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I saw this lovely little thing and wanted to make our version of this. please read the original, it's so cute. 

This is also based on the "Ultimate Spiderman" cartoon. 


Luke never did like thunder ever since he lost his parents. It had stormed that night and now every time he heard thunder he had nightmares. Danny found out the third day they'd known each other. Luke's arura had been off and Danny had been worried, and when Luke told him, Danny began to bring him tea, hot cocoa, or something sweet to calm him. At first, they just sat there talking, then they watched movies, and now that they were a couple, Danny sometimes distracted him with kisses. Now after a few years of the routine, the lightning turned into a happier memory; a good excuse to get cuddled close and have Danny comfort him. 

Now Luke was looking out the window of the helicarrier (SHIELD's floating bass of operations and agent housing) and watched the storm clouds come in, smiling to himself. He walked back to his room and took a shower before getting ready for Danny. He was thinking they could watch a bad karate movie and get Danny to critique it. He loved watching Danny winced at the horrible technique or when he would demonstrate the proper way. Luke found it incredibly hot and he would find himself completely lost to the world around him, entirely focused on Danny. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door open and the sound of two mugs gently being set on the nightstand.

Without turning around from his movie collection he spoke to Danny, "Hey, you up for some-" 


Luke heard the suppressed sneeze and frowned, finally turning around and noticed Danny's face was buried in his elbow, "you ok?" 

"Forgive me," he put his arm down and blushed, "I did not mean to interrupt." 

"Movies," Luke lazily waved the movie in his hand, "was just gonna ask if you wanted to watch some movies." He watched Danny for a moment before walking over to him and wrapping his arms around him, "your eyes look a little red, what's wrong?" 

"I-" he swallowed and looked away, blushing, "Ava's cat escaped while getting an examination from the vet on board, and I helped her find him."  He wiggled his nose, "I took my medicine, but I am still.." He got a faraway look and gently pushed Luke away so he could get his arm up, "gyitsch!-iew." 

Luke's eye widened and he was suddenly taking both of Danny's hands and pushing up the sleeves to see if he had any hives, "You're taking a shower." 

"I already did," he moved Luke's hand up to his hair and let him feel the dampness, "I am sorry, I am not very comforting at present." 

"babe," Luke kissed him, "you're always comforting. I'm just worried you're uncomfortable." 

"I am comfortable," he wiggled his nose again, "I will try to be quiet-" 

"shut up," Luke rolled his eyes and pushed a lock Danny's hair behind his ear, "You know I only make you watch them so I can watch you show off, right?" 

Danny's nose chose a good moment to be itchy again and he rubbed his nose to hide the blush, "Itsch!..hihh...yitsch!" 

"regretting helping Ava with her cat?" 

"All life is sacred. I did not wish for her cat to get hurt wandering around." 

"Why can't you just hate cats? It would stop you from being miserable."

"Hatred is weakness and I am not miserable." 

"you're pink nose says otherwise," Luke kissed it and watched his nose twitch, "aw, gonna sneeze?" 

Danny lightly hit his arm before twisting to the side and sneezing uncovered towards the ground, "huuuhh-Gyitsch!-shew." 

"You're so cute," Luke easily picked him up and laid him down in bed, "Do you need anything before I crawl in with you?" 

A lightning bolt flashed across the window and Luke jumped slightly before going to close the curtain, "Doesn't it freak you-AH!" The thunder came and Luke literally jumped onto the bed and let Danny pull him closer, "I wasn't actually scared-"

"Admitting fear is the first step in conquering fear." 

"fine.. I was scared... a little." he sighed, "this really doesn't freak you out?"

"No, it does not frighten me. We had many storms in K'un L'un and I had less... fewer accommodations than this," He gently rubbed his side, "He who fears something, gives it power of him." 

"yeah, I know," he leaned back against him, "I need to chill out." 

"Would you like to meditate for a minute? get your heart rate down?" Danny kissed his temple. 

"Think I'd rather watch the movie and hold you." 

"as you wish," Danny let go and got out of bed to put the movie in, "get in bed." 

Luke did as he was told and took off his shirt while Danny wasn't looking. He tended to run hot and had a hard time sleeping in clothes, but he also wanted to please Danny. He watched Danny fiddle with the tv before he paused completely and turned slightly, waiting for something, then lifted his elbow up in two silent sneezes. Luke just frowned but didn't say anything, not wanting Danny to say he was fine

once Danny got the movie ready, he came back and crawled into bed, leaning against Luke's chest, letting his hand wander his chest after giving Luke the remote, "I brought you tea." He saw that the storm was going to be nasty and was hoping Luke would be fast asleep by the time he noticed. 

"oh, thanks," he looked over at it and gently picked up his mug, "Danny, what did you mean when you said you had 'fewer accommodations' in K'un L'un?" 

Danny was going to answer but his nose itched again and he gently put a finger up, letting Luke know he'd answer in a second, "hih... itschiew!" he sighed and rubbed his nose, "Sorry." 

