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Breaking his Promise


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sometimes drabbles turn into full length fics.....

Alex had been in bed since 8 last night, leaving Alyssa to pick up his daughter from the airport.  He lay there, wishing he could go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, his nose was awake.   Huhhrisshahhh.”  A violent sneeze escaped him and he coughed roughly before blowing his nose.   He took a drink of water and sighed.   He had so many things planned for Kristin’s visit, and he hoped this cold wasn’t going to interfere.   It seemed to have other plans, though, he thought as he rubbed his throbbing forehead.


Case in point: he had promised his daughter when she visited, he would take her shopping, that they would redecorate her room.  


Now she was here.  And he had the worst cold he’d had in recent memory.   Headache, body aches, cough that wouldn’t quit, congestion, and, of course, incessant sneezing.  


As he was mulling that over, Kristin came running into his room.


“Hey kid.” He managed, in a stuffed up voice.  “How’s by girl?”


“Fine.”  She started telling him about her journey out until he interrupted her, sneezing.


“Huhh-chushhh, Huhh-chuhhh, hurrchushoo.”  He grabbed a tissue and blew his nose.  “Sorry about that.” He apologized.  


“Bless you, dad.  You’re still sick?”


He nodded, coughing roughly and sitting up to take a drink of water.   “Yeah,” he rasped.  “Dad’s got a pretty bad cold.” He sneezed again into a tissue, grimacing at how wet it was.  He blew his nose a few times.  “Sorry, kiddo.”


“So we can’t go shopping today?” She pouted.


“I don’t know.” He didn’t want to break his promise, but, he really wasn’t up to going out in public.   “Let me shower and get moving first…then we’ll decide.”  He blew his nose again and coughed.  “Go get dressed.  I’ll start getting up.”  He cringed at how congested his voice sounded.   


She nodded, leaving with a defeated expression on her face as Alyssa came in to grab clothes.  Once his cold got bad, she’d started sleeping in the guest room.  


She saw the frustrated expression on his face.  “What’s wrong?”


He held up his hand, burying his face in his other arm.  Huhh-churshh, uhhhruhhshh, chuushhahh, ahhchuhh.” Several more nose blows, and he winced at how tender his nose had gotten.   “She wants to go shoppig today.  Hah-ahheshh.  I do’t thik I cad.”  More nose blowing.  


“Bless you.  And no, you can’t.  You look like death.”


He hung his head, coughing.


“You were buying things for the room, right? Bedding, curtains, wall stuff, right?” He nodded, scrubbing his nose and blowing it again.  “What if Jamie and I took her?  It’s more of a girls thing anyway.  Then when we get back, you can rearrange and hang everything.”


Hahheshhuhh.  We can try to convince her.  Thanks Lyss.”


She left him to call Jamie and go make breakfast.  He dragged his weary bones to the shower, hoping some time under the hot water and steam would restore some sense of human feeling to his body.   


Alex made his way down to the kitchen after the long hot shower.   It had helped minimally to clear his sinuses, but now, his nose was running like crazy.   He grabbed a tissue from the box he clutched to him and blew his nose.


“Morning, Alex.” Jamie called from her perch on a stool.  “You look great.” She commented, sarcastically.   


“Thangks.” He rolled his eyes at her and fought the urge to flip her off, not in front of his daughter


Alyssa offered him pancakes which he declined and a glass of orange juice which he accepted.   He spotted Kristin, sitting sullenly at the table.  “Hey, kid.” He sat down across from her, setting the tissues on the table.  


“Hi.” She said, sulkily, taking in his sweatpants and tshirt.  “You’re not taking me shopping today, are you?”


He opened his mouth to respond, instead ducking down under the table and sneezing.  HuhhrhhChuhh,  uhhhchuhhh, uhhrhchuhh, huhhhChuurshhehh.”  He sat back up, grabbing a tissue and blowing his nose.    “Umb, no, kiddo.  I cand’t.”  His face fell as tears filled her eyes.   “But, umb, Lyss had ad idea.”  He shot his girlfriend a ‘get over here’ look.


Alyssa crossed over with Jamie behind her and knelt next to Kristin.  “I thought maybe, since your dad is sick and can’t go, maybe me and you and Jamie could have a girls day.  Shop for your room, have lunch…” she glanced at Alex and grinned…”maybe get our nails done.”


He nodded, sneezing again…anything that might make this up to his daughter.  “Whadever you do od girl’s day.” He sniffled.  


