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So sneezes are lovely, but for those out there that enjoy the complaining and talking about being sick as much as I do, this is for you.

I live with my best friend, just the two of us. Sunday morning, we are each studying in our rooms, when I hear a strong hehhhhhshiwwwwww! I bless her and immediately after that he-hehhhhhhswiuuuuu hureshuuwwww!!! While having lunch she started complaining, I’ll try to transcribe the conversation for you:

roommate: uuuuuuuug I think I’m coming down with st...

me: come oooon you sneezed like 3 times 

rm: no no fior real, my throat hurts and I’ve been super cold the hole morning.

me: awwww really? Poor thing, are you feeling really bad, do you need anything? 

rm: naaaa I’m probably just paranoid, hope I’m not getting sick tho, now it the worst time in the whole semester to get ill...


so fast forward to Monday, she complains about feeling under the weather, pressure on her head and a harsh cough. We have afternoon lectures but I decide to do groceries afterwards, so when I get home I find my poor friend with the puffiest face, watery eyes and a super congested sicky voice: uggggh by fade id goda explode... 

me: my god you look awful

rm: thags I feel buch wordse 

me: (I touch her forehead) giiiiiirl you are burning up

rm: I’m feeling duper cold, andb hot, dike hot n cold

me: lest check your temlerature...

she has a 37.3 fever but rising.... she is so miserable, I can tell it’s going to be one heck of a cold.


im interested to see how she feels tomorrow and if I’ll catch it.

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