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So this line from my zoo fic always stuck with me:

God bless you.”  Jamie told him. “I haven’t heard you sneeze like that in a long time.”


“Bless you.” Kristin yelled from the back seat.   


“Thank you.”  He said to his daughter.  And to Jamie, “I’d be willing to bet dust or cats were involved last time too.”


So this happened:


Tim had broken his wrist snowboarding.  And Tim needed to move the couch.   He’d managed to recruit Alex and Jamie to help.   


“How do you drop your wallet behind the couch, anyway?” Alex asked.


“I didn’t.  It fell under the couch.  I was trying to get it, and I shoved it all the way under the couch.” Tim was defensive.


Jamie laughed.   “We’ll get it.” She assured him, standing at one end of the couch and tying a bandana over her face.”


“Are you planning to steal Tim’s wallet?” Alex teased.


“I’m planning not to sneeze my head off from the dust under the couch.” She pointed out.


She noticed Alex rub his nose.  He hadn’t thought of that part.  


The two of them slid the couch out until they see the wallet and get behind the couch to grab it.   


Alex stepped behind the couch, not noticing Cashew had stepped in front of him.  He tripped over the cat, landing face first in the mess of dust and cat hair that had accumulated there.


Jamie stepped over quickly and helped him up, untying her bandana and pressing it into his hands as she saw him gearing up for the first sneeze, then grabbing Tim’s wallet.


He pressed it to his face.  Ehchuh, Ehchuh, EhChuh.”  The three sneezes came fast and hard.   Hehhchuhh.  HuhhhChuhhh.  UhhChuhh!”  He kept the bandana pressed to his face and paused.


Jamie matched three of his sneezes with softer ‘hitschoos.’   She looked at Tim, then at Alex, then back to Tim.  “I hope you have Kleenex.” She said gravely, sneezing again.  “He’s gonna need them.”


Tim glanced around the living room, then left in search of the tissue box.  


Alex took advantage of the brief pause in sneezes to start crossing over to the couch to sit down.  HuhhChuhhh. UhhChuhh.”  He was halfway there when he started up again.  Jamie grabbed his arm and guided him the rest of the way.  HuhhyuhhCHUHHH,  UhhhCHUHH!”  The sneezes came closer together and built in intensity.  Tim walked into the room, looking worried, at the desperation and volume of Alex’s sneezes.  He glanced over at Jamie, who was muffling another “Hiitschoo” into her sleeve and offered her a tissue.


She sneezed three more times in rapid succession, then blew her nose.  


“Bless you.  Is he ok?”  He jerked his head over at Alex who was doubled over, still sneezing.


HAHHSHAHH, HAHHSHEHH, EHHHSHUHH, UHHHCHUHHH, UHHHCHUSHHH.”  Jamie winced.  She’d never heard him sneeze like that.  HUUhhCHUUSHHH,”


“I always am when I have an attack like that.” She told Tim.  “I’ve never seen him like this.  Do you have any Zyrtec or Benadryl?”


Tim shook his head.   


“That’s ok.  I do.”


HahhCHUHH, HAHHCHuhh,  uhhhCHAhhh, ahhhCHUHHshoo.”


Alex’s sneezes were starting to lessen both in volume and intensity; they were starting to space out a little.


EhhhChuhh, CHuhh, CHUshooo, Ehhhchuhh, hehhhchuhh, heyyehhchuhh, heyyyehhhchuhhshoo!”


Alex looked up, looking dazed.   “I thig i’b dode with thad.”  He sniffled, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.   Tim handed him the tissue box, and Alex spent a solid two minutes blowing his nose.  Tim came back with a plastic bag for Alex to deposit the used tissues in.   


“God Bless You.”  He told him.  “You ok?”


“I’mb gonda be sdeezing the rest of the day, but yeah.”  He looked at Jamie who had a foil wrapped packet in her hand.  “What you got?”


“Zyrtec.  That’ll cut down on your sneezing all day plans.”


He blew his nose again.  “I hate you using your food allergy stash on me.”


She shrugged.   “I’m prepared.  You need it.”  She looked at Tim as Cashew wandered back in the room and made a beeline towards Alex.   Tim picked up on her glance and picked up the cat to take him to the bedroom. 


“You’re wonderful.” Alex sniffled, wiping his nose with his tissue.  He took the pill and let it dissolve.  


“I’d give you Benadryl but I want you to be able to drive home.  You have it at home?”


He nodded, sneezing again.  Ehhchuhh, EhhChuhh!”


“Bless you. Let me find Tim’s vacuum to get behind the couch cleaned up, then we can shove it back, and get you to Benadryl.”


Tim had entered the room when she said vacuum and told Jamie where it was.  She grabbed it and vacuumed up the dust and cat hair behind the couch while Alex sneezed at regular intervals.  She and Alex shoved the couch back for an appreciative Tim and headed out.


EhhChuhh, HehhChuhh, hehchuh, chuhhshehh.”  Alex sneezed as they walked to their cars.  


“Are you ok to drive?  You could always come over for awhile, then when the sneezing dies down, we can come back and get your car.”


Alex looked at her with relief.  “That sounds great.  I’m worried I’ll start up again.  I don’t usually have attacks like that, and I never know how they’re gonna go.”


“No problem.  We’ll watch a movie and then see.”  She texted the plan to Tim so he wouldn’t wonder why Alex’s car was there, then took him back to her place for a few hours before returning for his car.

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Loved this one! Such a fun thing to visualize. Ah, Tim, picking the two most allergic people to help. I like the way you gave a back story to the quick mention in the zoo story.

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