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So, I did not think this was actually a real thing.  A couple of days ago, I went running outside (it JUST got really cold here, like below freezing) and while it felt fantastic, once I was back inside I noticed that my nose was running constantly and was suuuuper ticklish.  Enough that I sneezed 10! times in the next hour (mostly singles and a couple doubles), and no matter how much I sneezed or blew my nose, the tickling was relentless and I felt like I was constantly about to sneeze.  I even induced before I went out in public, in an attempt to get myself under control, and it didn't help at all.  The sneeziness lasted for the rest of the day, and I was totally fine the next morning. I had half-convinced myself this was the start of a cold, because I almost never sneeze more than a couple times a day unless I'm sick.

But, ta-da, I'm totally fine.  So weird!  Now I get it when people talk (or write in pics) about people feeling a constant burning tickle, and about having a sneeze stuck all day.  I thought that was just something nice to imagine, lololol.  I know better now.

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Wow! Bless you!  Great obs.  Sound's like that was a pretty serious tickle.  Maybe you discovered a new allergy.  :)

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This has happened to me more frequently lately and it is an amazing feeling! I’m thinking it’d allergies but haven’t been able to figure it out - sounds like exactly the same experience! 

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