"you don't have to warn me, I can feel your breathing change," Luke kissed his head before sipping his tea, "Bless you, though." 

"Thank you," Danny took a moment to compose himself before answering, "We trained regardless of the weather. I still feel the chill in my chest when we have storms here."

"so storms do bother you." 

"no," he cleared his throat, "It is a strangely calming feeling. While the training might have seemed brutal, It made me stronger. It reminds me of what I've become, how far I've come from the lost child."

"oh," Luke nodded slowly and just stared at Danny for a bit, watching his chest rise and fall, the Dragon tattoo almost looked like it was alive.

"Luke?" he slowly sat up and put a hand on his chest, suddenly looking a little uncomfortable, "Do you still have my inhaler in your drawer?"

Luke almost dropped the tea, but Danny caught the mug with a sympathetic expression. Jeez, he was still comforting Luke even when his lungs were acting up. He quickly grabbed the inhaler from his drawer and shook it before handing it to Danny and watching him take a few pumps before relaxing. Danny's cat allergy sometimes made him wheeze when exposed long enough. 

"Thank you," Danny coughed slightly into his arm and leaned back into Luke.

"You were with the cat longer than you said," he raised a brow, "You don't wheeze after a catch and release." 

Danny furrowed his brow and shook his head, "Ava say me in the hall and asked me to help find her cat. I was only with the cat for a few seconds." 

"they why are you wheezing?"

"Perhaps my allergy is growing more serious." he rubbed his throat, "or I am getting sick?" 

Luke put a hand on his forehead, then realized he wouldn't be able to feel a fever with his impenetrable skin, "Let me get a thermometer, and you're spending the night. Don't want you waking up alone if you can't breathe." 

Danny just nodded and watched him go. When he came back, Danny noticed he didn't even flinch when another wave of thunder came. 

"Ran into Coulson when I went to the med bay. He says you should take some Benadryl too, just in case."

Danny took the water from Luke and took the medicine before letting him slip the thermometer under his tongue. 

Luke gently reached out and put his hand under his chin, tilting his head up, and gently caressed his cheek with his thumb, "You didn't have to come take care of me if you weren't feeling well." 

Danny gave him a look that told him there's nowhere else he'd rather be.

"How do you do that?" Luke took the thermometer, "saying a million things without speaking." he sighed and looked at the temperature, "yeah, you have a fever, 100.1" 


"don't be," Luke got back into bed and held him again, "this time I get to take care of you." he kissed his temple and reached over to give Danny the other teacup, "just get some rest." 

"You are not worried about the storm?"

Luke snuck a quick kiss on the lips, "nah, I got you, that's all I need." 

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OMG!!! :jawdrop:  :jawdrop: this is so good! I really love this. Thank you so much for writing this. 😍😍😍Hope you continue this or write more Iron Fist fanfics.


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On 2/10/2020 at 12:39 AM, Zane said:

OMG!!! :jawdrop:  :jawdrop: this is so good! I really love this. Thank you so much for writing this. 😍😍😍Hope you continue this or write more Iron Fist fanfics.


AHHH! Thank you so much! XOXO Thank you for reading! I shall continue and am taking requests! 🤗😍😘

Where Luke is Jealous of Shang Chi when he comes to town and takes a bit too much care in Danny Rand.

The Jealousy of Luke Cage

Luke and Danny were walking down the streets of New York when a familiar face caught Danny's eye, "Shang?" His face lit up as soon as the guy turned around and quickly walked over to hug to man, who also seemed just as happy to see him.

"Daniel!" Shang Chi hugged him before grabbing his hand and squeezing, then moving forward, chest-bumping, stepping away and doing some kind of hand clap/slap that turned into both of them flipping backward that ended with a high kick only inches from each other's face, then hugging him again.

A light bulb went off in Luke's head as he watched the KungFu secret handshake unfold, "So you're Shang Chi, Danny's told me a lot about you." He tried to look friendly, but he didn't like how touchy he was getting with his man.

"We were friends in K'un Lun." Shang smiled up at Luke, "I had the honor of watching his Iron Fist ceremony." 

"This kid is the Master of KungFu, you should really see him fight," Danny finally looked over at Luke and noticed Luke was uncomfortable but didn't say anything, "What brings you to New York?" 

"You, actually," he laughed slightly, "the letters you sent me, I thought I should see the world for myself."

"they let you go?" 

"yes, they believe it will help me in my studies," Shang finally looked down at Danny's hand and noticed the red blotches on his skin, "Danny, what's wrong?" 

Danny looked confused for a second and blushed, "yeah... Had a run-in with a cat..."

"You must be more careful," he put a hand on Danny's forehead and seemed to relax, "come inside with me. I have brought supplies from K'un Lun that will help." 

Before Luke could protest, he was being dragged by Danny into the hotel and up the elevator, "What are you gonna do?" 

"Herb solvent," Shang showed them to his room and unlocked the door, "we put it on burns and rashes, it helps the skin heal. I promise it is all-natural." 

