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4 Observations At School (F)


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After not witnessing any really good sneezes in a long while, I just had an amazingly lucky day at school today with a total of 4 observations, so I thought I'd share. 

The first one was in my morning history class. The girl appeared to be half-white and half-asian with brown hair, around 5'2, and was wearing a long sleeve gray/black outfit. Just as I was about to zone out, I heard a single wet sneeze to my right, "Eh-UrrShhuh!" I immediately snapped awake and looked to my right, and saw her with the crook of her right elbow over her nose and mouth. She held her elbow up in that position for a couple seconds as she subtly wiped her nose and mouth against the sleeve before lowering it back down. About a second later, I noticed her wiping her mouth with the tip of her hand a couple times, I guess to clean up any remaining spray around her lips.

The second one was maybe a half hour later in that same class. This girl was white with shoulder length blonde hair, around 5'10, had glasses, and was wearing a long sleeved gray shirt with blue jeans. I was half-hazardly taking some notes when I heard another wet sneeze, "Huh-Buurraacchh!". I turned just in time to see her lowering her right arm to her torso area, while keeping her elbow bent. She held her arm in that bent lowered position for a brief second, checking her sleeve for any residue before fully lowering it.

The third one was while I was eating lunch in the cafeteria. The girl was sitting in front of me with her back facing toward me. She was white with blonde hair, about 5'6, and wore a long sleeve black jacket. I was eating by myself peacefully, when I saw her turn to the right and sneeze a wet "Ah-Aaaschhah!" into her right elbow. Afterwards, she immediately went back to eating but I continued to keep my eye on her. About a minute later, I saw her raise her right elbow again, but instead of sneezing, she examined her sleeve for a second, for what I assume must have been to check for any remnants from her earlier sneeze. (Interesting that she didn't check her sleeve immediately like the second girl, kind of reminds me of that video of Katy Perry sneezing).

The fourth and final one was in my afternoon science lab. The girl sitting next to me appeared to be Hispanic with curly brown hair, about 5'5, and was wearing a white lab coat and blue jeans. We were discussing some classwork when all of a sudden she turned and sneezed a triple into her upper left arm, "Ah-Eshh! Ehhgght! Ah-Eshhoo!" While these sneezes didn't sound as wet as the ones from the first three girls, they didn't sound dry either. Unlike for the first three girls, I able to get a clear look at her sleeve this time, but unfortunately I did not see anything.

I tried my best with the spelling, but these ones were a lot harder to spell than most sneezes I've heard. And I really hope I can see more of them sneezing as the school year progresses. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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Wow! That ”Huh-Buurraacchh!” sneeze sounds incredibly hot to me :wub:. Sure, all the other sneezes sound very hot, as well, but that’s my favourite. I’m so jealous right now.


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