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Sneezes Just Like My Ex (share your stories)


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We've all had those moments: seeing someone that looks or sounds like your ex and getting a flood of emotions. Or going on sad rebound dates with people who remind you of them. Well, today I hit I point I knew I would someday: I found a video of a girl who sneezes like my ex.

I was perusing various sneeze playlists on YT and found this video. My body did double take when I heard her sneeze partially bc I've been trying to find a clip that sounds like my ex. That audible build-up with a halfway stifle and a high-pitched breathy release always made me crazy...

Wanted to share with you guys and was hoping you all would have stories to share to make me feel a little less pathetic for listening to this chick who sounds like the ex that I totally am over (except not).

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  It can be upsetting, that's for sure.

My first two girlfriends were somewhat older than me and both have since passed away. I am yet to hear a sneeze like the one Rosalind had, a brisk "ATISSHUH!"

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I had an ex who was photic. It was so hot. She hated sneezing, and she'd only sneeze when she'd succumb to the reflex (not a naturally sneezy person at all). 

We dated for two years and I probably saw her sneeze 5 times. All singles. Not a nice sneeze either, just cough-like. But I'd always get her to tell me stories of her sneezes. Super hot. 

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