“Can put blue in my hair?”


Alex stared at her.  “Ub, will your bother kill be?”


Kristin shrugged.  “She said to ask you.”  She looked at Alyssa and Jamie, “and ok, I’ll go with you guys.  You’re probably more fun than dad right now.”


Jamie looked at Alex who was sneezing yet again.  “Yeah, we are.  Even I don’t sneeze as much as he does right now.”  She grinned as Alex glared at her.


“I want to do my hair though.” She continued.


Alex sighed.  “I’mb supposed to call your bother id ad hour.   She’ll kill be if I call dow.”   Although, the way he felt, that didn’t sound like a bad idea.   He blew his nose again, trying to clear out some of the congestion.  Feeling his nose start running again, he grabbed the tissues and excused himself.   This was going to take some blowing and he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s breakfast.  


He returned to the kitchen a short while later, setting his Kleenex box on the counter and scrubbing his hands.   When he sat down at the table, Alyssa slid a small pancake and bacon in front of him.   He opened his mouth to protest.


She cut him off before he even had a chance to talk.  “You need to eat.  Your body needs fuel to heal itself.”   


He looked around the room for help.  “Jabie?” He pleaded.


“They taught me the same thing in my former nurse life.   You gotta eat.”    


Alex rubbed his index finger under his nose and began shredding his bacon, engaging in conversation with Kristin.   Well, a little more he’d ask a question, and she’d give him a 5 minute answer.   After 30 minutes, he’d eaten over half his food, run out of questions and had to sneeze again.  “Hold ond.” He interrupted, holding a hand up to have her pause.  He pressed a couple of Kleenex over his nose and mouth.  “Hehhh-ehhchussmmphh,  ehhhrchussmmpphh.  Sorry, Kris.  Excuse be.”   He blew his nose twice, setting the tissues next to his plate.


“I’m not touching those.” Alyssa told him.


“Can you get me the garbage cand or a bag thend, please?”  She handed him a plastic bag and he deposited the tissues in it.   “Guess I’m carrying this aroud with me too.” He sniffled.  “What timbe are you guys heading out?”


“Depends.  Are we doing hair or not?”


He pressed his hand to his nose for a brief second.  “I’ll call Cassie in…” he looked at his watch, “20 minutes.” He picked more at his pancake, pressing the back of his hand to his nose again.   He was getting pretty tired of all the sneezing and really starting to wish the cold medicine would kick in.   Not that it had been doing much good.  He coughed and took a sip of his orange juice.   “What are you thinking for your room?”  He asked.  Her room was currently pink and purple.   


She shrugged.  “I like green now.   And maybe not something from when I was 6.   I’m older now.” She explained patiently.  


Alex nodded, absently rubbing his nose again.   A sneeze had been building since the last ones, but it just wouldn’t get there.   “No more rainbows and ponies?”  And then, all of a sudden, the sneeze was upon him.  Huuuhruhhhshahh.”  He clapped a hand over his mouth and nose while burying his face in his chest.  He heard his neck pop as his head coiled into his chest and winced at the sound.   With his free hand, he plucked a tissue from the box and wiped his nose and hand, took another tissue and blew his nose, then got up to wash his hands again.  


A chorus of “bless you”s met him as he came back to the table.   Followed by “can you please call mom now?”


Alex looked at his watch again.  10 minutes before the appointed call time, but if he took his time, and took some time blowing his nose real well to minimize his cold symptoms, he could kill 5 minutes.

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5 minutes later, his nose was semi-clear, and he was dialing Kristin’s mom.   


“Hi Alex,” she answered.  “How’s Kristin?  I got Alyssa’s text she made it in ok.”


“Yeah. I fell asleep at 8, so she picked her up.   This cold got pretty bad, and I was hoping, if I rested…”


“Yeah, you Sound pretty rough.”


He coughed.  “I don’t remember the last time I was this sick.  It wasn’t too bad the first day, then it walloped me.”  He paused, moving the phone away from his face.  HuhhChurshhhehh, Harrchuhhh. ‘Scuse me.”


“Bless you.  You’re certainly sneezing a lot more violently then usual.  Sounds like that cold you had before Kristin was born.”


He’d caught a cold just like this 3 weeks before the birth of his daughter, and he and Cassie had been terrified she’d go into labor early, and he wouldn’t be allowed near either of them in the delivery.  She’d kicked him into the guest room so she wouldn’t get it so close to her due date.  They’d brought Tim in as a spare birthing coach, just in case.   Fortunately, he got better before his daughter was born and got to be there.   


