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Frankenstein (ok Frankenstein’s Monster *M*)


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Sooooo i looooove Frankenstein aka Frankenstein’s Monster for those who are sticklers!! — and forgive me— but there was a Frankenstein movie remake of a remake I’m sure on the Syfy channel back when it was still Sci-Fi and it had him secretly seeking shelter in a house— and yes I read the book— and I’m a sucker for Monsters being treated kindly sooooo tada!!- surely he had to happen upon kind folks right???— just let me have this ;U; Heads up only one sneeze— might keep going // or try out a 18+ — we shall see!!!


“Samuel! Go fetch more wood for the night!”


“Yes Papa!” Samuel called to his Father as he made his way to the side of a small shed set  a bit away from the house. His legs moved slowly as he sloshed through the thick snow. The wood they had cut for the winter by the house had been used and they were now forced to already be taking from the spare wood. It had been an awful Winger with maybe another month to go. Making his way around the shed Samuel saw a large looming shadow snatching up the logs. 

“Hey! That’s not yours!” He called. Making his way over Samuel grabbed at the log the stranger held before he could put it with the others he already had tucked under his arm. 

Looking up to the man’s face in the dwindling light. “You’ve got scratches,” he stated to the man as he pointed at his own face. 


The sudden voice had startled him, but when it wasn’t followed by screaming or with things being angrily tossed at him the tension eased out of his shoulders a bit. His shock had been brought on by a child, six or maybe a seven year old. 

Howling in the distance had him angling his head. He needed to get back to his shelter, the little hovel he’d hastily made out of a fallen tree.

“Shit.” He bit out as he picked up the child by the back of his coat collar. 


“Hey!” Samuel called out indignantly as he kicked the air. 


He took the same path the child had carved out, making his wide strides through the snow that much easier. The long coat adorning him slapped at his legs in his hurry. 

The door had been left open for the child’s return. He had to duck and lean in to fit through the door. 


“L-Lucy!” Called a man that was quickly followed by a woman’s scream, “Samuel!” 


He was used to this ever since his birth. The screaming. His Father was the first to scream at him. To hate him. 


The man had put himself between the woman and the stranger. His posture was defensive. He couldn’t take on the newcomer that was several  heads taller and what had to be a body as thick as a tree trunk. 


Dropping the child down in front of the man who quickly grabbed him and pushed him behind to join the woman. He took the moment to look around the small cottage to see that the three were the only occupants. His eyes swept back to land on the dying hearthside. With another curse he stepped up to the fireplace and dropped a log into the embers and the rest off to the side. Turning around to find the woman clutching the child to her while the man stood between him and the door. A deep frown settling upon his face. 


“There’s no one around for a good Thirty miles.”




Jeremiah turned from the open doorway where he had been looking outside to the snow covered land and fading light.

“You...You came from the woods didn’t you?”


The Stranger said nothing. 


At the howling of a wolf that was then joined by others Jeremiah closed the front door.

“It’s too dangerous out there Lucy.” Jeremiah looked back at the Stranger as Lucy hurried over to her husband’s side with Samuel in tow. “W-We don’t know him,” she cried to him. 


Jeremiah nodded, “We don’t know him, but as a God fearing man, I don’t wish to see another man perish in this hell of a winter.” 


Lucy couldn’t argue with that or her husband once he’d set his mind to something. Any sort of arguing she wanted to say would not be heard. 


“You can take your leave if you like... or you can take this olive branch I’m extending and be a hospitable guest in my home.” Jeremiah said to the ragged hooded person before him. 

It was a quiet stand off where no one said anything. The crackling pops of burning wood grew louder as the flames licked at it’s new fuel. 


Bored, Samuel tugged free of his Mother’s hold and went over to the Stranger he’d found. “Come on, let’s get warm by the fire.”


He allowed the child to take his hand and guide him a bit closer just not too close to the flame. He sat down on the couch having been directed by the little boy. 


“Mama,” Samuel called, “He’s got cuts.” 


Lucy slowly approached in hopes to retrieve her son and get him away. But she froze when she came to face the man. Where the hood couldn’t  hide his face in shadows was marred with stitches. His skin patched together. A squeak was the only sound emitting from her throat to show her distress. 


Jeremiah hurried over to his wife’s side and gasped himself.

“Lucy g-go get the salve.”


Lucy didn’t need to be told twice to dash far away from the monster she’d just seen in her home, sitting on her couch. Brought in by her son like a prized stick. 


“Got in ah... Quite a fight did ya?” Jeremiah said, “Looks like you had to have a city doctor put you back together.” 


The Stranger shook his head, “Not back. Together.”


Hurrying back Lucy shook as she used her finger to scoop the medicine she’d retrieved. The instinct to help far outweighed the fear she was feeling. Moving the cowl away she tenderly places some of the ointment on the red inflamed stitches that crossed his forehead. 