Danny squeezed Luke's hand and sat down on the couch with him while Shang went to get the supplies.

Once he was gone he looked at Luke and frowned, "You're upset."

Luke felt guilty for being jealous when Shang had given him no reason to be, "Nah, I just don't like the idea of putting somethin' on you I don't recognize." 

Danny smiled, "I do, I've used it a few times, even made it here when I first arrived. When I first got my dragon mark on my chest, it burned. It was honestly not a pretty sight," Danny unconsciously touched his chest, "Shang put that on my chest and stayed with me until me fever went away." 

"You got sick?" The concern was evident in his voice.

"It was my body adjusting to the new power," Danny nodded, "It didn't last long, but he really helped me." 

Luke nodded and watched Shang come back in with a bowl and gauze. Obviously this guy meant a lot to Danny, and as long as he was helping him, he could choke down his feelings. This was someone who knew what Danny had gone through in ways Luke could never. It wasn't like Danny fancied the guy, he was just a friend.

Shang sat down and gently took his hand and rolled up his sleeves, "What is with cats attacking you?" 

"It's not their fault," he looked down, "It was scared." 

Shang just smiled and started massaging the cream into Danny's spotted skin. 

Luke watched him work, starting to feel his stomach churn as he watched him expertly massage his hand. As far as he was concerned, he was the only one allowed to massage Danny, "you don't have to do this, I can put it on." 

"It is no bother," Shang didn't look up, "It is familiar. I spent my time as a healer when I was not training in Kung Fu. I rather miss it." 

Danny wasn't paying much attention, focusing on the feeling and resting against Luke. 

Luke would have been angry, but the way Danny leaned against him and look calm made him feel silly about being Jealous. Even though Shang was holding his hand, Danny still searched for comfort from him. 


Several days have past and Luke had almost completely forgotten about Shang Chi. Danny had woken up with a fever and aches. Of course he didn't tell Luke any of this and tried to continue as normal until Luke found him in the kitchen staring at a bowl and seemed to be unable to look away.

 "Fist?" Luke walked slowly towards him, brows furrowed, "Hey, you ok?" 

Danny slowly looked over and blinked at him for a moment before straightening up, wincing a bit, "yeah, 'm fine." 

"yeah? well you don't look it." 

"rude," He teased and took a step back from the counter, only for his knees to go weak.

Luke quickly caught him before he could hurt himself and picked him up, "What's wrong?" 

Danny tried to push away, turning his face so he wasn't breathing on him, "sick." 

Luke's eyebrows shot up, "You got a fever?" 


"why didn't you say anything?"

"Didn't want to bother you," He noticed Luke's face and blushed, "also didn't want to get you sick." 


"Kinda hoping you wouldn't notice." 

"babe, how many times am I gonna have to tell you that I want to take care of you?" 

"Every time?" he slowly moved back into Luke's chest, "probably never learn."

He just rolled his eyes, "you're staying in bed while I make you some soup, ok?" 

"Thank you," he sniffed and wrapped his arms around himself.

"How bad?" 

"Just cold," he rubbed his eyes, "and... my body kinda hurts." 

"kind of hurts or are you downplaying your symptoms so I don't worry?"

"remember the last time I got sick you called the night nurse and told her I was dying?"

Luke blushed, "fine, i admit I over reacted a bit."

"I love that you care, but I promise i'm not dying. Probable have the flu or just a fever."

"flu's pretty serious," Luke set him down in bed and tucked him in before kissing his forehead, "you feel hot." 


"oh, right," Luke went into the bathroom and grabbed two different thermometers, one that touches the forehead and reads it, the other one goes under his tongue.

"Needed a second opinion?" 

"yup," he tapped it to his forehead and frowned, "101.2, definitely have a fever. No wonder you were staring at the bowl." 

"Was trying to get myself to move my legs."

"Not helping your 'i'm fine' case," 

Danny slipped the thermometer under his tongue and closed his eyes as he waited. Luke sat down on the bed and absently ran his fingers through Danny's hair as he watched the thermometer rise. 

Suddenly Danny's brows furrowed and he quickly moved from Luke and into his elbow, "Henng-Yuh.." Danny tried to stifle into his elbow without loosing the thermometer, but it was already slipping out as he hitched for the second sneeze, "hiih..Yitsch'hiew!" 

Luke tried not to laugh and gently picked up the thermometer, "you done?" 

"maybe?" he rubbed his nose and sniffed, then shook his head, "hah-Schiew! iihh-Gyitschiew!" 

Luke pouted and rubbed his back as he collected himself. He noticed Danny's eyes were watering and his nose was still twitching. No matter how much rubbing Danny did, the tickle didn't want to come out. Out of pure sympathy, he reached over and gently ran the thermometer down the bridge of Danny's nose, until Danny turned away to sneeze again. 

"huh'YEAH!hoo... oh gods.." he rubbed his chest as he coughed, "that felt good." 

Luke did actually laugh at that as he crawled into bed and gathered Danny in his arms, "Could you please get some rest before you sneeze your nose off?" 

