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Jaskier/Geralt established relationship

Geralt with the fetish

Jaskier was alone in a tavern, impatiently waiting for Geralt to come back after a hunt. He had tried to go with him, but Geralt had put his foot down with promises of details when he got back. Thinking back, it was rather odd that Geralt promised to say more than three words, but he wasn't going to kick a gift horse in the mouth. Besides, it was cold out, snowing falling in thick clumps, and Jaskier was pretty sure he was coming down with the sniffles. Now he slowly nibbled on some bread as he waited for the porage he ordered as he scribbled in his book. It was getting a bit harder to think of lyrics as his nose continued to itch. 

His breath started to hitch and he sighed as he brought his elbow up, attempting to stifle as best he could, "Eng--kiew!" He was always bad at stifling, but he hated sneezing in front of others. he'd much rather let it out when he was alone.

"aw, bless you, sweetheart," The barmaid giggled and put the porridge in front of him, "I'll be back with your ale in just a moment." 

Jaskier's ears went red and he mumbled a soft thank you before stuffing more bread in his face. His nose was still itchy but held it off until she was gone, "--schiew!" he pinched his nose this time, but he still couldn't keep it silent. He didn't hear the door open and when he opened his eyes, Geralt was walking in, looking much less dirty than he would expect.

Geralt swept the room with his eyes, looking for Jaskier, before sighing with relief when he saw the bard wave at him from the corner. He had noticed Jaskier was ill the day before. Jaskier had a bitter smell to him and Geralt would rather damn himself than let Jaskier get pneumonia out in the snow. He could already see the flush on Jaskier's face and silently prayed it was an embarrassment and not a fever. As he got closer, he could smell the embarrassment on him and sat down, carefully putting an arm around his waist and pulling him closer. It had been a long hunt, and he wanted nothing more than to throw Jaskier into bed... but that needed to wait as Jaskier needed actual rest.

"There you are," Jaskier smiled and gently pushed the bowl of porridge closer to Geralt, "you need to eat something, come on." 

"Have you eaten?" Geralt looked at him closely and noticed the nervousness in his eyes, "stomach?" 

"I'm not nauseous, I can wait for the next bowl to come. You've been out and skipped lunch and breakfast," Jaskier frowned and moved a piece of fallen hair back behind Geralt's ear, "you must be starved."

"Witcher's don't need to eat that often."

"bollocks," He raised a brow, "you can withstand not eating for days, sure, but that doesn't mean you aren't hungry." 

He was a little hungry, "You'll order another?" 

"I promise," He looked at the barmaid and smiled as she came with two ales, "another bowl if you please?"

"of course!" she blushed and quickly went off to fetch another.


"ecstatic," Geralt deadpanned.

Jaskier was going to respond when the tickle came back and he sat forward and pulled slightly away from Geralt, "He'HNXT--niuhh.." he pinched his nose and fell forward with the sneeze.

"Stop doing that," Geralt tried not to sound worried or show how his heart skipped a beat, "you're going to hurt yourself."

"I'm fine," Jaskier rubbed his nose and his ears turned pink again, "it doe'hiih..." his pressed his fingers up against his nose to try to stop the sneeze, but Geralt hit him hard enough to jostle his arm, making him lose concentration and sneeze normally, "Huh-Yeahh'schiew!" It wasn't especially loud, but he didn't like how much attention it drew.

Geralt simply pulled him back close and kissed the top of his head, "bless you." He almost felt bad by the way Jaskier seemed to shrink into him, "no one noticed."

"I hate sneezing." 

"I know," he kissed his temple before using his finger to tilt Jaskier's head towards him so he could kiss his lips, "we are staying an extra day." 

"you're really worried about this cold, aren't you," Jaskier kissed him again before cuddling up against him, "it's really a small one."

"don't want it to get worse." 

"ok," Jaskier moved his face to Geralt's neck and rubbed his nose there, "you promised me a story." 

"later," he let his fingers gently slip under Jaskier's waistband as he ate some porridge. He couldn't think straight the way Jaskier kept sniffling and rubbing his nose. It was insanely distracting. If he thought his pants were tight before... 

"Later, hm?" Jaskier sniffed, "you can tell me while you take a bath." 

"you need the warmth."

"Then I'll join you." 

"hm," He made a pleased grunt before quickly finishing his porridge as the barmaid came back with a second bowl.

True to his word, Jaskier slowly ate the bowl but barely finished half before putting it back on the table, "I don't think I can finish."

"ok." Geralt gently put a hand over Jeralt's forehead before grunting in satisfaction when there was no fever.

"Do I pass?" 

Another grunt.

"You're grunts are much harder to understand when my heads all fuzzy." 

Geralt raised a brow and let his hand gently run down to cup Jaskier's cheek.

"I'm ok, just really..itchy." he rubbed his nose against Geralt's thumb and felt Geralt's hand twitch when Geralt shivered, "can we go to the room, now?" 

He was starting to think he should go cool off in the snow before taking that bath, but then realized it would be futile, "yes." 

Jaskier seemed to light up and stood up, grabbing all of his things before winking goodbye to the barmaid as they left. 

The second they were behind the door to their shared room, Geralt quickly shut and locked it before pinning Jaskier to a wall and kissing him. He tasted like ale and porridge but had a slight eucalyptus taste that made Geralt think he took some medicine earlier; good.

Jaskier broke the kiss as his brows furrowed and nose twitched, "h'iihh-hold on.." 

Geralt pressed closer and rubbed against him.

"hii-gonna'hah..snehii-" he buried his face in Geralt's shoulder, "Eisch!schiew.. hiih'Yeagh!ho." he sighed and rubbed his nose against his armor.

The moan that came from Geralt made Jaskier smile, "can I take off your armor?" 

He grunted, meaning yes.

Jaskier made quick work of taking off the clunky armor and ran his fingers down Geralt's shirt, "you're hair is wet with snow, you should bathe before you catch something."

"cold doesn't get you sick."

"nonsense," Jaskier ran his fingers through Geralt's hair as the witchers buried his face in Jaskier's neck, "How do you think I caught this cold?" 

"That kid sneezed on you." 

"I forgot about that." he scrunched his nose up, more because of the tickle than disgust, "doesn't matter, you still need to warm up." 

"agreed," he slowly kissed down Jaskier's chest and relished in Jaskier's little gasps and moans as he worked.


Now Jaskier was filling the bath with hot water while Geralt watched with half-lidded eyes. Geralt tried to help but Jaskier was insistent. 

The steam was making his nose tickle and Jaskier gently put the bucket down before turning into his elbow, "Ey'schiew!-schiew! hih... AH!schiew." the sneeze scrapped his throat and he hadn't noticed how far he'd bent over until strong arms straightened him back up and rubbed his chest.


"no," Jaskier sniffed and rubbed his nose, "No'hiih...not done," his eyes watered and he cupped his hands over his face in desperate need to hide, "Hey'schiew! Ehhschiew! schiew!chew!" he coughed lightly before hitching again, "Hiiih....ihh." as he waited for the next sneeze, he slowly realized Geralt was no longer holding him and he could hear the sound of water being poured, "Hahh'Chew!" that last sneezed seemed to get the tickle out and he sighed as he dropped his hands.