“I remember that.  Feels the sambe.”  He sniffled an coughed again.   “Anyway, she’s settled in ok.   A bit upset because this cold is interfering with our plans, but hopefully, I’ll start feeling better soon.   Alyssa’s taking her shopping for her room today.  I’ll help redecorate.  I’m not sure how the next couple days will go.” He confessed.  “Alyssa has to work.”


“She’ll understand.  She was just looking forward to everything.  You guys have next week too.”  She waited while he sneezed again.   And sneezed.  And sneezed.  6 sneezes later, he was back on the line.


“Cad you hod od?  I deed to blow by dose.”  She laughed, telling him to go ahead.  He set the phone down and blew his nose a few times, then returned to the call.


“Get some rest, Alex.  Call if something comes up.” She told him.  “I think even with this cold, you’ve got it under control.   Just try not to give it to her.”


“I’m trying.” He promised.  “Onde other thing.  Did you tell her to asgk me if she could dye her hair blue?”


“It’s fine with me if it’s fine with you.”


“Thanks.”  He said sarcastically “for leavig that up to me.”  A few more rough coughs.


“Go rest.”


“Bye Cassie.”


He returned to the dining room and looked at his daughter.  “You can dye your hair.” He told her.  “But streaks ondly.”


She grinned.  “Thanks, dad!” She ran over to hug him, but he put out his hand to stop her.  


“Hold off on that, kid.  I’m under orders not to give you this cold.”


Alyssa finished loading the dishwasher.  “We’ll be back around supper time then.   There’s soup in the fridge for your lunch.   And I expect you to rest.”


He looked at her.  “What have I been going sindce Friday?” He asked.


The girls headed out, and he headed back upstairs.  He switch on the sports network, fell into bed and let it lull him to sleep.


The next thing he was aware of was pounding on the door frame of his bedroom.  He blearily looked over in the direction of the door.   Freddie was standing in the doorway.


“You didn’t answer your phone.  Alyssa sent me to check on you.”   


Alex picked up his phone. 5 missed calls. 6 missed texts.  “I must have really been asleep.” He said, looking at the clock and blinking.  4:00.  He’d been asleep for 5 hours without waking.  “Give me a couple minutes.”  At Freddie’s nod, he  slowly walked into the bathroom to splash some water on his face to wake up.   


He came back out looking ever so slightly more lively.  “Why are you here?”  


“Alyssa.  She called to make sure you got lunch.  You didn’t answer.  And didn’t answer.  She worried.  Figured since I’m the one who gave you this, I’d be a good one to send over.”


He nodded.  Freddie had missed most of the week on the show with this cold.  But he’d been there enough to still pass it on.   


“Plus Tim’s in about as good a shape as you are right now.  Checked on him this morning.  I didn’t know if you needed anything, so I brought tissues, cough drops and orange juice.” 


“Thanks.”  Alex blew his nose.


“Did you eat?”  


“I slept for 5 hours straight.  So, no.”


“Well, things took longer than they thought, so they’re going to have dinner too.  They’ll be back about 7.   Let’s get you fed.”  He led Alex downstairs and dished him up a bowl of soup.   

He set the soup in front of Alex as the blonde pitched forward with a harsh triple.   Herrhhchuhh, ehhhchuhhrshh,  hurrrhhhchahhh.”


“Bless you.”  Freddie tore open the box of tissues on the table and slid them over so Alex could tend to his nose.   “Did you need cold medicine?”


“Took it in the bathroom upstairs.”  Alex sniffled, taking a bite of soup.   He smiled. “I’m actually kind of hungry.” He commented.  


Freddie nodded.  “I crashed on the 4th day and started feeling better then.”  


“I see why you missed most of the week.  Couldn’t have taken Monday off too instead of sneezing and hacking all over?  You got me, Tim, Sam and Ella…that I know of.”


“Sorry.” Freddie said, sheepishly, “Huhhchushh.”  He turned and sneezed into his elbow.  “Just so you know, it’s been 7 days, and I’m still sneezing.”


Alex scrubbed at his nose.  “As long as it tapers off.”  He sniffled, blowing his nose.  “I think it’s gonna start back up again.  I cand feel it.”   He rubbed at his nose again and kept working on his soup.