"hm.. i'll try," he wiggled his nose and quickly fell back asleep against Luke. 

Luke was pretty content with today when he noticed Danny's phone buzzed on the table. normally he wouldn't look, but considering he knew most of Danny's contacts and Danny let Luke answer his phone anyways when he was busy, he grabbed it and opened the message. It was from Shang.

-Hey Danny, are you and your friend free for lunch? perhaps you can show me that restaurant you told me about? my treat.- 

"friend?" Luke whispered and glared at the phone. Feeling a little snippy, he answered back as himself, as even in his jealous mood he didn't want anyone to think he was Danny. Danny was too nice to be so frank. 

-This is Luke. His boyfriend. Danny's got the flu, and is stuck in bed.- 

he debated sending it as it, but stopped himself and remembered that this guy meant a lot to Danny, so he added:

-some other time, maybe.-

He did not expect an instant response

-How is he?-

Luke felt a little guilty for not liking this guy. He obviously really cared for Danny.

-has a fever, and told me's aching. he'll be fine in a few days, but really needs to stay in bed.-

The message he received made his heart clench.

-oh no. Does his chest ache? Theres an old rumour in K'un Lun that the chest is more sensitive to illness after being chosen. But i'm sure he's reluctant to say anything. I'm surprised he told you he was sick. I couldn't get him to say his chest hurt when he was burned. -

Luke quickly pulled down Danny's shirt and touched his chest, just towards the top of the tattoo. He wasn't sure what he was expecting to feel. it's not like he could feel his chest ache. 

Danny opened his eyes and looked down at Luke's hand, "watcha doin'?" 

"sorry," Luke pulled his hand out and shook his head, "does it hurt?" 

"my tattoo?"

"your chest." 

"oh..." Danny coughed a bit into his fist and nodded, "only if i breathe too deep." 

"Danny, that's not good." 

"it's not my lungs," Danny took Luke's hand and had his feel his chest rise and fall, "the area around the tattoo just aches more than other muscles." He noticed Luke had his phone, "did someone call?" 

"uh ,texted, yeah," he handed Danny the phone, "told them you were sick."

"oh, Shang," he scrunched up his nose and rubbed, "wonder if he brought spices for soup." 


"There's this recipe for soup that the elders gave me when i first got the iron fist. it's to help with the aching, but I can't get most of the ingredients here."

"oh... ok," Luke looked down at the phone for a moment before swallowing his pride for the 4th time this week, "ask him." 

"Are you sure?" Danny looked up at him, brows furrowed, "I don't really need it." 

"yeah you do, now text him before I do," Luke kissed his head, "I just want you to feel better." 

Danny sent a quick text:

-Hey, did you happen to bring any herbs from home?-

-Of course I did. Want me to make you that soup?-

Danny paused, unsure of what to do.

Luke took the phone and sent: "yes, please. Thank you."


Luke opened the door for Shang and led him to the kitchen, "thanks, man. Really appreciate it." 

"uhuh," Shang put the container down and looked at Luke, "You do not like me." 

"nah man, it's not like that," Luke rubbed his face, "I'm sorry-" 

"I have no interest in Danny other than friendship," Shang poured some into a bowl, "You are the love of his life. I saw that the first second I saw you two together. I have never seen him that happy." He grabbed a spoon before beginning the walk to the bedroom, "that being said. If you hurt him-"

"yeah yeah, you'll kill me." 

"no," Shang chuckled, "all of K'un Lun will." 

Luke actually paused, taken aback, but shook it off and followed him into the room.

Danny was fast asleep, looking peaceful, his left hand gently laying on his chest. Neither of them wanted to wake him so they watched idly by and smiled. 

Danny felt their presence in the room and slowly rose to consciousness, but did not open his eyes, "Why are you watching me sleep?" 

"Because you're so damn cute," Luke chuckled and sat down on the bed by Danny's legs.

"'s creepy," he coughed lightly into the pillow before opening his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Shang slowly approached with a bowl of soup.

"i'm ok," he looked between the two of them and instantly noticed the previous tension had lessened, "did I miss something?" 

"nope," Luke fixed the blankets around Danny and kept his eyes down.

"uhuh," Danny didn't believe him but was just happy to see they were finally getting along.  

Shang stopped just shy of the bed and held the soup. He noticed a slightly change in Danny's breathing and waited for the inevitable. 

Luke noticed Shang stop and raised a brow, unaware of what Shang was waiting for. 

Danny suddenly ducked into his elbow and away from both of them with poorly suppressed sneezes, "ung-Kiew! hih... Etsch!-nhuh..." 

Oh, so that's what he was waiting for, Luke thought. Shang really should teach him how to do that.

The coughing that followed the sneezes made both of them frown, and Shang slowly, unsurely, began to rub Danny's back. When the coughing didn't seem to end, Shang put the soup down and reached around to place a few fingers on specific points of Danny's Dragon. almost immediately Danny's coughing started to slow and he started to breathe normally again, but his face was scrunched up in pain.