Geralt quickly moved to catch Jaskier as he noticed he was swaying a little.

Jaskier shivered lightly, "little dizzy."

he grunted and kissed his head, "get in." 

He didn't have the energy to argue and slowly stepped into the bath, supported by Geralt. It was hot, almost too hot, but it felt amazing. To allow Geralt to come in, he moved forward and let Geralt pull him back against his chest once he was in. 

"take a nap." 

"then who's going to get the blood out of your hair?"

"I did manage to wash before I met you."

"Doubtful," Jaskier teased and moved his head back to gently kiss his neck.

The soft growl that came after had no heat to it. Geralt didn't care about his hair, only cared about the sick man in his arms. He's been rubbing his nose so much that it's beginning to have a pink tinge to it. he slowly lifted a finger and ran it down Jaskier's nose, feeling the slightly chapped nostrils, and watched as they flared.

"hiih-ITSCH!" Jaskier sneezed wetly against Geralt's fingers and wiggled his nose, "that tickles."

Geralt let himself smile slightly and tightened his hold, "think you'll survive the night?"

"Think you can handle my fits? I don't have the strength to fuck you." 


"Says the witcher who keeps making me itch," he pouted and rubbed his nose against Geralt's chin and felt his leg twitch, "trust me, I'd love to oblige... I'm just so tired." 

"sleep," He heard Jaskier's heartbeat begin to calm down as he rested his head against the witcher's shoulder, "we will have plenty of time when you are healthy again."

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On 2/25/2020 at 5:43 AM, Tassielli said:

Yes! I’ve been waiting on some Geraskier  


great writing! 

Thank you so much! I'm taking requests if you have any!




Jaskier was softly singing to himself, composing a new song about the fight with a minotaur down south, and Geralt was actually sort of pleased with it. It didn't make him sound like a butcher and showed a bit of understanding of the creature's curse. He was a bit less fond of the fight sequence, but he knew he wouldn't win that argument; little victories. Suddenly he heard the bard sing a note too low, he was pretty sure Jaskier would say it was flat, but Jaskier was never flat. He turned to see Jaskier put a hand to his throat and clear it slightly.

"Forgive me," he shook his head slightly before returning to his lute and continuing. 

After a few more minutes it happened again, and this time Geralt frowned, "What's wrong with you?" 

"I think I'm losing my voice," he looked terrified of the idea and clutched his throat as Geralt laughed. He hit his leg hard with the back of his hand, "this is not funny."

"it's hilarious," Geralt was actually a little impressed with how hard Jaskier hit. He almost felt it. 

"hmph," He pouted and put his lute back in his case before walking ahead of the horse, clearly angry with him.

Geralt just rolled his eyes as a fork in the road appeared, "right!" 

Jaskier changed paths but didn't look at Geralt.

"come back here, Dandelion," He kept his tone light, not finding any of this to be serious, "Jaskier!" After being waved off his mood soured, "you're going to get lost or eaten, come back here." 

Jaskier paused only long enough for Roach to appear neck to him and continued to walk by Roach's head.

Roach nuzzled him slightly, to Geralt's displeasure, "since when do you like him?" 

Just to rub it in, Jaskier put a hand on Roach's head and gave a little scratch behind his ears.

"traitor." Roach only neighed at him.

Geralt thought he'd enjoy the silence, but it only made his stomach churn as anxiety crept up and he had to break it, "Fine, Jaskier. I'm sorry. I know you're voice is important to you, but you're probably just sore from singing all day. you'll be fine tomorrow." 

He was not fine tomorrow. 

Jaskier woke before Geralt and went to get more water in their skins, wanting a moment alone. There was a tickle in his throat that worried him and he had a sinking feeling he'd caught something. He let out some soft coughs by the river and decided to try to speak as little as possible, in hopes that he wouldn't lose his voice, even temporarily.

When Geralt woke up, his whole body started when he couldn't see Jaskier. Only relaxing when he heard Jaskier's footsteps by the stream and could see him coming back, "Since when are you up early?" 

Jaskier swallowed and put the water skins back before speaking, "Just did." His face was turned away from Geralt and winced, hoping he couldn't hear the slight rasp to it. 

No such luck. Geralt heard it and rose to his feet, quickly coming over and put a hand to Jaskier's forehead, grunting.

"Stop that," Jaskier cleared his throat as he moved the hand from his face and tried not to look into Geralt's eyes. If he did, he knew he'd cave. Those brilliant gold eyes always got the better of him, "go kill breakfast. I've got the fire." 

Geralt stopped him from leaving by putting a hand on his chest and could feel the way his breath caught, making the slighter man cough. 

"don't look at me like that." 

"like what?"

Jaskier looked up into his eyes and winced, "this... like I just kicked your puppy or something," he gently put a hand on Geralt's cheek and felt the anger leave him, "gods... how could anyone be afraid of you with eyes like that.." his knees felt weak, for a completely different reason than his illness, "I'm fine, it's probably a cold."

Geralt simply pulled him closer and buried his face in Jaskier's neck. He hated it when Jaskier was hurt and wanted to kick himself, not for the first or last time, for saying something he'd regret just before.

"Oh.. Geralt," Jaskier ran his fingers through his hair, "darling, we'll be in town tonight. I'm going to be fine, but we should keep moving."

Geralt straightened up and kissed his forehead before resting his forehead against his, "you are riding on Roach."

"whatever makes you feel better," Jaskier kissed him quickly before patting his hip, "breakfast, go before we lose daylight" 

Geralt growled and kissed him again before leaving. 

Jaskier watched him go before starting the fire and smiling to himself. He loved it when Geralt got all protective and cuddly. 

Not long after he'd gone, Geralt came back with game and sat down by Jaskier as he started making breakfast. Bored, Geralt moved even closer and started to nibble on his neck as they waited for things to cook. 

Jaskier moaned slightly then coughed, "not that I'm complaining, but aren't you afraid to catch this?"

"I can't," Geralt nibbled his ear before pulling him into his lap, "make tea for your throat." 

"That is going to be a challenge considering where your hands are," Jaskier leaned back and sighed, "pass me the herbs, then?" 

Breakfast was eaten fast, as both are now very eager to get to town and get a room. 

Geralt told Jaskier to sleep during the journey to the town, while on Roach and leaning against Geralt's chest. Jaskier happily obliged and ended up being asleep on and off for most of it. He figured Jaskier must be feeling worse than he said, but was glad he was getting some rest. 

When the made it to the town, Jaskier was awake and insisted on walking the rest of the way, which wasn't far at all, just so he could stretch his legs. Geralt obliged and they walked silently to the town, and eventually into the bar for some food. The moment Geralt stepped foot in, they all yelled in delight and Jaskier had coins thrown at him to sing. 

Jaskier didn't want to upset the crowd, so he did, right after gently patting Geralt's shoulder to calm him. Geralt could hear the strain, but no one else could, and he was actually impressed with how much the bard got from them. 