Freddie chattered to him about the course the cold had taken for him, how Tim was doing, how Ella had called him and tried to yell at him, and how even Jamie, who never got sick, had moved to the guest room during this.


Alex was half listening, trying to eat and pay attention to the tickle building in his nose.  The last thing he wanted was to start sneezing with a spoonful of soup in his mouth.   He kept rubbing his nose between bites, blowing every so often, trying to forestall the tickle until he was done.  Finally, after ¾ of the bowl, he was, and told Freddie as much.   


“Can I go ba-ahh-ack to bed?” He asked, breath hitching, before he jerked his shirt up over his nose.  HahhhCHUHh, HhurrChUhhh, HuhhhChurshhh, Heyycherrshooo!  Huuhhriihhhshoo!”   He looked at the damp spot on his tshirt.  “Gross.” He muttered, emptying his nose into a handful of tissues.


Freddie gave him a sympathetic smile.  “Bless you.  My sneezing was harsh and violent and wet like yours until about the 5th day.  Then I started to sneeze more like myself again.”


Alex stared at him. He couldn’t picture Freddie with anything but his mild ‘huhhchushh.’ With his allergies, Alex’s sneezes had been known to get away from him; after 12 sneezes, they tended to take on a life of their own.  But Freddie’s only variation was an occasional ‘huhhchushoo’ if there were more than a couple or a muffled sound if he squashed them into a Kleenex.  


Freddie read his expression.  “It’s a bad cold.”  He shrugged.  “You should hear Tim.   His are *loud*, and he’s sneezing in threes instead of twos.”




“You want to go back to your bed or the couch?”  


“Uhhhh….why? Are you staying?”


Freddie looked at the floor.  “Under orders.”  He rubbed his hand under his nose.  “Alyssa was pretty worried when you didn’t answer your phone.”


Alex nodded.  His phone had been on. He never turned his phone off unless he had to because of Kristin, and he was a notoriously light sleeper and insomniac.  For him not to hear, and answer, his phone was odd.   


“I told her you probably crashed like I did; Jamie told her too.  But she insisted I come over and stay until she got home.  Make sure you were ok, since you know, sleeping’s not your thing.”


Alex yawned.  “It is today.” He made a beeline for the couch.   “Since you’re keeping an eye on me, I’ll make it easy on you.”  He paused and coughed.   “If you go get my pillow.”  


Freddie brought his elbow to meet his face. “Huhhchushh.  Uhhchishh.”  He set the tissues on the coffee table, took one and blew his nose, cramming it in his pocket.  “Need a blanket?”  


Alex held up a blanket.  “Good there,” he sniffled.  Freddie disappeared upstairs, returning with Alex’s pillow.  


“Guess you were out.  This is partially soaked in drool.”


“Half of it’s probably snot.” He took the pillow, flipping it to the dry side.  “Wash your hands.”


Freddie pulled hand sanitizer from his pocket, cleansed his hands and offered it to Alex.   


Alex shook his head, bringing his hands up to his face.  HehhhChushhoo, EhhhrChooo, HahhrEhhhschoo!”   He rubbed his nose with a tissue and fell back on the couch.  


“Bless you.  Now?”  Freddie reoffered the sanitizer which Alex took this time.  


Freddie sat down in the chair next to Alex.  “Need anything?”  Alex shook his head.  Freddie switched on the TV as Alex stretched out on the couch, pulled the blanket over him and passed out again.   

Alex’s snoring caught Freddie’s attention several minutes later.   He turned the TV up to cover it, a move that would have normally woken Alex up and noticed Alex didn’t even move.   Yup, Alex was at the crash point.   He sat there, watching TV and glancing over at Alex periodically until the girls got home.


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18 hours ago, Puzzle said:

Cute ! Will there be more?

Yes there is. 😁.   At least one more part after this one.   This one is shorter, but I couldn’t marry it with the next part.


Jamie texted him from the driveway at 8, requesting his help to carry things in.   Freddie helped the bring in the new things for Kristin’s room and set the in the entryway, then peeked back in at Alex.  “He’s still asleep.”  He told Alyssa.  “He ate when I got here about 4.  Hasn’t moved since about 5.”


Alyssa gave him a look of disbelief and peeked in on the snoring Alex in the living room.  


“He’s crashed.”  Freddie told her.  “Good news is he’ll start to feel better.”


She looked at Jamie.  “Is that the way it was for him?”