"Forgive me, Daniel, but you needed air." 

"forgive him for what?" Luke rubbed Danny's leg and watched with concern as Danny moved Shang's fingers from his chest.

"The dragon is..sensitive.. pressure points," Danny was a bit out of breathe.

"So that hurt?" Luke gestured to his own chest, "and that pain helped you breathe?" this all made no sense to Luke.

"yes," Shang put the soup in Danny's hands, "the pain forced him to breathe deeply and stop the unhelpful spasms." 

Danny slowly began to eat and kept his eyes downcast, feeling unbalanced.

"fist, You good?" Luke moved closer so he could take the bowl from Danny if he needed to.

Shang knelt down and searched Danny's face for what ailed him, but he could not see it.

Luke sighed and took the bowl, then touched his forehead, "You're fever's back up so i'm guessing you're getting dizzy." 

Danny only nodded and leaned into Luke's hand.

"ok, lay back down and try to sleep. We can try soup again later." 

Shang was surprised at how well Luke read Danny and smiled a bit despite himself. When he first came here he found it difficult to adjust to how loud the word was and it gave him comfort to see his dear friend had no only found peace among the noise, but someone who understood and helped block it out. 

Once Danny was back asleep, Luke and Shang moved back to the kitchen.

"How did you know he was dizzy?" Shang sat crosslegged on the couch and watched Luke put the remaining soup away.

"He has a hard time talking when he's dizzy," Luke shrugged and leaned against the counter, "He's kinda oblivious to the world when he can't see straight." 

"ah," Shang should have guessed, "much harder to block the noise when you are unbalanced." 

"Sure...How did you know about the pressure points?"

"I was a healer, like i said, and my mentors spoke of the previous Iron Fists having the same points."

"So that was the first time you've tried it?" 

"Yes," he blushed slightly, "I could not think of any other way to make him breathe."

"yeah," Luke sat down by him, "He misses you." 

"and I, him," he smiled slightly, "I understand that.. it is not common place here to touch as freely as we have, and i am sorry if I have overstepped."

"you didn't," Luke rubbed his face, "Danny needs all the affection he can get. i'm just..."

"jealous?" he raised an eyebrow, "you have nothing to be jealous of, I am just a friend and do see Danny as anything... romantic."

"yeah, I know. He doesn't either, but I can't talk to Danny like you can. You get him in a way I don't." 

"I know of K'un Lun, but that is all," He took Luke's hand, ignoring the slight surprise in the larger one's face, "You understand him better than I could ever and you also have his trust, loyalty, and love. He does not expect you to understand his past anymore than you expect that of him, but you listen and so does he. That is all anyone could ask for."

"Does K'un Lun breed fortune cookies?" he said it more to himself than to Shang.

"We are trained under the wisest monks, it would be a loss if we did not share their wisdom." Shang let go of his hand, "Go be with Danny. He does not seek comfort with me. I leave for K'un Lun tomorrow. May I say my goodbyes before I go?" 

"If you don't come for breakfast, I'm pretty sure you'll break his heart." 

"and what a tragedy that would be."

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Luke noticed something was off with Danny the moment he sneezed three times. Jessica kept saying he was overreacting, maybe there was dust, or he got pepper up his nose, but Luke was certain Danny only sneezed more than twice when he was coming down with something. Of course, there were exceptions, like when there's a cat nearby or he's induced for a while, but none of that happened. They were just sitting eating take out when Danny suddenly excused himself from their spot together on the couch and went to the bathroom. Danny wasn't a loud sneezer, but the apartment was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop, and Luke was really paying attention. 

Now Luke was certain Danny was fighting a cold the next day when he woke up to find Danny doing meditation in the living room or at least trying to. The incense was tickling his already sensitive nose and was now banished into another room. Luke hadn't been awake for that part, but he did deduce it when he walked in and saw Danny's nose looked irritated and the incense was nowhere in sight, but still scented that air. He knew not to disturb Danny while he's meditating, as startling him could disrupt his chi or something. So instead he just sat down on the couch silently and watched him.

Danny's nose twitched and suddenly his arms moved to cover, "Heh'ITSCh!" he bent forward violently, and his body started to move from their previously pretzeled form to lessen possible injury as he lost control, "Ih'hitsch! hiih...ah-SChiew!" 

"bless you," Luke noticed Danny didn't start and seemed to just relax, "you knew I was here?" 

"Yeah," his voice sounded a little rough, "I always know when you're up." 

"you don't sound good," Luke slowly moved to sit next to him on the floor, "you sick?" 

"maybe.. just a little," he sniffed and brought his knees to his chest, "did my sneezing wake you up?" 

"no," he kissed his head, "but you sound exhausted. How long have you been up?" 

"I don't know, what time is it?" he glanced up at the clock on the wall.

This was the first chance Luke had to see Danny's face so far, and he could clearly see dark circles under his eyes, pink nose, and his eyes were half-lidded, "you should go back to bed."