After a few songs, Jaskier's voice was starting to sound raspier, and Geralt took him away to eat something, but let Jaskier say a few words so they left them in happy spirits. They even got free food and drink from one of the men who really enjoyed his singing.

Now Jaskier was in the corner with Geralt, muffling coughs into his sleeve and taking small sips of ale in hopes of soothing his aching throat. 

"you shouldn't have sung."

"needed the good graces," His voice was properly shot now and hurt to speak.

"you need a healer." 

Jaskier just nodded and slowly began to eat, mostly to appease Geralt than from hunger. 

Geralt's worry was making it hard to eat, but he didn't want to alarm Jaskier, so they both ate in silence until they were ready to get a room. 

Jaskier got the room without having to say a word as the innkeeper was in the bar, and went straight to making a bath once they were inside.

"What are you doing?" 

Jaskier just gestured vaguely to the both of them and the dirt on them, then the bath.

"Fine, Then I'm getting a healer." 

Jaskier nodded and stripped Geralt of clothes then himself. When he tried to take his own clothes off, Geralt stopped him in favour of doing it himself. Geralt left soft kisses on Jaskier's exposed skin but had to stop himself before he got carried away. 

"Get in the bath," Geralt kissed his stomach before standing up again.  They both got in and washed themselves before Geralt tucked Jaskier into bed and went to get a healer. 

When Geralt came back, Jaskier was softly coughing into his fist.

The healer came closer and put his hands on Jaskier's neck, clicking his tongue and frowning, "his vocal cords are swollen, probably Laryngitis. Rest your voice, don't speak, drink lots of tea with honey and ginger," he put a hand on his forehead, "small fever. You need to rest, a day or two." 

"is it dangerous?" Geralt was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, trying to look intimidating, but Jaskier could see the worry in his eyes.

"not if he stays in bed and keeps quiet. Some times it lasts two days or two weeks. I can come back tomorrow to see how he fairs if it pleases you. "

"Yes," Geralt went to start making Jaskier some tea, "thank you." The healer left with some coin and closed the door, "think you could keep quiet that long?" Geralt got hit with a pillow for his snide remark. He smiled slightly and walked back over, cuddling up to Jaskier, "you know I'd miss your voice if it was gone."

Jaskier looked up at him with a small smile and kissed him.

Geralt's heart skipped a beat as he read between the lines; he knew. 


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13 hours ago, 2SHY222 said:

Best 👏 stories 👏 ever 👏. This is amazing. Please write more 🥰🙌

AHHH! thank you so much! 😍😘

4 hours ago, Akahana said:

cute cute cute ❤️

Thank you! ❤️

3 hours ago, Tassielli said:

Aw! I’m a sucker for sick Jaskier

so am I 😅😍 thanks for reading!


Jaskier and Geralt just got to town and they were both desperate for a bath and some alone time. After paying for a room and some food, they went their separate ways to grab things before meeting back in the room. Jaskier went to get some more supplies for their inevitable early leave the following morning, and Geralt went to get Roach settled in a stable.

Geralt got back first and this young girl who was skipping around handing out flowers got to him and stared wide-eyed. His stomach dropped, thinking his presence scared her, but she just smiled and handed him a strange-looking yellow flower, muttering something about how tall he was, then skipped away. All he could do was smile and stare at the flower. Jaskier was really changing his image and it felt nice to not be so feared. 

When Jaskier got back, he slipped through the door to see Geralt pouring water into the tub, "I think I've got everything." He locked the door and put his lute on a table along with his pack of supplies. Suddenly his nose was feeling a little itchy and rubbed it quickly before turning around, not paying any mind to it. He went over to Geralt and moved in for a kiss, smiling when Geralt reciprocated and wrapped his arms around his waist. 

Geralt pulled back slightly, "A child came up to me."

Jaskier was a little taken back, but quickly regained composure, "see, you're not nearly as scary as you think you are," he gently tapped Geralt's nose and giggled when Geralt squeezed his hip.

"She gave me a flower?" He was rather confused about it.

"yes, Children do that quite often," Jaskier chuckled and looked around the room, "you didn't get rid of it, have you? the poor thing would be devastated. She probably had a crush on you."


"you are devilishly handsome," Jaskier slowly undid the laces of Geralt's shirt, "especially when you smile." 

"I don't recognize the flower."

"didn't peg you for a botanist," Jaskier wiggled his nose slightly.

The nose wiggle caught Geralt's attention and he bit back a small whine. Something clicked in his mind and he furrowed his brow.

"I know that look, what's wrong?" 

"What does a Daffodil look like?" 

"what?" Jaskier sighed and thought for a moment, "sometimes it's white or yellow... it has a strange bell-like petal structure in the middle with about six petals around it? why?" 

"this?" Geralt pulled out a flower and noticed how Jaskier's eyes went from surprise to fear to he hadn't seen before.

"Yes," he moved his hand with the flower away from his face and wrinkled his nose, "You know I'm really allergic."

"Didn't know what it looked like," Geralt twisted the flower around in front of them, staring at the strange shape until he felt Jaskier turn away from him.

"Eitsch! Eischoo!" Jaskier kept his wrist to his nose when he came back up, "of all flowers, of course, you get... HInxt!nuh.. a daffodil." 

Geralt simply growled, but not in a threatening way, and pulled him closer and consequently to the flower. 

"oh you b-hahh.." Jaskier's eyes closed as he lifted his elbow back up, "Hah-schiew! Eitscsh!uh.." he pinched his nose and glared at the flower, "Engxt-!nuh.." 

"ok?" Geralt was amused and gently rubbed his back as he started to move the flower away.

"fine, my nose just itches," he leaned back into Geralt and coughed lightly, "you can bring it back in a second." 

"why would I bring it back?" 

Jaskier rolled his eyes and moved up to kiss him, "Because you like it." he kissed him again and smiled at the shock in the other's eyes, "it's ok, I think it's cute." 

"it's odd.."

"love," Jaskier ran his fingers through Geralt's hair, "everything about our lives is odd. I like odd." 

Blush ran across Geralt's face and he moved to bury his face in Jaskier's neck, taking in his scent.

"how about we get into the bath before it grows cold," he gently massaged the back of Geralt's neck and whispered, "bring the daffodil."




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On 2/27/2020 at 10:41 AM, 2SHY222 said:

🥰 I'm speechless 😍


The Return


Geralt and Jaskier haven't seen each other in about a year since the Geralt said many things he regretted on the rooftop. In that time Geralt found Ciri and took her along with him. At first he didn't know what to do with her but slowly came to like her company, but it only made him miss Jaskier more. HE kept thinking to himself, "Jaskier would love her-" or "I wish Jaskier were here... he'd know what to do" among others. Ciri kept asking about him, and Geralt tried to answer in short, not wanting to talk too much about him. It made his chest ache.

One day in a small town he heard of a mage that abused his bards and had just recently killed one. The description of the bard made Geralt's whole body freeze. Slim, tall, brunette, lavish outfits... He clung to hope that it wasn't Jaskier, as that described many, but there was a part of him that feared it was. It would be his luck. He made Ciri wait in the inn as he took care of the mage and came back slightly bloody. 

"Was it him?"

