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Spring Night Out (self obs. F)


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We've had almost no winter where I live and spring pollen is gearing up. Right now it's just juniper and cypress, but the oak pollen is on the horizon and that's what really makes me miserable. Over the weekend I went on a first date with this guy (there will not be a second date, but that's a topic for a different thread :lol: ) and went to this nice outdoor festival with food trucks, live music, etc. We were walking around and making awkward small talk, when I felt my nose start to prickle. I had a drink in one hand, so I pinched my nose shut with the other and turned my head, stifling a sneeze with almost no noise and he didn't notice. A minute or two later, I felt another sneeze coming and only managed to half-stifle it. He blessed me, but I felt that allergic, burning feeling and so I said, 

"Sorry. I'm going to sneeze again." It took a few seconds to build up, but then I had a little fit of rapid allergy sneezes. hehKtschhew! Ktshhew! Tschhew! Ktschh! Tschh! I don't get a breath in between each sneeze and they lose strength as I go. My date says, "Shit. Bless you." :laugh: and then he went and grabbed a couple napkins from one of the food trucks for me. I thanked him and apologized, explaining that spring allergies are starting for me.

It was a cute little fetish-y moment, despite the rest of the evening being pretty meh. 

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Lovely.  These winters are bringing spring earlier and earlier which is good or bad depending on your perspective.  😅

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