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"You don't sound well at all".

Chelsea had been fine when she woke up. Correction, Chelsea had felt fine when she woke up. Like any other Friday morning she had gotten up at 7.30, showered, gotten dressed, and headed in to class at the local community college.

But from about an hour into arriving at class, the young brunette had been sneezing her head off. Every 20 minutes another fit would hit her suddenly and she would quickly cup her palms over her mouth and nose and let loose six or seven big sneezes. 

It was late spring, not overly warm yet but the pollen count was high so plenty of other people were sneezing here and there. But after lunch it started to feel like it was more than hay fever - Chelsea's throat was getting sore from all the loud sneezing, and her nose was running. She had refrained so far from going to the bathroom to blow it though, because "once you start blowing with a cold you can never stop". So Chelsea had been sniffing hard all day between sneezing fits.

Her shift tonight at work was 4-9 so she had only just had time after classes finished to duck home and grab a handkerchief to help her get through 5 hours on a busy checkout.

"You don't sound well at all". The lady said, a little shocked.

SNNRRF. Chelsea pinched her nose in the cloth to wipe away the mess and tucked it back up her sweater sleeve. The pink gingham hanky had just caught six big wet sneezes and Chelsea looked exhausted.

She continued ringing off the lady's groceries, "SNNFF, I'm fide. Just a little cold".

"Hmmm" the lady replied disapprovingly.

A minute or two later, Chelsea pulled her pink handkerchief hastily to her nose once again. "HARSHOO!! HAAESHOO!! ACHHOO!!"

SNNRRFF! A couple of "bless you"s came from people around her and one or two customers switched lines to a different checkout.

"Well I've caught a pretty mean cold", she said to herself as she blew her nose into the pink fabric.

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"RASHOO!! HESSHOO!!" Chelsea's powerful wet double came crashing out into the waiting scrap of toilet paper she held.

She pinched her nose in it before tossing it aside, grabbed a well used handkerchief from beside her and blew her nose, rendering the cloth useless - it was soaked. 

"Ugh!" Chelsea groaned. She was exhausted. It was 6am Saturday and she was meant to start work at 9, a long 8 hour shift that she was certainly not up to.

Chelsea's had been awake the majority of the night, every 5 minutes she would sneeze 1 or 2 big raw sneezes, the strength of which would exhaust her further. Her throat felt destroyed from all the harsh sneezing, she had a fever of 38°C, and her blocked nose had been rubbed red by 12 hours of blowing it every few minutes. Scraps of toilet paper from the roll beside her bed littered her bedroom floor and 2 or 3 snotty hankies lay used up on her bed.

"RASHOO!! HEHH! EHSHOO!!" Chelsea caught that one in her closest crumpled up handkerchief, before grabbing the roll of toilet paper, ripping off a strip of tissue and blowing her nose.

Tissue still in hand she picked up her phone and texted her boss that unfortunately she wasn't fit to be anywhere but in bed today. Chelsea blew her nose once more in the scrap of tissue then lay back and drifted into a dose.

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Chelsea woke again from her doze at 9.30am to a pair of hefty sneezes: "RASSHOO!! ESSHOO!!"

She wiped at her nose with the scrap of tissue she was still clutching, it had been running over her face while she slept. 

SNNRRF, she snorted. Her nose was very blocked up and her throat still ached almost as much as her head. 

Chelsea headed down the stairs to get a glass of orange juice. 

"Chels, you don't look well at all", Poppy, her roommate said. Chelsea groaned, then sniffed SNNRRF. "I'b sick", she croaked, as though it needed telling.

Mike, another roommate, strolled through the kitchen from the living room, tore off a piece of kitchen roll and gave his own nose a snotty honk.

"Chels caught your cold, Mike", Poppy passed on. 

"Sorry to hear that Chelso" Mike said apologetically. "It ain't a fun one to have". 

Mike tossed his used kitchen towel in the nearby bin. He had had a cold all week and was just now getting better - he was still a bit stuffy though and his nose needed a good blow every half hour or so but he was on the mend.

"RAASHOO!! HASHOO!!" sneezed Chelsea into her cupped hands, quickly setting down her juice. "SNNNRRRFF", she brought her scrap of toilet paper to her face and tried unsuccessfully to blow her nose - it was too blocked - she settled for just wiping the mess off her pink nostrils.

"Paige was sneezing all last night so she's probably catching it too", Poppy said, still chipper at being the only one without a cold. Paige was their other roommate and her room was right beside Poppy's.



Later, Chelsea sat on the couch watching movies. She was under a blanket but still in her singlet and pajama shorts - her long brown hair was everywhere, she looked as though she hadn't slept in two days.

"EeeChoo! Choo!" Sneezed Paige, pulling up her t-shirt to catch it. She sniffled.

