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Alyssa was getting ready to go out for her birthday when Alex handed her a box.   She looked at him curiously; it was from a cosmetics store…usually Alex hit a jewelry store, not one that sold cosmetics.  She opened the box and shot him another, even more curious glance.   “Perfume?”


“I wanted something different.”


“Your allergies…” Alex had a limited amount of fragrances that didn’t trigger his allergies; if they didn’t make him sneeze, they gave him horrible headaches. 


“I tested it.  I made Ella use the tester and wear it around the mall with me.  It doesn’t bother me.  No headache.  No sneezes.”


“If you’re sure,” she said hesitantly, finishing her makeup, and spraying it on.  Ahhshoo…ahhshoo.”  She sneezed instantly.   That wasn’t abnormal.  Every time she put on perfume she sneezed from the fine mist of the spray.  


She turned to work on her hair, only to pause to sneeze again.  Hahhshooo.”  Another light, airy sneeze.  That was odd, but she shrugged it off at first, only to notice a few seconds later that her nose was still itching furiously.


“Hahhishoo, ihhshoo, ihhshoo, Schoo,shoo, shooo, shoo, shooo, ihhshoo.”  She plucked a tissue from the box on the counter and blew her nose.  Her light, delicate sneezes were doing nothing to reduce the maddening tickle.   Aiishoo, ihhshoo, Hiishoo,ihhshoo, shoo, ihhshh, ishhh, ishhh, shooo.”   Pinching them off in tissues didn’t help.


Alex was watching her as she was caught in her helpless fit.   “Sweetie?”


She waved him away and continue sneezing, willing her sneeze to be strong enough to expel the itch.   


“Lyss” he tried again.  “I think you’re the one allergic to this.”


She fixed him with a watery eyed glare.  Hihhshoo.  Really.  Yihhshoo…I wonder…ehhshoo…why…ehhshoo, ehhhshoo, ehhshooo.”


“Get in the shower.” He instructed.  “Wash it off.”   Stepping behind her, he unzipped her dress, then turned the shower on for her as she continued sneezing frantically.   


She finally managed to control the sneezes long enough to finish undressing and step into the shower, the running water drowning out her quiet sneezes as she washed the perfume off.


He was waiting with pajamas when she got out, eyes puffy and pink nosed.  She took the clothes from him and dressed again.  He had already gathered up the perfumed clothes and put them in the laundry.   “I am not going out tonight.” She informed him, stuffily.  Aiishoo, hihhshoo.”


“Bless you.  I’ll cancel the reservations and change.   Pizza and a movie?”


She finished blowing her nose and nodded.   “God that was awful.  Hihhshooo.   I have a feeling I’ll be sneezing all night now.”


“Sorry.”  He apologized.  “I’ll stick to jewelry in the future.”

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Short and sweet :D I have always enjoyed the 'accidentally buying a perfume they are terribly allergic to' scenario. Thanks for posting this 

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