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How does your fetish affect your experience with a partner?


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Hey all! So, I was thinking of asking this with a poll-like theme, but not necessarily to count, more to start sparkling conversations:)

My question concerns sexuality, but I'm not sure how much details it will entail! Apologies in advance and please MODS feel free to move this to the Adult Section if need be.

How does your fetish affect your sex life with a partner ?

1-Not at all : I keep my sex life solo separated from my intercourse with a partner, and I keep my fetish secret.

2- I bring it with me into my relationship and it helps, but it's strictly in my mind and my partner doesn't know.

3-They know, it's great and we use it to enhance our game!

4-It comes as a hindrance with a partner, because I can't use my fetish and it's hard for me to be aroused any other way.

These are a few ideas, but please add your own variations to the theme, and I don't mean to keep anybody out : people who don't want/don't have a sex life at the moment, all inputs are great and welcome.

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number three for all of my partners. one of my girlfriends also has the fetish so that balls the hell out and all of my other partners are cool and indulgent with it, so it's pretty awesome all in all.

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One or two depending. Like sometimes I will purposefully think about a time my partner sneezed in front of me when I get close to orgasm and it helps, but I haven't ever told anyone I've been intimate with about the fetish. 

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