"No," Geralt grunted and shuck his armor, beginning to clean.

"was he here?" 




"is he still here?" Ciri was getting annoyed with his one-word answers.

Geralt looked at her, "I don't know."

"well then go find out!" 

Geralt growled and sat on the floor.

"stop pitying yourself. If he's here, go find him."

"Why do you think I want to?"

"Because every time I mention his name, you look like I just stabbed you in the back, and you did just go kill a mage because you thought he might have hurt him." 

"He didn't"

"But you didn't know that."

He growled again, knowing she was right. He did really want to find him, but didn't know where to look, "Fuck.." 


Several days went by as he followed a lead as to were the Bard was. Ciri happily skipped along as they came to a town where people said he could be found. 

"What are you going to say when you see him?"

"I don't know."

"you should probably apologize."

Geralt felt defensive, "who says I have anything to apologize for?" 

"literally every inch of your stance... right now." 

Geralt was silent for a moment, "fuck." 


They finally got the innkeeper to tell them what room he was staying at, after a lot of promises that he wouldn't hurt the bard. why did everyone think he was going to hurt him? Was he hurt?

"He's upstairs, second door on the right." The innkeeper frowned, "you're at the end of the hall on the left."

Ciri thanked him and started upstairs.

"where are you going?" 

"To go see Jaskier, of course."

"no, you're staying in our room."

"oh?" Ciri put her hands on her hips, "you think he'll let you in after what you did?" 

"you don't know what I did."

"true," she smirked, "but it's bad enough that you're afraid. It's written all over your face." she could see him start to speak, "and don't say 'fuck'."

Geralt closed his mouth and grunted before following her upstairs. 

When the reached the door, Geralt looked down at her and pushed her in front of him, hoping she'll be a good buffer. Ciri just laughed and knocked.

The door only opened a bit and half of Jaskier could be seen through the door, "Yes?" 

"Jaskier-" Geralt realized there was a lump in his throat and he couldn't find the words.

Jaskier was going to slam the door, but saw the girl, "law of surprise..." he smiled slightly at her, "Hello, Cirilla."

"Ciri, please," she smiled back and waved, "So you're Jaskier." she looked at Geralt, "he's cuter than you said." She wasn't phased by the glare he gave her.

"He said I was cute?" Jaskier was still angry with him, but he didn't want to upset Ciri, "Really Geralt, did you only bring her up here so I wouldn't slam the door in your face."



Geralt groaned and gently put a hand on the door, "can we come in?"

"She can," Jaskier moved and let the girl squeeze in, "She looks frozen, go sit by the fire." Jaskier gently squeezed her shoulder then glared at Geralt.

"I'm sorry," he choked a bit on the words. 

"Did that hurt?" He noticed the pained expression on Geralt's face, "honestly, you're imposs..impossible." Jaskier faltered slightly against the door but waved off Geralt's hand as he tried to grab him, "'m fine." 

"you're ill?" Geralt forced himself through the doorway, and immediately noticed Jaskier had a black eye hidden behind the door, and looked very pale, "what happened?!" 

"Please stop yelling," Jaskier put a hand on his forehead, "everything's very loud-" his knees buckled and Geralt quickly caught him, holding him close, "nice catch." '

Geralt picked him up and held him close to his chest, "Who hurt you."

"They're long gone, Geralt." 

"I'll hunt them down."

"Whatever happened to 'if life could give me one blessing' blah blah." 

"I was wrong," Geralt's heart broke, "I was angry, but not at you."

"at who, then?" he suddenly felt very weak and let himself relax in Geralt's arms. Even after everything, Geralt still felt safe.


"figures," Jaskier tried for a smile but it faltered, "I should be furious with you.."

"But you're not?" 

Jaskier shook his head, "I feel too weak for that," tears ran down his face as he held his gaze, "and too glad to see you." 

"What have they done to you?" 

"I was just a victim of opportunity," Jaskier gently moved a hand up to touch Geralt's cheek, "I've missed you..." 

Geralt walked to the bed and gently settled the bruised bard on it.

"He missed you too!" Ciri called from by the fire and shrugged when Geralt glared at her, "oh stop that. If you told him how you really felt, this whole thing could have been avoided, and your lover wouldn't be bruised and bloody."

"What... did she call me?" Jaskier looked like he was going to faint again.

Geralt put a hand on his forehead and noticed a bit of warmth. sighing, he looked back at Ciri, "he is not my lover."

"But you love him."

"not the same thing."

"But they could be."

Jaskier took Geralt's hand, "you love me?" 

Geralt looked back at Jaskier and swallowed thickly, "yes.." 

"I love you too, you daft witcher." Jaskier slowly sat up and grabbed onto Geralt's arm when he felt dizzy, "I might have been hit a few times on the head.." 

"really?" Geralt said sarcastically and moved to sit on the bed so he could hold Jaskier, "I love you." 

Jaskier smiled a bit, "I'm sorry, I'm not sure I heard that, repeat?" 

"you heard me," Geralt let Jaskier pull him closer, and obliged, "I love you." he kissed him softly.

"do you two need me to leave?" 

Jaskier chuckled against his lips, "has the little one had anything to eat? or have you been starving her?" 

Geralt rolled his eyes, "Jaskier is far too weak for that."

"Unfortunately," Jaskier leaned back against the pillows, "but that doesn't answer my question. Have you two eaten?" 

"no," Ciri pipped up, "I'll go get the food. you two.. don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." 

"yes ma'am," Jaskier teased and smiled, genuine and large, "I like her."

"I knew you would."


"She doesn't let me get away with shit."

"good." Jaskier smiled when Geralt laid down with him, "someone has to knock some sense into you."

"There's never a moment of silence."

"Oh dear, when will you have time to get lost in that gorgeous head of yours? gods forbid you forget to brood."

Geralt buried his face in Jaskier's hair, taking in his scent, and becoming worried about the blood he smelled, "not a day went by that I didn't think of you." 

"oh, now that I doubt," Jaskier raised a brow when he saw the confusion in Geralt's eyes, "I'm just a bard."

"No," Geralt's eyes showed how heartbroken he was by the statement, "you're more." 


"I care about you." 

"you love me."

"I love you," Geralt put his forehead to the bards, "please... stay with me?" 

Jaskier kissed him and cupped his face in his hands, "nowhere else I'd rather be, my love."


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On 2/28/2020 at 11:37 AM, All Time No said:

I don’t even watch the show, but these have me hooked! Beautiful!

Thank you!!

On 2/29/2020 at 6:56 AM, Tassielli said:

Eep! Two installments! 

this is awesome and I love everything so much 

ee yup! Thank you so much for reading xo



So I saw an interesting theory or AU idea that Jaskier might be a red dragon, because of the red-scaled jacket he wears in the dragon episode (golden dragon guy had golden scales on his outfit) So I thought I'd make a little drabble and run with it? let me know what you think. I'm never one for animal AU's but since this particular theory means they can stay in human form... ehhh why not? feedback always welcome.