Danny blushed and bowed his head so Luke couldn't see his face from behind his hair, "it's just a cold, I'll be ok." 

"At least take a nap while I make breakfast?" He reached out and pushed hair out of Danny's face, "you've got to be in pain." 

"'m not," he said a bit too fast for Luke to believe him, "really, I don't have a fever. That's when things actually hurt."

He sighed, "it's gonna rain all day, I don't want you goin' out in this shit. Can we just take a day and let me take care of you?" 

"as much as that would be nice," he rested his cheek on his knees and looked at Luke, "we promised we'd meet Hogarth to go over financials." 

"yeah, like Hogarth wants to see your germ ridden face, right now," Luke raised a brow, "we can see them when you're feeling better."

"And what about Matt?" his nose was already starting to twitch, "we pr-huh..." his hand came up to scrub his nose as he straightened up, "hiih-Ah!schiew-schiew!..uhh...tchEW!"

"you're going back to bed. Matt and Hogarth can wait."

"ok," Danny let out a small cough before slowly standing up and yawning into his fist.

"aww, poor baby," Luke wrapped him in a hug and peppered his face with kisses only for Danny to giggle and burry his face further into Luke's chest. 

"are you gonna call them?" 

"Yeah, after I get you to bed and take some medicine."

"Do we even have medicine?" 

"if not, I'll go get some." He picked Danny up and carried him to bed, smiling when Danny was already starting to nod off in his arms. 


Around the late afternoon, Luke got a frantic call from Matt saying he needed them to meet him at this warehouse then suddenly hung up. He tried to put on his clothes and not wake up Danny, but Danny's sleeps light. In the end, the two of them were dressed and catching a cab to take them to the area. Luckily the rain and stopped and Danny seemed ok enough to fight. 

Matt met them outside and instantly knew something was wrong with Danny. He could smell it, but he was so desperate for backup that he didn't dare say anything. After giving them what he knew about the people inside, they burst in. Matt had expected ten ninja's tops, but it ended up being about fifteen. not terrible odds, but not great either. 

Danny was holding his own and if you didn't know him personally, you wouldn't have noticed anything was wrong with him. 

Matt could hear Danny's elevated heartbeat, the slight rattle in his breathing, and the occasional soft sniffle, all things that made him regret asking Danny to come to help him when he was so clearly unwell. 

Luke was taking no prisoners and was throwing and punching Ninja's left and right until he finished his load and went to help Danny, only to find that Danny was alone, standing around a pile of passed out ninjas, "huh.. that it?" 

"yeah," Matt looked worse for wear, having gotten hit a few more times than the others, "Don't look at me like that. I don't fight ninjas." 

"You can't even see the way I'm lookin' at you- ow" Danny had punched Luke, "What?! I wasn't judging." 

"I could hear you look me up," Matt smirked, "I'm fine." He walked over to what they were hiding, "we should phone a tip to the police-" 

"Engxt-" Danny tried to stifle into his elbow, but knew Matt definitely heard it, "sorry.." 

"bless you," Matt heard Luke slip an arm around Danny, "I should be apologizing. I would not have called-"

"didn't exactly give me a chance to say he was."

"Guess I didn't," he could hear Luke rubbing Danny back and had a feeling Danny wasn't exactly paying attention anymore, considering his breathing was changing again, "Bless you."

Danny let out a small cough before pinching his nose for two more silent sneezes, "ugh.. thanks." 

"You sound terrible," Matt actually wanted to kick himself for bringing Danny out in this weather, "you two should catch a cab before the sky opens up a- oh.." He heard the first sets of droplets on the roof, "nevermind." 

Luke looked out the window and didn't see any rain, "what do you- fuck." The rain started to hit the window, "Yeah, no way in hell Danny's goin' out in that." 

"We can't exactly stay here for the cops," Danny felt the cold air from the wind come through the warehouse and shivered against Luke.

"you'll get pneumonia if we don't get you home." 

"We could walk to the subway?" Danny pulled out their clothes from under a crate, "maybe the rain will pass by the time we reach our stops? and it's only drizzling now." 

"Might be our best shot," Luke let go of him to start putting on his civvies over his uniform, "hurry up." 

They all grabbed their clothes and ran to the subway, only slightly wet when they were finally down and they were all very grateful for that. Danny tried to keep his cold under control as to not make anyone uncomfortable or draw attention to themselves. Luke kept hold of Danny's hand and occasionally held him around the waist hoping to give him some sort of comfort. Matt stayed on Danny's other side and kept a hand on his shoulder so others thought they were just helping a blind man through, but Matt also wanted to comfort Danny. 

Danny didn't tell either of them, but the aura's of the people around them were starting to make him feel nauseous. He closed his eyes and put his face in Luke's shoulder. Suddenly a Lady sat in front of them on the tram and Danny suddenly squeezed Luke's hand hard.

Luke quickly looked over at him when his hand was squeezed and noticed Danny was pale and obviously trying to stop something. He moved so he was shielding people from Danny and moved closer so he could kiss Danny's forehead, whispering, "what's wrong?"

