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so apparently lycanthropes are allergic to wolfsbane…


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Hey everyone, this is the same character from my former post (https://www.sneezefetishforum.com/topic/76722-pretty-girl-in-my-math-class/), although this one goes a bit more into her character. Obviously it doesn't take place in the real world :) Just want to let y'all know it has a bit of a mess. Hope you enjoy.

There have been rumors going around that A has lycanthropy. It’s an incredibly rare disorder where those who have it transform into wolves when severely distressed. I assume it’s some extreme fight or flight response. Whatever it is, it’s really dangerous. Most lycanthropes are homeschooled to avoid hurting others during their episodes. Since A is able to go to school, she probably has a fair amount of control over her transformations (although she does miss school quite frequently). Despite this, lycanthropy is highly stigmatized and the rumors about A are damaging to her reputation. 


About after a week that the rumors had been circulating, some girls in our history class decided it would be cool to leave a “reminder” on A’s desk. Adorable. So today, before A gets into class, they place a bouquet of wolfsbane on her desk. Since the dark violet flowers are actually very pretty, our teacher probably won’t pick up on any malice. However, in folklore wolfsbane is used to repel or even poison werewolves, so the flowers are not only a reminder of the rumors, but also let A know that she’s unwelcome. Those dumb girls put a lot of effort into doing this. Wolfsbane isn’t only rare but also poisonous to normal people. They had to wear vinyl gloves to place it on her desk. Was all this effort really worth it? You tell me.


So anyway, A finally comes into class. She stops short when she sees the wolfsbane on her desk, and I see her pale eyes widen ever so slightly. She obviously recognizes the plant. Without a word, she picks it up (with her bare hands?!) and throws it in the trash before washing them at the sink near the door. She sits down silently at her desk and I catch a glimpse of her face. Although she rarely smiles (or has any facial expression whatsoever), I see a distinct frown. She knows exactly what’s going on. And the class knows that something’s definitely up with her. No regular person can pick up wolfsbane without getting poisoned.


As soon as she gets back in her desk, A ducks her head down and rubs her nose. The girls in the back are eyeing her like a hawk but quickly turn toward the board as the teacher enters. As he starts speaking, she rubs her nose again, harder this time. Her nostrils twitch slightly. Suddenly I wonder…are lycanthropes allergic to wolfsbane? Is that even possible?


The lesson is repeatedly interrupted by her sniffles, which get thicker and more congested the longer class goes on. 


I’m zoning out when a medium-quiet “heh’tsssh!” brings me back to reality. I turn just in time to see A straighten up and move her cupped hand down from her face. Her nose is now red and irritated, and her nostrils are trembling. She ducks her head lower than before, itching her nose much harder now. She only manages to hold it off for about a minute before giving a soft gasp. 

Her brow furrows before her head jerks forward with a set of two sneezes so close together, it almost sounds like one:




A catches them in her hand, but they sound wet and nasty.


She looks absolutely miserable afterward and sniffles wetly before trying to subtly clean her hand on her jeans. But after just a few seconds she sniffs again before:


Heh-tsshh! heh-SSSCH!” “He-heh-SSSCHH!”


She tries to muffle them in her elbow but they’re pretty noticeable. The girls snicker and nudge each other as A gets up and makes her way to the door. She’s a few paces away when she doubles over with a violent sneeze:




I assume the sneeze caught her off guard because she doesn’t even attempt to cover, just lurches toward the ground. Since A’s such a shy person, I know she’s got zero control over her allergy fit. The girls watch her, the laughter slowly leaking out from their faces to be replaced by an almost fearful look. Will she transform?


But A doesn’t. Just leaves the class without a word. But she doesn’t return for two weeks after.



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