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Request (the witcher)


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Ok so I just finished the witcher and I'm OBSESSED. Also I found my passion for Henry Cavill (Gerald of Rivia aka the witcher himself) and I cannot stop thinking about him. I have been thinking about a fanfic about this giant masculine guy being embarrassed by his cute spring allargies, trying to hide them from his love interest Yennifer. He is a red, itchy mess, but he is trying his best to stifle and be polite and quiet in front of Yen. It would be absolutely adorable. Also a really nice touch would be if Yennifer had the fetish and spelled him to sneeze his head of, but to be cute and embarrassed at the same time. Oooh and maybe (there was an amazing fanfic like that a long time ago with Damon compelling Elena to be itchy and sneezy but to be able to feel relieved only by Damon's permission to sneeze) Yennifer can cast a spell similar to this one. Can you imagine this sexy man with a pre-sneeze impression all the time, not being able to stop it or control it. THIS WOULD BE HEAVEN!!! 

I'm going to be really happy if someone who has seen the series and has a similar passion for Gerald to write this fanfic. Thank you so so much in advance!!! ♥️

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I haven't found any fics with Yennifer in it, but if I have time this weekend, I might try to write something. I'm not sure if you're able to edit your profile, but if you add your email in, I can hook you up with some Geralt fics I've come across (if you haven't found any yet). :lol: 

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