Jamie nodded.  “Fourth day, slept all day.  Day 5, on the mend.”


“So let him sleep.”  She glanced over at Kristin, then back to Freddie.


“As much as you can, yeah.  I mean, he’s actually asleep in there.”  He paused.  Huhh’chush.  You know how little he’s actually really out.”


“I should wake him to say goodnight to Kristin, though.”


Freddie nodded.  “Didn’t think of that.”  He looked over at Alex’s daughter as she yawned.  “These two wear you out?”   


She nodded.  “I’m ready for bed.” She admitted.


“Go wake your dad to say goodnight.  Then tell him to find his own bed.”  Freddie told her.


Kristin went into the living room and woke Alex, after a few attempts.   He opened his eyes and blinked a few times, trying to focus his eyes.  “Mmm, I was really asleep.” He commented.   He reached for the tissues and blew his nose.


“Just wanted to say goodnight, dad.” Kristin said softly.  “Can I hug you yet?”


He hesitated.  He wasn’t sneezing like he had been this morning, but he was still contagious…  “Quick hug, kiddo.  I don’t want to give you this.”   He gave a her a quick squeeze.  “Goodnight, Kris.”


“Do you feel any better?” She asked, almost plaintive.


He cleared his throat.  “Honestly, starting to.  I slept almost the whole time you guys were gone.  I don’t feel so lousy anymore.  Just coughing and sneezing and still tired now.”


“So maybe we can go to Disneyland on Tuesday?!” She asked excitedly.


He froze.  “Ummm…let’s shoot for Wednesday on that.”


She smiled. “Ok.”


“Do your room tomorrow?”


“Yeah.” She grinned, then yawned again.  


“Go to bed, kiddo.   I’ll be coming to bed behind you.”


She headed up the stairs.  10 seconds later, Alex exploded into sneezes.  Heyyehhshuuhh,  ehhshuhh, huhhrshuhh, ehhruhhshahh, ahhhrshahh,heyyyuhhhshahh, heyyruhhshoo!”  He grabbed for tissue.  “Ugh.  Was hard holding those back.” He commented.  


“Bless you.”  Alyssa told him, noticing he still looked tired.  “Go take your NyQuil and go back to bed.  I’m going to get things ready for classes in the morning.”


“You want me to come back tomorrow and help?”  Freddie offered.  “I can at least move furniture and help hang things.   I’m seeing Tim, and Sam and Ella in the morning, but I can come by in the afternoon.”


“That’d be great.”  Alex looked relieved.  “I didn’t want to make her wait until Lyss got home from work.   Haayyaahshuhhh.  EhhhhCHuhh.  Ughhhh.  This tickle is not going away.”


“Bless you again.  Go take the NyQuil.  Go to bed.”


“Can’t take it until 10.” He sniffled, blowing his nose.   


“Go to bed.  I’ll wake you.”  Alyssa gave him a hand up off the couch.  He wobbled slightly as he stood.


“I’ll help you upstairs,” Freddie said, gently, placing an arm around his waist, grabbing the pillow, and walking up the stairs with him.


Alex sat on the bed while Freddie refilled his water glass.  HuhhEhhhChuhhh, EhhrChuhh,  HurrhhChushhh.”  He gave his nose several wet, crackling blows and coughing.


“Bless you.” Freddie said, handing him the water.   Alex took a long drink and set the water on the nightstand, laying down.   Freddie tucked the tissues in next to him as Alex sneezed suddenly, failing to turn his head away.


“Shit.  Did I get you?”


“Don’t worry about it.” Freddie took a tissue and wiped off his arm.  “I gave you this, so I’m not gonna catch it.  Get some sleep.  Alyssa will wake you for the NyQuil.    Need anything else?”


Alex shook his head.  “Sorry I sneezed on you.” He apologized.  “I think I’m ready to crash again.”


Freddie laughed looking at Alex’s half open eyes.  “Yeah, you are.  And I’ll just consider it payback for giving you this.”  Alex laughed.  “Goodnight.  I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”


Alex nodded, already starting to doze off.   Freddie turned out the light and headed downstairs.  He let Jamie know he’d be home soon; he had to take Tim some NyQuil, and the two of them left Alyssa to take care of Alex.

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Still totally loving this. Freddie’s got a lot of caretaking to do to make up for sharing that cold of his. I’m looking forward to his stop at Tim’s. 

Thanks for updating again!!