If there was one thing Jaskier hated about the outdoors, it was birds. He was terribly allergic to feathers and always tried to keep a distance. Just his luck, Geralt decided he needed chickens to use as bait for his next monster hunt. The strange thing was when he tried to tell Geralt that he was going to stay, Geralt actually argued with him and wanted him to come. He was so flabbergasted that he'd completely forgotten why he didn't want to go in the first place. Now he was trailing a ways behind Roach, who was carrying the dead hens and Geralt who was on foot, guiding her. 

The wind suddenly picked up and a spare feather and dander flew towards Jaskier and he quickly turned his back to Geralt and sneezed into his hands, "Eistcsh-whoosh." Fire came out of his mouth but was constrained by his hands. The only thing visible was the slight smoke that was left.

Geralt didn't turn around, but sniffed, "do you smell fire?" 

Jaskier quickly checked himself and patted down his sleeve which has caught, "nope! I don't smell a thing." He turned back around and smiled innocently when Geralt finally did turn.

"Hm," Geralt narrowed his gaze at Jaskier and noticed a slight pink tinge to Jaskier's nose, " are you ill?" 

"No," he swallowed, "I told you I'm allergic to feathers." 

Geralt looked surprised at that, "no you didn't."

"Yes I did," Jaskier rolled his eyes, "but you do only ever hear 10 percent of what I say." 

"hm," Geralt turned back around and kept walking, "we are almost there. Think you can survive that long?" 

Jaskier wanted to retort but the sudden urge to sneeze overwhelmed him and he was quickly turning around again, "Ehhtsch!-whhosh.. hiiuh'edsch'whoosh'cshiew."  He could feel Geralt's gaze on him and he only hoped he didn't see anything. He fanned the smoke away from his face and jumped when he felt big arms wrap around him.

"bless you," Geralt kissed his head, "I do listen to you, at least 30 percent." He bent his head down to gently kiss his neck, "I should have listened. If I'd known you would be miserable, I would have let you stay."

"I'm not miserable," Jaskier tilted Geralt's head up and kissed him.

Geralt kissed back then looked confused, "why do you smell like smoke?" 

Jaskier knew his heart must have jumped for a moment, "well I have been spending quite a lot of time with you by fire. It's probably my clothes." 

"Then why do you taste like it?" 

"The inn must smoke their meat-'

"they don't... and you don't smoke."

"and ruin my singing voice? don't be absurd," Jaskier looked shocked at the very idea, "maybe you're the one with their nose out of sorts?" Jaskier kissed it before kissing his lips, "now let's get a move on. I want to be rid of those damn chickens." 

Geralt dropped it and moved on, but he couldn't get it out of his head. The evidence didn't make sense to him. The smoke scent kept getting stronger and stronger, but no one was smoking, following us, and there was no light of fire ahead. So where could it be coming from? Jaskier wasn't smoking. This was driving him mad, but he took a breathe and tried to focus on the mission. The last thing he needs is to start a fight with Jaskier about the smoke that couldn't possibly be his fault. It might come in handy though... the monster did hate fire. Maybe Jaskier would be safe this time.


The sneeze snapped him out of his thoughts. There was something... interesting.... about Jaskier's sneeze. It was almost like he could hear the air rush out of him. He honestly hadn't been around humans long enough to tell if that was a normal thing, so just brushed it aside, "Don't fall off." They were near a cliff, "Come up here. Don't want you sneezing and falling off." 

"oh," Jaskier bit his lip but came up anyway, nervous.

Geralt noticed the nervous way his shoulder's set and wrapped an arm around him, "I won't let you fall." 

"you better not," Jaskier was happy for the excuse. 

For the remainder of the hike, he continued to stifle sneeze after sneeze into his jacket, always waiting a second for the smoke to clear before coming back up; even coughing a few times because of the pressure. He could feel Geralt growing more concerned as the hold on him tightened. 

Geralt's eyebrows furrowed every time Jaskier stifled. He wanted to reassure him that he could just sneeze, he didn't need to go to such lengths. But he didn't want to make Jaskier any more uncomfortable than he already was. He would have let him have his space if it weren't for the steep cliff, "we're here."

Jaskier had never been more grateful to reach a creature's den in his life. 

It was an abandoned castle with many corridors and hallways. 

Geralt frowned, "we need to split up." he grabbed the chickens and tried not to look concerned when Jaskier jumped away from the carcasses, "I'll keep the bait with me. Hopefully, it will come for them and leave you alone. find a torch and light it. It'll keep it away from you."

Jaskier nodded and took off down the right corridor while Geralt another. 

after what felt like an eternity, Jaskier found the creature. He was going to call for Geralt or go find him, but all the dust he had kicked up irritated his already sensitive nose. Unfortunately, the creature had spotted him and looked at him curiously. 

"hih' AtSch!-whoosh." he sneezed openly and a line of flames lit the hallway.

The castle had an echo and Geralt heard the sneeze before he saw a light go across a hall. Jaskier must have found a torch. Having no luck he followed the light.

The creature was attracted to the vulnerability and started to come at him. 

Jaskier looked at it and rolled his eyes before taking a breath and fire came out of his mouth as he blew towards it. The creature caught flame and screamed as it became encased in fire.

Geralt had just reached the hallway when Jaskier blew fire at the creature and just watched with shock. He didn't say anything, not wanting Jaskier to know he was there, hoping Jaskier would do it again, just so Geralt knew he wasn't seeing things. 

Jaskier grabbed a torch from the wall and yelled, "Geralt! found it! it's on fire!" The screams made that obvious enough. He took another breathe before blowing fire onto the torch, "Geralt!" 

Geralt emerged from his place and raised a brow at Jaskier, "You lit it on fire?" 

"AH!" Jaskier jumped in the air and put a hand over his heart, "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" 

"no," Geralt stopped a few feet from him and narrowed his eyes.

"Why are you looking at me?" Jaskier pointed to the creature that was dead on the ground, but still alight, "aren't you going to stab it or something?" 

"You killed it." 

"oh please," Jaskier didn't like the idea of taking credit for it, "I panicked and whacked it with the torch.. and it just sort of-"

"no, you didn't."


Geralt took the torch, "I saw you." He noticed Jaskier looked terrified, "Since when do you fear me?" 

"What did you see, exactly." 

Geralt expected him to deny it, but not to look like he might cry, "Jaskier..."

"what. did. you. see." 

"you breathe fire." 

Jaskier looked about ready to faint, "you saw that.." 

"Jaskier.." Geralt put a hand on his cheek and noticed it was warm, "Did you think I'd.." He let the unspoken question linger... Did you think I'd kill you?

"no.. no no," Jaskier pulled him closer, "No, I know you wouldn't." 

"I'd never hurt you." 

"I know," Jaskier gently moved some hair out of Geralt's face and tried to remain calm, "it's just.. not something I'm comfortable with..."

"I took you on that dragon hunt," 

"I made you take me on the dragon hunt." 

Geralt pushed Jaskier against the wall and kissed him. His mouth was almost too hot, but he didn't mind, as it began to cool the longer he kissed him. Now he understood why he suddenly tasted like smoke and had to break to chuckle, "do you really breathe fire while you sneeze?" 

Jaskier groaned and pouted, "I can't help it.." 

"That's why you got nervous when I held you?"

