him toward the fresher. BB-8 rolled right behind them. He couldn't offer much in the way of helping Finn besides letting out a few comforting beeps every now and again. Finn still had no idea what he was saying, but he was thankful that BB-8 was with him and wanted to do whatever he could to help Poe out.


    Finn and Poe made their way to the fresher. It wasn't quite large enough for both of them comfortably and yet that was where Finn found himself. He set Poe on the ground as Poe let out a few weak and equally painful coughs. His eyes were partially opened, but glazed over thanks to the fever. His body shivered harshly as discomfort showed on his face.


    Finn reached his hand into the water and found the temperature pleasing. Poe wouldn't enjoy it, but it would serve it's purpose. The next step, though, Finn wasn't looking forward to.


    BB-8 watched Finn seeming to hover over Poe before he rolled into view. He lifted his claw and started to pull on the thin t-shirt that Poe was wearing. Finn waved him off dismissively. "I know." Finn closed his eyes in apology. "I'm sorry, Poe. He's going to kill me for this when he's more lucid, isn't he?"


    BB-8 came forward and rammed himself into Finn. Finn grunted as he nearly stumbled from his crouched position. He lifted his hand to block BB-8 before he could do it again. "I get it. It's for the best. If we want to help Poe, then that's what we're going to have to do." Finn set his jaw. "I just hope he forgives me for this."


To Be Continued.....

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