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Start of a cold (self-obs)


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I went to bed last night feeling like I might be coming down with a cold, but wasn’t really sure.  This morning I was still a little doubtful, but now, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.  I’ve been carrying tissues around with me since I got up.  The first sneezes happened a few minutes ago: a triple, followed by one more.  I felt the gradual build, long enough to get a fresh tissue, before sneezing, “Huptishoo, huptchoo, huptChiew,” all into the tissue.  I kept the tissue to my nose because it was still really tickly, and sneezed once more, “Ah-eptChiew” before blowing my nose, and feeling a bit better. 

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Hope you’ll keep posting such nice self-obs! Do you simply carry the tissues in your hand, or up a sleeve, in a handbag, or elsewhere?

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On 1/21/2020 at 10:34 AM, CheekyGuy said:

Do you simply carry the tissues in your hand, or up a sleeve, in a handbag, or elsewhere?

Usually in my hand when I'm sick, but I always carry them in my purse.

On 1/21/2020 at 2:26 PM, djm4991 said:

Excellent self OBS! What sort of sound to you make when you blow your nose? Was it very wet?

Thank you!  There's no sound, but yes, very wet.  That's why I always carry tissues when I'm sick.

On 1/21/2020 at 7:08 PM, Bondi said:


Hope you feel better soon. :hug:

Thank you!  I'm feeling better, finally.

16 hours ago, NoV said:

like your nose is thinking 'nope that's not quite it yet' :lol: 

I love that, too!  Well, as long as I don't have to be out in public when it's happening.

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