"I was trying not to light you on fire."  

"Much appreciated," he began kissing him again. This time so much clicked. It explained why Jaskier was easily able to trek with him on cold days with little clothing or go long periods of time without water or food, or how even though he was in danger, he never got hurt when he was thrown/ scratched/ hit.

This time Jaskier was the one who broke it off and gently pushed him away, "what did you do with the chickens?" 

"left them on the table, why?" 

"curious," he wiggled his nose, "ugh... I'm gonna sneeze."

Geralt just moved to the side and rubbed his back when he turned away and sneezed openly.


Geralt didn't know what he expected but was surprised by how far the fire went.

"ugh," Jaskier leaned back into him as he let out some smoke, "can we leave the chickens?"

"how about I pluck them and we eat them?" 

Jaskier rubbed his nose and smiled, "that's good too."






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This is the fic I needed that I didn’t know I needed.... wow.

Thanks for writing it!

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16 hours ago, sprinkles287 said:

This is the fic I needed that I didn’t know I needed.... wow.

Thanks for writing it!

thank you for reading it! 

13 hours ago, 2SHY222 said:

Wow Amazing!

thank you!

10 hours ago, Tassielli said:

Omg I’ve been /obsessed/ with all sorts of creature!Jaskier AUs 😍

Got any AU, in particular, you'd like to see?


Feathered Pillows

(Fetish Geralt)

Geralt woke before Jaskier and just watched him sleep as he held him. They had just gotten to an Inn last night and they were both weary and very happy for a bed and a fire. His smile faded slightly when he noticed the bard was breathing with his mouth open, which usually meant his nose was stuffed up. He gently put a hand on his forehead and felt some relief when he didn't have a fever.

Jaskier stirred at that and slowly opened his eyes, "hey.." 

"you alright?" 

"tired," he sniffed softly and sleepily moved to rub his nose on Geralt's wrist, "oh.. I think the pillows are made out of feathers." 

Geralt moved his hand to the pillows and made a small rip, pulling out of feather, "explains your snoring."

Jaskier looked guilty, "Did it keep you up?"

"no," he instantly felt bad, "It was a joke. You weren't snoring, but will you be alright to travel."

Jaskier sniffed and cuddled closer, "I'll be fine, just a bit sneezy and stuffy for a while." 

"hm." Geralt tried not to show the slight excitement he had about the idea of Jaskier overcome by his allergy. 

"oh," Jaskier scrunched his nose up, "I need to..hiih" He hitched, eyes closed and head tilted back, nostrils flaring, and suddenly stopped, "oh... lost it." 

Geralt had to hold his breath for a second, feeling like Jaskier was teasing him. It was then that he realized he still had a feather in his hand. Without much forethought, he brought the feather up to Jaskier's nose and gently moved it underneath, watching Jaskier hitch. 

"Eitschiew!" Jaskier sneezed openly towards Geralt's chest, "Eitsch!-itsch!-ehtschiew!" He sighed as Geralt moved the feather away, "wait, there's still more-" He wiggled his nose and moved Geralt's hand back, "Hiih-Ahhtschiew! schiew! hiih'Ehhschiew!" 

The moan came out before Geralt could stop himself and found his free hand pulling Jaskier closer.

"That felt good," He smiled slightly and rubbed his nose back against Geralt's fingers, "want to do it again?" 

Geralt's whole brain stopped working and he was just going on instinct at this point, only grunting and... panting?

Jaskier knew all of Geralt's noises at this point and knew the poor witcher was losing control, "Come here." he gently kissed his lips and brought Geralt's hand back, but this time positioned his fingers to gently clasp against his nostrils. He slipped the feather back under his nose, through Geralt's fingers and held back the uncoming sneezes. He hitched, knee coming up between Geralt's legs applying slight pressure. Now he was really teasing him. Suddenly the tickle became too much and he moved the feather and made  Geralt's fingers close around his nose.

"HImpt-- enmpt- enxt-nxt-chiew!" He stifled as much as he could but they started to come out as half, but he could feel that Geralt definitely didn't mind, "Eng-SChiew! ingxt--niuhh." he moaned as he felt Gearlt's free hand roam further down, "angxt--nuhh... hih-engxt-ingxt'chiew!"

Geralt could feel slight wetness on his fingers from the sneezes, but also tears from irritation, so he moved his fingers to unplug his nose and gently rubbed underneath.

"Heasch-Easch! hiih'eagshchiew!" Jaskier's hair was falling into his eyes as he gave into the fit, "Eatsh!-itsch!-hih..Heasxch!huuh." he moaned and sniffed wetly, which only ignited another itch, "Hatsxch!uh." 

Geralt reached back and grabbed a handkerchief, coming back and wiping his irritated nose for him, "Bless you." 

"Thangk you," he sniffed a bit hesitantly.

"Blow," Geralt held him as he blew his nose and suppressed a shiver when Jaskier's knee began to rub again, "Jaskier.." 

Jaskier put the handkerchief aside and rubbed his nose, "Geralt." 

He growled and pulled Jaskier closer as he kissed him and was surprised when Jaskier pushed him onto his back and crawled on top of him. It wasn't surprising that Jaskier wanted on top, he just figured he'd be exhausted, "you sure?" 

Jaskier gracefully lowered himself so he could whisper against his lips, "yes." 



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Hooo boy. I feel so blessed with all this phenom content! 

honestly, I have no preference for the creature- I just like the idea that Jaskier could live as long as Geralt. 

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13 hours ago, 2SHY222 said:

Oh this is heavenly. I'm obsessed 🥰

Thank you! This makes me so happy! 😍

11 hours ago, Tassielli said:

Hooo boy. I feel so blessed with all this phenom content! 

honestly, I have no preference for the creature- I just like the idea that Jaskier could live as long as Geralt. 

I feel so blessed every time you comment! ah! 😍.  Fey Jaskier suit your fancy?


I swear I'll make up for this one in a sec 🤣

Wood and Iron

TW: Vomit


It had been weeks since either of them had taken residence in a town and finally found themselves in an old inn, drinking ale, and finally taking a load off. The town was quaint, not much here, but just enough that they were comfortable, but something struck Geralt as odd. Being superstitious wasn't all that uncommon among smaller towns; they had less protection than most and used anything they could to stay up. He just found it all to be a bit too much. 

"Geralt?" Jaskier was sitting next to him, looking like he'd had a bit too much to drink.

"Drunk already?" Geralt raised a brow and smirked, "we've barely been here an hour."

At first, Jaskier was hurt that Geralt would think that of him, but taking a moment to think, he figured it was best that Geralt didn't know he felt unwell. It hadn't passed his notice how there was an abundance of superstitious wards around, even a horseshoe tacked to every open door and window,  sometimes they had three, and salt lined the windows. IF anyone noticed he looked unwell, he could have the whole town turn on him, so he decided to roll with it.

"just a bit... I think I'm going to head to bed," he gently tapped his arm, "care to join me?" 

"You need to eat," Geralt pulled him back down and frowned when Jaskier looked a bit off balance. Jaskier wasn't a lightweight, and he hadn't had more than a few sips of his ale; something was wrong.

