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More obs about my English teacher


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 So last week,my English teacher admitted that she wasn't feeling very well but she wasn't congested or anything,so she was probably only starting to fall ill.

Today,before entering my classroom,I saw her and heard her talk to some people. I immediately noticed that her voice sounded really stuffed up,so I thought she had a cold or something. She also looked pale and tired.

When she entered the classroom a few hours later,she said : "I'm sorry but I've been very sick,I've had the flu and I'm still getting over it. I can't hear anything as my ears are still soo plugged up".

As I've already mentioned,she sounded like her nose was sooo stuffy and I hoped she would sneeze,since she was constantly rubbing her nose (as it was probably very tickly) but,sadly,she didn't (😩😩).

She did sniffle very lightly a couple of times,though.

I'm meeting her again tomorrow,I'll keep you updated. 



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Update :  

Today I met her again but (sadly) nothing much happened.

She sounded like her nose was still stuffed up and she complained about the fact that she hasn't managed to get over the illness yet.

She said : "I still have a cold,my right ear is completely clogged and I can't hear anything,I know I should see a doctor but I have no time whatsoever!".

Sadly,she didn't sneeze nor sniffle,even though she did rub her nose once/twice,I suppose. 


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So,it's been more than a week now and she's completely recovered from her cold/clogged ears.

Btw,I remembered something.

The day before she admitted she was not well,while I was having a test I noticed that she was always clearing her throat,as if it were a bit sore,so I thought : "Mmhhh,I suppose she might be getting  sick" and she was indeed!

Furthermore,whilst talking about her illness when she had already caught it,she said something along the lines of : "At first this cold had settled in my throat,then it moved up to my nose and last,but not least,to my ears,blocking them up".

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