"RASSHOO!! UURRHHOO!!" Chelsea sneezed into a purple bandana. The bandana had been nicely folded three hours ago when she grabbed it from her drawer but was now just being crumpled and folded over as required. Chelsea's nose was mostly too stuffed up still to blow properly but her sneezes would come hard, fast and wet and she had needed something to catch the mess. She gave her nose another feeble blow then wiped her raw nostrils on the purple cloth before balling it up and resting it in her lap.

"All the best, Paige", Chelsea groaned to her, flashing an exhausted smile.

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"HESHOO!!" Sneezed Paige for about the 20th time that hour. 

SNNNFF, she lowered the collar of her T-shirt that she had just sneezes into and pinch-wiped the end of her nose with her fingers.

SNNF SNNF, "no doubt about it", she thought. "I've got that cold too".

She flicked her dark hair back, walked down the hall to the bathroom, tore off some toilet paper and blew her sniffly nose.



Chelsea was still in bed. Her nostrils were bright red and her nose felt like it was stuffed full of cotton wool. Unfortunately for her it was actually full of runny snot and it was proving to be a messy predicament.

At some point last night her exhausted body had given out from all the sneezing and she had passed out in bed for a solid 12 hours. 

For about the last 2 hours of her sleeping she would wake up every 15 minutes to sneeze explosively before falling straight back to sleep. 

On waking up she had been left with a bit of mess to clean up and no shortage of sneezes to make more. After slipping off to grab a replacement toilet roll from the bathroom she had spent the morning blowing her nose every 5 minutes. 

"HWAAAASHOO!!" She sneezed, practically disintegrating the small wad of TP she held to her nose.

After all the mornings nose blowing her nose was chapped raw and hurt to blow, so she had taken to sniffing it back - just enough to avoid the danger of it running (no way could she sniff it clear, that was certain) - and it was manageable. Unless she sneezed. 

Her sneezes were big at the best of times but today they were small explosions - and with a nose full of cold, that was a messy experience she was finding difficult to manage.

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That morning at church had been a bit embarrassing. Paige was a regular church goer so certainly had not skipped Sunday service on account of a little cold.

She was wearing a nice little dress for church, no cardigan on account of the warm weather, so had no collar to pull up and catch her sneezes. She hated sneezing in her hands and didn't want to sneeze uncovered with so many other people in the pews around her, so had had to hold her Bible open as a shield then direct her sneezes at the ground.

"HeeShoo! HiiSchiew!!" After the fifth set of sneezes and Paige's light but constant sniffling, an older lady beside handed her a folded tissue.

"No way am I blowing my nose with so many people around", thought Paige. She took the hint though and tried her best to stop sniffling, dabbing at the drips that formed on the end of her nose every other minute, and stifling the rest of her sneezes between her thumb and forefinger.


The rest of that day Paige spent at home. "Give me a sec", she said to Poppy as she lowered her t-shirt collar and pinched her nose, SNNFF. 

"HIITCHOO!!" She sneezed, forgetting to cover the last one at all. SNNFFF.

"I'm definitely coming down with something", she said. "I've already blown by dose twice today".

"Not like Chels then", said Poppy. "She's literally gone through two whole toilet rolls in 2 days just sneezing and blowing her nose". 

"I hope we don't get that sick", Paige said, sniffling again.

"I don't even remember the last cold I caught", replied Poppy, as chirpy as usual. "Must’ve been a long time ago". 

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The next day came. Monday 7am. Chelsea's alarm was ringing, it was time to get up for class. 

SNNRRFF, her nose was still blocked like yesterday. She was in a course that took attendance and the tutor had promised an award to the student with the best attendance record. Chelsea was still in the running with a clean record, no sick days, her and 5 other girls. No way was she taking today off.

SNNNRRFF, "if only this cold wasd't so dab bessy", she said aloud. Chelsea's nose was blocked but overall she was feeling a little better. "I'll put od sobe laundry before I go". She rounded up the few used hankies that were scattered near her bed along with all the clothes that had ended up allover her floor.

Chelsea looked in the mirror. Her nose was still redder than Rudolph's. "Wow, two whole toilet rolls dowd". She slipped out her pajamas and into some blue jeans, chucks, and a white sweater. She then put her hair into a quick pony tail and put on her glasses. 

"RAASHOO!! HEHSHOO!!" She sneezed, wetly, into a t-shirt on top of her laundry pile. "SNNRRF, today's godda be bessy". Chelsea blew her nose.

"HUHSHOO!! RASHOO!!" Chelsea sneezed again. "SNNRRRFF, I've gotta do sobethig about this dose". She'd used all her hankies though, "ad besides", she thought, "I'd deed a dozed of theb to get through today".

She headed downstairs to load her laundry into the machine, stopping only briefly to blow her nose once more. Turning around in the laundry room she saw an airer hung with Mike's laundry. 

"Thadks Bike", Chelsea said to herself. A big brown men's handkerchief with a striped border was hanging amongst his clothing - obviously he'd used it last week while he had a cold.

"He gave be the cold, he cad help be deal with it" Chelsea said as she took it. "This'll last way logger thad ady of bide ad do way was a wad of tissue godda cut it today".