The Stranger gasped in pain and grabbed her wrist to hold it away. His hold was firm but not crushing. Yet.


“I-I know it burns,” Lucy whispered. “ I-I should’ve warned you.”


When the man didn’t let his Mama’s wrist go Samuel hopped up on the couch next to him and pointed to his own small white scar just under his chin from when he’d split it open a year ago. “Look it’ll make you all better.”


Looking from the tiny scar on the child and then to the sutures on the hand holding the dainty wrist. Letting go of it when a few moments later. 


Freed from the unbreakable grip Lucy continued spreading medicine along the man’s wounds. 


Jeremiah came over and handed the man a warm cup. He watched as the Stranger drank the warm water greedily. “What’s your name?” He asked as he took the empty cup and handed the extra he’d brought. 


‘Monster,’ ‘Devil,’ were the names his Father had given him. But he new those names weren’t tied nicely to humankind’s understanding. “Victor,” he settled on, his Father’s name. It was fitting after all he was the one who had given him life, HE was the true monster. Not him, he hadn’t asked to be brought to this purgatory of existence and nonexistence. 


“Nice to meet you Victor. You’ve already met Samuel. I’m Jeremiah and that’s my wife Lucy.” 


Lucy offered a weak smile to Victor as she broke her concentrated stare to meet his gaze. Dipping her finger into the jar to get more gel to then smear on the stitches that were just under his nose, she circled the appendage. Leaving a glistening trail on the threading. Finally finishing under his left nostril.


The ointment burned both warm and cold almost simultaneously. Making his skin tingle. 


“It hurts a little,” Samuel said with a knowing nod as he watched Victor’s eyes well with tears. “But it smells good. Mama crushes peppermint into it.” 


Taking in a breath through his nose, Victor felt a familiar tingling stir up between his eyes as a pressure built. He knew what was happening. He’d done it before, but he just couldn’t remember exactly. Or what the action was called. But he couldn’t help the feeling that he should be doing something to prevent it from happening In the open. 


Lucy watched as Victor’s nostrils twitched. Flaring as he sniffed the medicated air. She looked away trying to focus on the task at hand, but his chest was now starting to rise and fall a bit faster, building towards something. 


“So what brings you out all this way?” Jeremiah asked as he took a seat across from Victor. Lucy’s head blocking them from having to make eye contact. 


Victor opened his mouth to breathe to try and advert what was coming. Eyes closed as he focused. “L-L—Looking f-for my FAhH—Father.”


Jeremiah shook his head. “I’m sorry, may the lord help you find him well.”


The closed eyes and opened mouth strategy worked for a few moments before the tingling spiked to stab him deeply in his sinuses. His brows furrowed as his nostrils splayed wide.



Lucy just barely moved out of the way. Straighten back up as Victor snapped forward with his sneeze.


Samuel clutched onto the back of the couch as the whole thing shook with the sneeze. 


“God bless you,” Jeremiah called around his wife. 


Lucy didn’t need to look down to the spittle and other unpleasant things that were covering her dress. Frowning slightly she wiped at her chest with the back of her hand that held the jar. “Yes. Bless you.” 


Samuel giggled as the couch stopped shaking. 


“I just want to find him alive,” Victor finished darkly.

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I mean —- Dr. Victor Frankenstein pleads the victim when it’s really the monster that deserves the sympathy— and with Dr. Frankenstein being the villain in his creature’s POV the creature names himself after his creator (father) so wheeeen he does bad things people blame and go after Victor-Frankenstein—- that’s the idea that’s been plaguing me for yeeeeeeeears—— pt. 2 —- again only one sneeze — mini updates/work in prog))



Much to her dismay the guest didn’t sound well. Lucy busied herself with folding and refolding the blankets and fixing the sheets on the bed. She looked to see her husband reading from the Bible while her son told Victor a one of his many childish stories. She had to give it to him though, Victor didn’t complain when Samuel’s story kept derailing. He just sat there listening and sniffling. 


The very loud howling coming from the window she sat by had her jumping nearly out of her skin and out of her musings with a startled gasp. 


Jeremiah looked from his reading and to the window. “They can’t get in Luc.”


“I-I know,” Lucy said as she heard claws tapping along the wooden porch while sniffing sounds came from gap between the door and floor. “They’re just so close now...” Lucy hugged herself as she backed  away from the front of the house. 




The retreating flurry of paws could be heard as the four legged menaces dashed away from the cottage at the sudden and loud noise within. While Lucy shrieked, whirling around at the unexpected sneeze. 


Victor sat hunched over, one long finger itching beneath his nose. 


“Looks like it’s our good fortune for inviting you in,” Jeremiah said with a nod. He’d freed one hand from his reading to place on his rifle, should the wolves had tried anything braver.

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