Matt was listening to Danny's labored breathing was getting worried he was going to faint.

"She's terrified."

"who?" Luke looked at the girl sitting alone then turned back to Danny, "are you feeling her emotions." 

"they're so strong...I can't push them all away," Danny was now leaning heavily on Luke and sweating, "There are people on this train she's afraid of... I can't distinguish who.. there's so much anger here.. and lust.. and.. sadness.." 

"Subway was a bad idea," Luke made Danny sit down and sat with him, Matt on the other side after the people who previously sat there left.

"Are you saying you think someone's trying to hurt that girl," Matt listened and heard a few men in the far left talk about her, "they do not have good intentions."

"oh no," Luke glared at Matt but knew he couldn't see it, "Danny's in no condition for this and we can't exactly pick a fight on a train."

"I planned for neither." Matt stood up and walked over, "I'm sorry, my dear," He blindly looked for the pole with his stick, "Forgive me, I smell perfume. I can only assume there is a woman near?" he sounded terribly innocent.

"y..yes," the girl looked up at Matt.

"ah, hello," He found the pole and held it, "My friends and I are leaving on different spots, and I was wondering if perhaps you were getting off on mine? I'm terribly clumsy and I might need some assistance getting back up top." 

"Oh, I'm off next stop," the girl stood up, "is that yours."

"yes, it is," he smiled, "would you assist me?"

"I'd love to," she took the hand he offered her and smiled, "I'm Madeline."

"I'm Matt." He could hear her heart rate increase a bit, "Is something wrong?" 

"um, no," she shook her head then looked at the two guys behind him, "who are your friends?" 

Matt could hear the concern in her voice and assumed she's looking at Danny, "That is Danny and Luke. The one that was closer to where I sat is Danny." 

"is Danny ok?" 

"yes," Matt listened to Danny's breathing, "He gets motion sick very easily." 

"poor thing," She frowned then noticed Luke's arms were around him, keeping him close and safe, "you're friends make a very cute couple." 

Danny smiled, "Thanks." 

Luke made a show of kissing Danny's forehead and smiled when Danny made a small happy noise. 

The girl blushed and looked down, "our stop is coming up, brace yourself." 

Matt was well aware but made a show of doing so, "After you. Feel better Daniel." He escorted the girl safely out of the station, even though that was not his stop, but that didn't matter.

Danny relaxed significantly when the girl was safe and leaned back into Luke until their stop.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't let up and they were going to have to run in the rain for five blocks until they were home. When they finally made it to the apartment, Danny threw up in the alleyway and practically coughed up a lung. Luke stooped hopelessly beside him and rubbed his back, wishing he could do anything to stop this. Danny was shaking like a leaf when he was done and Luke had to catch him as his knees gave in and he collapsed.

"Danny!" the smaller boy was limp in his arms, but conscious, "I'm carrying you up, you can't stand." 

Danny nodded and let him pick him up and gave him the keys to get in. His skin itched as the wet clothes stuck to his skin, "Luke?" 

"hm?" He opened the door to their apartment and locked it behind them before moving quickly towards the bathroom to run Danny a bath.

"I'm really cold." 

"I know, I'm gonna get you warm soon, ok." 

"k," Danny's teeth were chattering and his hands turned a bluish color.

Luke gently sat him down in bed while he ran the bath, "can you get your clothes off?" 

"yeah," Danny sat up and slowly began to strip, but his shaky hands made it hard for him to peel off his iron fist suit.

Luke's heart sank and he quickly walked over and peeled off the outfit before helping him stand and walk over to the tub. 

Danny hissed slightly as he got in the tub but sighed as he finally got settled and enjoyed the heat. Soon luke joined in behind him and held him close to his chest as he slowly started to wash Danny's body.

Danny lazily moved Luke's hand away from his chest as he geared up for another sneeze, hand barely lifting to cover, "hitsch! hih...tTScsh! hih-Itsch!" 

Luke could see the spray on the back of Danny's hand and gently kissed the back of his head, "bless," he kissed his shoulder, "you're exhausted," he started kissing his neck.

"Hmm, that feels nice," he cleared his throat and shivered, "really tired.." 

"ok, let's get you warmed up, then we can go take a nap, ok?" he put his hand back on his chest, "we'll get some extra blankets and we can stay in bed all day tomorrow while you get better, ok?" 

"I love you." Danny moved and cuddled into his chest.

Luke kissed him softly, "I know." he saw Danny's little pout and kissed him again, "I love you too."