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Chelsea discovered, to her slight joy, that she wasn't the only sick one in her class that day. Her incessant sneezing fits on Friday in such small classrooms must have contributed a lot of cold germs to the other 10 bodies that were in her course.

In fact, all five of the other girls who were in line for the attendance award had succumbed to the common cold between Friday and now. Two of them in fact were not here today. 


Kelly had been fine all day Saturday, but over the course of Sunday she had developed a sore throat and a very runny nose. No matter how much she had sniffed, she just couldn't stop her nose from running.

"RAAASHOO!! HAAHSHOO!!" She sneezed into cupped hands. SNNNRRKK, she sniffed, snorting it right back. She wiped her messy nose on her hoody sleeve which was getting a little messy from a whole night of being used for such. 

"Do way I'b goig to class today", she said to herself. "A ruddy dose was bad edough but dow its blocked too so I cad't eved breathe". 

"HRAASHOO!! SNNNRRKK- uhhh, these dab sdeezes too. They're doing by head id".



Melissa on the other hand had known she was getting sick by the end of Friday. All throughout dinner she had had a funny taste in her mouth and now her throat was undeniably sore. She had gone out and bought a pack of throat lozenges before going to bed. 

On Saturday she'd had work. As the day went on she had been sneezing more and more. Luckily she was mostly just restocking shelves in the shoe store that day and had had limited contact with customers. During the afternoon however her nose had started to run a little from the sneezing and she was having to go out back every half an hour to blow it on a paper towel.

Her parents noticed that evening, her frequent sneezing followed by a quick trip to the living room tissue box that sat on the end table, over and over again.

"You'd best watch that cold, Melissa", her dad had said. "You don't need to be getting sick with exams coming up soon". 

She had gone to bed early that night but unfortunately woke up around 4am from a blocked nose setting in on one side. Melissa had tried to go to work again Sunday but had been sent home before lunch by her boss after he had seen her sneeze - a big wet cold sneeze - into her elbow, then hurry off to blow her nose out back with a paper towel, for the fifth time that hour. 

"You can't be serving on till in this state, and that's where I needed you this afternoon", he said. "Go home and rest up".

Melissa had gone home and taken it easy the rest of the day, making sure to sit beside the tissue box whenever possible.

Late on Sunday evening, Melissa sat watching TV in the living room. Her face filled with a pre sneeze expression, and she hastily grabbed a tissue from the box in front of her. "Hitchoo! Itchoo!" Melissa sneezed wetly into the soft, aloe infused paper. A gurgly nose blow followed.

"You're staying home from college tomorrow, young lady", was all her father had said.

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1 hour ago, CharliesGirl said:

Oooh I loooove it! 


2 hours ago, NickG1998 said:

I love this amazing story keep up the great work 


9 hours ago, M214186 said:

I absolutely love this story

What are you guys loving the most so far?

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Sarah had felt fine all day Saturday. On Sunday morning she had woken up a little tireder than usual. She slipped on some dark skinny jeans, her uniform blouse and a pair of Nike's and headed into work.

She worked from 8-3 as a waitress in a cafe. The first half hour she had been taking orders non stop and her throat was feeling a little dry. 

"I'm just grabbing a drink of water", Sarah told her boss. But the strangest thing happened, no matter how much water she drank, her throat still felt dry.

At 11.30, the lunch rush started. The entire staff were rushed off their feet, and Sarah barely had time to think. The rush continued until about 1.45, and as it progresses, Sarah began to sniffle at her nose more and more. Her throat had now begun to hurt and there was persistent dripping in the back of her nose that she just had to continue sniffling at. 

"Hitchoo!" Sarah brought her right hand hastily to cover her mouth and nose. "SNNFF SNNFF". She grabbed one of the small brown serviettes from the front counter, unfolded it and blew her nose. That feels better, she thought to herself.

Sarah spent the next hour washing dishes to recover the store from their rush, in that time she sneezed twice more, and stop once more to blow her nose on a serviette.

At 3, Sarah headed home. Once she got inside, her first stop was the tissue box to blow her sniffly nose again.

Sarah spent the rest of the evening doing homework for class tomorrow. Her nose didn't get any runnier than it already was, and she only sneezed a few more times, but she had to go grab a tissue 4 or 5 more times thought that day.



Larissa, luckily, unlike the other girls, had remained perfectly healthy and cold free over the weekend. Monday morning came however and she was certainly not feeling a million bucks. 

She certainly couldn't remember the last time she'd had a cold, but there was no doubting even after all this time, that she was down with one today.

"Ugh", she said to herself as she rolled out of bed. "By throat is so sore". She had a killer sore throat and was also very bunged up. She tried to snuffle at her nose but it was just extremely blocked not runny. 

She got dressed, headed out, and on the way to college stopped to buy a packet of throat lozenges.

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I like all the contagion, but I feel like I'm losing the plot a little. Who are these two new characters? How did they catch their colds and from whom? It seems to me like they just appeared out of nowhere. But other than that it's a great story and I look forward to more.

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