He opened his mouth to retort but caught the eye of a particularly paranoid looking barmen, and quickly nodded his head and started to eat some porridge. Whatever it was, it had some odd lumps in it that he tried to avoid, but figured he might have accidentally swallowed a bit or two. 

Geralt slowly ate some two and immediately looked like the thing offended him, "Or I could kill us a rabbit."

Jaskier put the bowl down and put a hand to his mouth, "I think I'm going to be sick." He dashed out of the inn, not caring who looked. 

Geralt cursed and followed him out, only to watch the bard throw up by a tree, "Fuck." He quickly walked over and gently patted his back, "Was it really that bad?" 

"you tried it-" he threw up again, and noticed some brown bits that looked suspiciously like wood chips, "oh gods." 

"yeah," Geralt wasn't looking at the vomit but kept rubbing his back, "just let it out." 

"Geralt, we need to leave." 

"Don't be so dramatic-"

"I'm serious." 

"You just need some rest. The food poisoning will pass-" he winced as the bard threw up again, "ah... Jaskier."

Jaskier coughed and stood back up, "did I get you?" 

"No," Geralt wrapped an arm around him, "you sound miserable." 

"I feel.." Suddenly there were the sounds of iron bells and Jaskier immediately felt dizzy.

"steady..." Geralt held him up and looked worried, "why didn't you say you felt unwell." 

"didn't.. until.. here," he was having trouble finding his balance and he was slurring his words.

"you need a healer." 

"we gotta.. go," the bells clanged again and Jaskier finally fainted in Geralt's arms. 


Geralt paced at Jaskier's bedside for hours after the healer did what he could. The man said it was probably the flu, but something pulled in the back of his mind, telling him it was far more. Jaskier now had a fever and was coughing a lot in his sleep. They tried giving him water, but he just threw it back up with more pieces of brown flakes that Geralt swore looked like wood. He was starting to pull his hair, wanting to punch a hole through the wall when he heard Jaskier wake up.


His voice was so weak, Geralt almost missed it, but immediately came to his side, "Jaskier.."

"Need to.. tell you.. something." 

"you need to take your medicines, then you can tell me." 

Jaskier shook his head and backed away from him, looking like he was going to fall off the bed.

"Jaskier, enough. This will help you." 

"no," he pushed him away, "they make it worse.." 

"you don't even know what it is."

"They don't like.."

"They don't like what?" 

Jaskier wanted to tell him that they didn't like his kind here, but Geralt wouldn't understand. Geralt didn't like the fey, so he just shook his head. 

"Damn it, Jaskier!"  He pulled his leg so he would be close enough to make Jaskier take the vials.

The second the bottle touched his skin, he screamed in pain and hid his face.

Geralt almost dropped the vials in surprise but put them on the table before moving Jaskier's face towards him. He saw the burn on his lips and his eyes went wide before he let go and took another look at the vials, "they're made of iron." 

Jaskier hid his mouth behind his hands as he coughed again, this time finding blood in the aftermath.

"I should have known!" Geralt yelled and threw the vials across the room.

Jaskier jumped back, afraid the anger was towards him and fell off the bed. He tried to touch the door to the room but ended up screaming again in pain as the doorknob was made of iron. 

Geralt ran over and held him in his arms stopping him from moving or injuring himself further, "stop! Jaskier, it's me. I'm not going to hurt you." He kicked himself for technically already having done that with the vials. 

Jaskier kept fighting him but his strength was going quickly and he finally stopped, "They'll kill me.." 

"I won't let them."

'but i'm.." 

"fey," Geralt held him close and gently kissed his fevered neck, "I should have known sooner, I could have prevented this.." 

"you're not..mad?" 

"of course i'm mad!" Geralt stopped and reigned in his anger, "I could have kept you safe... you've been throwing up wood chips."

 "ashwood," Jaskier choked out through another coughing fit, "in the porridge." 

"They poisoned you," His tone turned murderous.

"Fear.." Jaskier finally relaxed in his arms, too tired and sick to do much else, "they're scared.." 

"Jaskier, you're shaking." 

"I've been... poisoned.. remember?" He coughed again, fist weakly coming up, and accidentally got some blood on Geralt's shirt, "Fuck.." 

"it's ok," Geralt held him close, "this will pass." 

"because I'll die?" Jaskier had tears running down his face, voice growing faint.

"no," he closed his eyes and concentrated, handing glowing, before a small flash of light went through the room.

Suddenly a portal opened into the room and Yennifer came in looking concerned, "hurry! before they form a mob." she hated this town, and only came here because as much as she didn't like the Bard, he didn't deserve to die like this.

Geralt picked Jaskier up and ran through the portal and put Jaskier on the bed that was there. 

Yennifer came through with a potion and forced Jaskier to drink it all before laying him back down, "get a bucket. now!" 

Geralt quickly grabbed the bucket and held it to Jaskier's chest as the poor kid threw up a mix of wood chips and the purplish potion.

"He needs to get the woodchips out before he can heal," she looked at the burn on his palm and lips and closed her eyes as she healed them, "how the hell are you fey?" 

"Just born, lucky," he quipped before throwing up again. 

Geralt wanted to punch him, but the whine that came after another bout of sick made his chest ache, "why didn't you tell me."

"can we have this lecture when I'm not dying?" 

"Tell me why?!" 

Jaskier threw up one more time before his whole body seemed to lose any lasting bit of energy he had and fell back against the pillows. He suddenly felt cold and hot all over, but he could feel beads of sweat run down his temples.


Jaskier felt Geralt's hand on his forehead and saw worried yellow eyes stare back at his. With his last bit of energy, he whispered, "just... wanted to belong somewhere.. ya know?" 

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aka: Geralt is still salty Jaskier didn't tell him he was Fey




Geralt frowned and glanced back at his walking companion.


"stop that." 

" I ca'hah.. Heitsch-itsch! hih'Ahh'schtiew!" 

"what's wrong with you?" 

The water glare was cut short by another bout of sneezing, "Eitsch!-Eschiew.. hih-ahschiew! Ahkschiew!" 

Geralt stopped Roach and hopped off, walking towards his bard and taking a bag from him. He instantly noticed that Jaskier seemed to calm down a bit as the bag was further from him, "Why didn't you say you were allergic to burnt ashwood?" 

"That- Hahschiew!" Jaskier almost hit his head on a rock, trying to sneeze away from Geralt, "That's what that was?" He hit Geralt's arm, hard as he could and glared, "you know i'm fey!" 

"Which you decided to keep from me for years." 

"you're a Hahschiew!" this time he didn't try to cover, "fucking hell." He was starting to get dizzy, "bastard." 

"yeah," Geralt put an arm around him and kept him steady.

"no-" Jaskier tried to get away and stifled a few more sneezes into his fist, "get the bag awa..schiew! away from me." 

"Get on Roach." 

"What?" Jaskier leaned against the rock and wiped his swollen eyes.

"You heard me." Geralt took his hand and practically dragged him towards the horse, helping him up before tying the ashwood to the saddle, "I need the wood for the hunt." 

"You're hunting fey?" 