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Here’s the last


Kristin had Alex up by 8 the next morning.  To his surprise, he felt a little bit better.  He’d crashed again upon going to bed, waking only on the two occasions Alyssa had woken him for NyQuil.   


“Cereal for breakfast ok?” He asked, noting that some of the congestion had left his voice.   He gave a few strong coughs that annoyed his sore throat.   


“You’re not making omelets?”


He shook his head, rubbing his nose.  “I don’t want too much contact with your food.   Really don’t want to give you this.”  He reached for the cereal, stopped, buried his head in his arm and sneezed.  HuhhChuhhh, uhhhrrchuhhh, huhhrahhchehh.”


“Bless you, dad.”


“Thanks.” He sniffled.  “I had Alyssa buy Fruit Loops.”  He handed her the box.   She set up a bowl of cereal and he sat down with the Cheerios.   


“Are we doing my room today?” She asked impatiently.


“This afternoon, when Freddie gets here.”


“Why do we have to wait for Freddie?” She pouted.


He sniffled.  “Because I need help hanging the big things and moving furniture.” He explained, feeling the tickle in his nose build to fruition again.  He pulled his shirt over his nose and turned away.  Hurhhchahh, hurrehhsschahhh.  ‘Scuse me.”  He got up from the table, grabbed a paper towel, blew his nose and washed his hands.  ‘Guess it’s too soon to get too far away from the Kleenex,’ he thought.


“What do you want to do this morning?” He asked, noticing he was starting to get hoarse and congested again.


She shrugged.  “I know you probably want to sleep.”


He sighed.  She wasn’t wrong.  “We could chat, or play video games, or watch TV or a mo…mov…movie…ihhhchuhhh….movie.   Something like that.  Just know you’ll have to put up with my sneezing.  And if it’s TV, I’ll probably fall asleep.”


She thought for a moment.  “Video games.”


“Really?  I just threw that out there.  I know it’s not your favorite thing.”


She grinned.  “All your sneezing means I’ll win.”


They spent the morning playing video games and catching up.  And Alex spent it coughing and sneezing.  When she noticed he was getting tired, she suggested a movie. “It’s ok if you fall asleep for a little bit, dad.”  Which, he did.


Freddie showed up a little after noon.  More importantly, he brought lunch.   


“You di..ihhhshuhhhuuhhriihhshuhh,  uhhhchiihhshuhhh, uhhhschuhhh…didn’t have to do that.”  Alex swabbed at his nose with a tissue.  


“Figured you handling food wasn’t the best idea.  Especially if you’re trying not to give it to her.” He shrugged.


Alex shot him a grateful look and sat down to eat the soup Freddie brought him.  “Broccoli cheese, nice.  All Lyss has made has been variations on chicken.”


“Hope the mac n cheese works for you, kiddo.” Freddie said to Kristin.


She nodded, already eating.  Freddie bit into his sandwich, watching Alex dig into his soup.  Much more appetite than yesterday.  UhhChushh.” He turned and sneezed softly, snagging on of Alex’s tissues.


“Bless you.  Are you sick too?” Kristin asked.


“Getting better.” He assured her.  “I’m getting over what your dad has.”


“He’s the reason I’m sick.” Alex grumbled.   


“Based on how it went for me, I think he’s on the starting to get better side.”


Kristin nodded.  “Can we do my room now.”


Alex laughed, then coughed.  “Give us a few minutes to finish eating, Kris.”


15 minutes later, they were dragging bags up to her room.  Freddie noticed that Alex was coughing strongly after the first trip and told him to stay there and unpack the bags while he and Kristin brought the rest up.  Alex sorted everything into piles, keeping track of his tissue box.  He didn’t want to lose that.


HuhhChuhhh, huhhrchehh, ehhruhhshh, rhhhusshoo, ehhreckshoo.”  They walked in on Alex mid sneezing fit.   Heyyahhshoo!”


“Bless you.”  Freddie handed him fresh tissues and waited for him to blow his nose.  “Ready?” He asked quietly.


Alex nodded.  “Let’s start by taking out the old stuff.”


Kristin removed her bedding while Alex and Freddie took down the curtains and wall hangings.   Alex had to admit Freddie’s 6”1’ frame was an advantage over his 5”7’ one.  They piled the old things in the guest room Alyssa wasn’t using and got prepared to start decorating.   


Alex looked at his daughter and sneezed.  Ahhrahhchuh.  Sorry.  Tell us where you want the furniture, kid.”  She indicated the desk over by the window.  “Ok.  Curtains first.”  He coughed.  