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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I think you killed me!! :dead: Ok I absolutely love this!!!! :wubsmiley: I mean really! :jawdrop: :jawdrop: You do such a wonderful job getting the characters down and the stories are just lovely.😍😍😍 Honestly I’m a little bit of a bigger fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man ones, I haven’t seen much of Defenders yet ( I need to get back into it lol) 😅 but I love all of these stories you’ve written. And I absolutely love the Danny/Luke ship. Lol 😂 Anyway.....before I go off topic again 😁 I just want to say that I’m so looking forward to what you come up with next. I’m always up for allergic/sick Danny. 😉🥰🥰🥰🥰

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On 2/20/2020 at 1:12 AM, Zane said:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I think you killed me!! :dead: Ok I absolutely love this!!!! :wubsmiley: I mean really! :jawdrop: :jawdrop: You do such a wonderful job getting the characters down and the stories are just lovely.😍😍😍 Honestly I’m a little bit of a bigger fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man ones, I haven’t seen much of Defenders yet ( I need to get back into it lol) 😅 but I love all of these stories you’ve written. And I absolutely love the Danny/Luke ship. Lol 😂 Anyway.....before I go off topic again 😁 I just want to say that I’m so looking forward to what you come up with next. I’m always up for allergic/sick Danny. 😉🥰🥰🥰🥰

AHHHHH 😩😍I'm not worthy of this comment! 😭🙌thank you so much for reading!! 



Danny had been sick and held up in his room for two days. Two whole days without Danny, and Luke was starting to feel anxious. Director Fury has forbidden anyone from seeing Danny, less the whole team get sick like last time; there was a long glance at Spider-man, who at least looked sorry. 

"Seriously, Luke," Ava frowned, "stop looking so nervous, it's just a cold." 

"Then why can't I see him?"

Ava rolled her eyes, "So you don't catch it. weren't you listening?"

Luke stood back up from where he was sitting with Ava and went to look out the window. Of course, he heard Fury, but that didn't make him worry less. He should be taking care of Danny.

"obsessed much?" Nova was floated just above them playing on his game boy, completely missing the glare he got from Ava and not noticing Luke was right under him until his leg was yanked, "AH! hey!"

"you're gonna help me make him soup," he yanked the helmet off and half dragged and half carried Sam to the Shield kitchen by their rooms.

"idiots," Ava sighed and went back to her book, secretly happy Luke was finally going to take care of his boyfriend. She could still hear Sam's complaining, saying he wasn't going anywhere near Danny's room. 

It took longer for the soup to be ready for Luke's liking, but listened to Sam and chopped whatever vegetable was handed to him the best he could, trying not to get angry when Sam told him he was cutting to small or too big; does it matter?

"dude, if you cut it too small, it'll be mush, and if it's too big then it'll still be raw... here," Sam took the knife and showed him again the right length.

"then you do it," he growled and stepped away, "I'm going to check on Danny. Text me when it's ready." He didn't wait for Sam to answer him and hightailed it to Danny's room. The first thing he heard when outside his door was the muffled sound of coughing and then what he guessed was nose blowing. He knocked before entering, not giving Danny a chance to say anything. 

Danny was in bed in an oversized sweater, which was Luke's, "Hey."

Luke frowned when he noticed Danny's voice was basically gone, "You don't sound good, babe." He let the door close behind him and came closer.

"you'll get sick," Danny pulled the sweater over his nose and mouth, acting like a mask, "You shouldn't be here."

"I don't care," he sat down on the bed and pushed hair out of Danny's face, "you look miserable." 

"I am not-" his eyes closed and he turned away as far as he could, keeping the jacket over his face, "Ehh-scheiw! hah'schiew! itschiew-ihhchew." 

While rubbing his back, Luke passed him the tissue box, "yeah, very convincing." 

The shiver that went through him made him drop the facade, "Perhaps I feel worse than I let on." 

"figured," Luke moved better on the bed and wrapped his arms around Danny, "come here. Stop fighting me, I'm not going anywhere".

"thank you-hih.." he coughed a little before launching forward again, "Hah-schuh!' 

"That sounded painful." 

Danny took some tissues and softly blew his nose a few times before sitting back up, "you see why I did not wish to share this with everyone?" 

"yeah," he kissed the back of his head, "I'm not everyone. Lay back against me and try to relax. Sam's making you soup."

"Did you bully him into it?" Danny was joking.

"Nah, just kinda pushed him in the right direction," he kissed Danny's temple, "tried to help."

"But Sam kept yelling?" 

"He takes chopping vegetables very seriously." 

Danny chuckled lightly before coughing a bit into his arm, "I'm sure you were doing fine." 

"Nah, I was too distracted." 

"fretting about me?" 

"can't help it, knew you were sad and alone."

"I'm not sad, but I am glad for your company." He didn't like being away from Luke for so long but thought it was necessary. But this was nice, "Luke? I'm cold." 

"I know, babe," he pulled the blankets better around him, "it's your fever." he kissed his forehead and frowned at the heat, "just stay here against me. I'll keep you warm." 

"ok," Danny sniffed and shuffled a bit closer, "I love you." 

Luke's heart skipped a beat and he smiled, "I love you too, now get some rest."

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I'm in love with this 🥰 please continue. Maybe write a stake out with Power Man, Spiderman, and a sick Iron Fist (or cat allergies)

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I love this so much!! The way you write the characters so well is amazing! 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 you do such a wonderful job with these stories. Thank you so much for writing them and I look forward to more. ☺️

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