"No," Geralt got up, sitting behind him, "you just happen to share a weakness. I did not expect it would be so severe."

"why do you think we don't go near it? because we find it distasteful?" Jaskier elbowed him again and crossed his arms after blowing his nose.

"met many fey who did."

"well, I have a bit more of an instant reaction."

"So I've noticed," Geralt wrapped his arms around Jaskier's middle and kissed his shoulder.

"I'd yell at you, but I'm too dizzy."

"We're almost there," Geralt squeezed a little and let Jaskier lean back, resting.

"'m sorry I didn't tell you."

"I know why you did," Geralt buried his face in his hair, "butcher, remember?" 

"Never believed that," Jaskier sniffed and coughed lightly, "Bastard, sure, but never butcher." 

Geralt silently waited, hoping he'd tell him more. If he wasn't afraid to tell him because he thought he was a monster, which was evident he didn't, then why? Because he wanted to fit in with humans? But Geralt wasn't human.

"Just wanted to be known as a Bard. not a fey bard... People fear them too much to think anything other than a monster." he looked at Geralt with red-rimmed eyes, fire leaving them and replaced by sadness, "and I didn't want you to change the way you looked at me. You never thought I was a threat, an annoyance maybe, but never a threat. If I had said I was fey, You'd look at me like you did the elves. Mind wondering which side they were on or what their motives were for being in a human tavern. You looked at me like I belonged somewhere. It was nice." 

"You could be a manticore and you still wouldn't be a threat."

"someone would have paid you to kill me by now."

Geralt rolled his eyes, "When will you learn, Jaskier?" he bent forward and kissed him, "I love you, and I'll never let anyone hurt you." 

"ok," Jaskier gently kissed him back before his nose itched and he turned away, "Hetisch!" he groaned, "can we hurry up and get rid of the ashwood."

"almost there."

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🥰 Spectacular! Could you please write one where jaskier and geralt are hiding and jaskier has a terrible head cold?

Also please never stop writing. You are amazing 😍

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On 3/4/2020 at 11:19 AM, 2SHY222 said:

🥰 Spectacular! Could you please write one where jaskier and geralt are hiding and jaskier has a terrible head cold?

Also please never stop writing. You are amazing 😍

hope this is what you wanted! thanks for the request! I'll try to not stop lol I enjoy writing, I just wish I had more time to do it. I'll be on spring break (College/university) this coming week, so i'll be able to write more ! whoohoo. thank you so much for the support! xoxo



fetish Geralt yet again.

Jaskier and Geralt had just gotten to an inn after weeks of travel. Geralt had managed to defeat the beasts but didn’t know that it had become sacred to a few nomads in the forest. They caught up with Geralt and Jaskier, ending up fighting with Geralt and of course ended up dead. While the fight happened, Geralt threw Jaskier into the river, for reasons that Jaskier couldn’t understand, and now he was fighting a dreadful cold that he just couldn’t shake.


“Explain to me why you threw- Hashchiew! Threw me into the river?” Jaskier walked into the room and immediately started to strip off his wet clothes, which were wet from the rain outside, and put them by the fire as he dried off.


Geralt growled and slammed the door behind him, “It was there over or a sword in your neck.”


“They were nowhere near me, Geralt.” He put his hands on his hips, glaring at him.


Geralt was now aware that Jaskier was completely naked and he forgot everything he was going to say, mouth slightly open.


“What are you gaping at?” Jaskier looked down at himself, “It’s not like you haven’t seen all of me before?” Slightly exasperated, but mostly fond, he came over and started to remove Geralt’s clothes, “honestly, last thing we need is for you to catch cold too.” 


Geralt wrapped his arms around him and kissed his forehead, “sorry.” 


Jaskier buried his face in Geralt’s neck and smiled, “you were just trying to protect me.”


“You have a fever,” Geralt put his hand on the back of his neck and started a light massage.


“Lay by the fire with me?” Jaskier sniffed a bit pathetically and pulled him close to the fire; when a sudden loud noise scared them both. 


“Clothes, now,” Geralt threw him a dry pair and looked outside the window, “we have to sneak out the back. Leave everything, we’ll come back for it when they're gone.”


“Who?” Jaskier muffled congested coughing fit into his elbow.


“The same people I just pissed off.” He grabbed Jaskier’s hand and they ran out the back door and into the woods.


The man who hired them to kill the beast quickly ushered them inside his home and told them to hide in the attic among the storage. 


Jaskier had been muffling coughs into his handkerchief the entire time and was starting to look light-headed. 


Geralt knew he couldn’t help it and kept his sword close, ready to attack if necessary. But for now, he held Jaskier close to his. Chest, “cough into me.” 


He did as he was told and the fit finally abated, just in time for them to hear someone enter the house, yelling about where to find the Witcher. His nose itched and he pulled Geralt closer as he stifled sneezed into him. 


The sneezes caught him off guard and he had to bite his tongue from moaning. To make matters worse, the man didn’t seem to be winning the argument and footsteps could be heard on the stairs. Thinking fast he pulled Jackier into a dark corner and clasped his hand over Jaskier’s mouth, and pinched his nose. Thankfully he felt Jaskier take a deep breath before he did so, so he wasn’t going to suffocate. 


The nomads came upstairs and opened random crates, thinking they might be hiding in them.


If Jackier thought he couldn’t be more humiliated, he was wrong. His nose itched and ran, and he found himself silently stifling into Geralt hand. HI face was already red from stopping coughs, lungs burning and he felt ready to faint. 


Geralt’s fingers started to feel wet and he suppressed a shiver, wanting to pin Jaskier to a wall, but he stopped himself and remembered they were hiding.  


The Nomads were about to go when Geralt’s hand slipped as his mind wandered, and Jaskier let out a dainty, “Kiew!” 


Everyone froze and Jaskier put both of his hands to cover his mouth.


A nomad’s laugh broke the silence.


Geralt’s hand grabbed the hilt of the sword and gently kissed Jaskeir’s forehead, trying to get him to relax.


“You’re hiding a girl up here,” the nomad smacked another nomad and smiled, “we won’t tell your wife- come on,” the nomads went back down the attic and left the house in better spirits. 


The second they left, Jaskier sunk to the floor and coughed wet and harsh into his handkerchief after blowing his nose. 


The kid looked exhausted and Geralt knelt down, pulling him closer and rubbing his back as he hacked. 


“He needs to see a healer,” The man who helped them was suddenly near.


“We didn’t exactly have time.” 


“I shall call for a healer to meet you in your room,” the man quickly went to do so. 


“I feel awful.” 


“I know,” Geralt picked him up bridal style and held him close.


“I’m sorry.. this was..”


“Sh,” Geralt blushed and looked away, “don’t apologize. I almost gave us away a few times.”


“Huh?” Jaskier looked up at him with fever bright eyes, then it clicked, “oh,” he smiled and relaxed, “’s ok. We can take care of that after a nap.” 



“I love you.” Jaskier was starting to fall asleep in his arms, “I want to.” 

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Ahhh these are so good! You’re such an amazing writer. If you’re up for it, I think it would be super fun to see the tables turned and have some sneezy Geralt!

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