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Oscars- F*** Yeah!


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Time for another vote on what are the best films of last year, made by a bunch of old white men who don't know what they're talking about! Awesome.

My prediction for the main categories (slightly ripped off film critics because I haven't seen everything):

Best film: 1917

Best leading actor: Joaquin Phoenix

Best leading actress: Renee Zellweger

Best director: Bong Joon-ho (I've put a bet on him after hearing how well Parasite was reviewed. I haven't seen it yet but I want to.)

We'll see whether I was right tomorrow, and whether I am celebrating my small win, or (metaphorically) tearing up my betting slip and throwing it on the floor.

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3 hours ago, Heathcliff said:

I haven't seen everything

Me neither - I'm properly behind this year. With the current cost of cinema tickets, it seems I now operate about a year behind general release, when they start popping up on streaming services :lol: 

Everything I've heard about 1917 makes it sound outstanding :D 

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Tell me about it, the Picturehouse in my town has shut. And now we are left with the Everyman cinema which is more expensive! 

First world problems- but it sucks.

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22 hours ago, March Hare said:

I like it that Parasite won best movie.

The Oscars are hardly representative though.

Yes. The Oscars are not representative, you're damn right.

But that's another reason to be really pleased Parasite won best movie. I still haven't seen it but I've seen a lot of subtitled movies in my time that I loved, since I started going to cinemas that showed less mainstream movies in my student days. I think it's a shame that some people just will not go and see a film if it has subtitles (though I totally understand that some nights you may want to see more of a popcorn movie).

I think the best thing that awards ceremonies can do is raise the profile of good movies that people may otherwise not have gone to see. A number of people might go and see Parasite because it won best picture, and I think that's probably a good thing.

I'm really glad Joker didn't win best picture- but I see now that was never really going to happen.

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