They hung the curtains and moved the desk while Kristin made her bed with the new blue and green bedding.  Alex set his tissues on the desk while they got ready to hang the pictures she had bought on the walls.   Alex picked up the first one, then shoved it at Freddie.  Freddie recognized the dazed expression on Alex’s face and grabbed it, just in time for Alex to turn away, sneezing towards the ground, clapping his hand over his face.   HuhhChuhhh.   Hehhhuhhhchuhhh.”


“That sounded almost normal.  Bless you.” Freddie commented.  He pulled his hand sanitizer out of his pocket and poured some in Alex’s hand.


Kristin told the where she wanted the pictures hung and they hung all 5, only taking two more breaks for Alex to sneeze.   Freddie was frowning at the end however.   Alex was sounding worse again, and definitely looked like he could use a nap.    With the room done, he looked at Kristin; “what do you think?”


She nodded.  “Perfect.”


“Thanks man,” Alex told him with a wheezy cough.  “I needed the help.”


“You need a nap.” Freddie said in a low voice.  Alex glanced over, indicating his daughter, sitting on her bed.  “I know, I know.  You think she’d do something with me for a couple hours?”


Alex shrugged, sneezing again into a crumpled tissue.  Freddie sighed and handed him a fresh one.  “Depends on what you do.”


“Can I take her out? Like for ice cream or the zoo or something?”


“She loves the zoo.  Ahhchushh.”


“Blow your nose.  I’ll go talk to her.”


Freddie walked over and sat next to Kristin on the bed.  “Hey kiddo.”


“Hey.”  She was suspicious.  


He picked up on her tone.  “So here’s what’s up.”  He was interrupted by a loud sneeze from Alex.  “Your dad’s sounding worse again.”  She nodded.  “He needs to sleep for awhile.”  


Her face fell.  “So what do I do?”


“Well, I know he plans to take you to Disneyland, so amusement parks are out.  But we could go for ice cream or go to the zoo.  Or get ice cream at the zoo?” He suggested.


“Can you go in the petting zoo?  Dad can’t.”


He chuckled.   Jamie had told him about that; of course, she couldn’t handle being by the entrance.  He nodded.  “I‘m allergic to cats, but as long as they’re not trying to climb on me, I’m ok.” He reassured her.  


“Ice cream at the zoo.” She agreed.


Freddie looked up at Alex to let him know, saw him gearing up to sneeze again with tissues clamped to his nose.  Huhhchuhhh, chuhh,schuhh, hhschuhh,chuhhh, ihhhchuhh, SCHUHHH.”  The sneezes. Are fast with barely a chance for a breath in between.   Alex looked wobbly and Freddie hastened to pull out Kristin’s desk chair. 




Alex sat and blew his nose.  


“Bless you dad.   Freddie asked me to go to the zoo.  He can take me in the petting zoo!  Is that ok?”


Alex sneezed again, shooting Freddie a grateful look.  “Fide.”  He sniffled.


“We’ll go do that as soon as I make sure you’re in bed.  When can you take more cold medicine?”


Alex looked at his watch.  “Half hour.”


“Take it now.”  To Kristin, “you get ready, ok.  I’m gonna make sure your dad has everything he needs.”


Freddie helped Alex to his room.  “I’m gonna go get you some water.  Go get the the cold medicine.”  He brought up a cold bottle of water for Alex, waited for him to take the cold medicine, then tucked him in with his tissue box.  “We’ll be back in a couple hours, ok.  Just rest.”


Huhhrrchesshoo.  Hayyyessshoo.”  A wet double from Alex.  “I’ll try.”  Freddie could see his eyes were already closing.  


He went downstairs and collected Kristin and the two were off to the zoo.  He had to admit, the petting zoo part was his favorite.

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On 1/30/2020 at 6:55 AM, Puzzle said:

Very kind of Freddie and such a cute story!

Thanks.  Freddie is sweet, but this also takes place at the same time as 1 Cold 4 Stories, so Freddie is also feeling somewhat guilty about ruining Alex’s week with his daughter

On 1/30/2020 at 11:43 AM, Privatedancer said:

They are all such amazing friends:)

They really are.  I love how that happened.  😁

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Oooh - I'm excited for the next part!  Freddie's so sweet, taking Kristin out so Alex can rest.  And Alex is just :drool:

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