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I think the first time I heard Yuna sneeze was about 4 years ago.  I was on my way out of the Sneezeatorium when I felt the walls shake near the Level 5 area.  This cute little Asian girl was shaking the walls with her titantic roars.  If she was shaking the walls, she was in the wrong area, she was at least a level 6. 

            In my world, all men have a mutation which cause our sneezes to be supernaturally large.  To prevent destruction, governments around the world joined together to build Sneezeatoriums, a place where sneezers could let their sneezes loose without fear of breaking anything.  These facilties were placed first in major cities and later college campuses and now they’re everywhere.  Sneezers are categorized in levels, level 1 being the weakest and close to a woman’s normal sneeze.  Level 10 is typical of most men, with a sneeze capable to blowing down a single house. Seeing a woman who’s sneezes rivaled that of most men, was quite rare.  

Yuna was treated unfairly as a result, and the result was actually quite dangerous.  The attendants at in the Sneezetorium lobbies always underestimate her nose, and place her in an area where its not reinforced enough to take her sneezes.  I always had a crush on her.  Ever since I first heard her roar 4 years ago, ive been secretly following her when shes in a sneezy mood.  I never got the courage to talk to her though.  I practically lived in the “tube”, its what I called the Sneezeatorium cuz you sneeze into a tube.  I was infamous around the world for having prodigious levels of sneezing, aka I was level 15 when I was 15.  Now at age 19, im a level 20 and growing.  As a result I have my own sneezing room set to LEVEL 30 in case I had a bad growth spurt.

            One day, I entered the “tube” lobby and I saw the attendants giving Yuna a difficult time, offering her a level 5 room, when she was demanding at least a level 12.  Her nostrils were flaring and her eyes were fluttering.  It was close.  She was gonna blow sooner or later.  I approached her and said, “you look like you’re about to blow, please take my room”.  She followed me and cupped a hand around her nose and mouth.  We entered the lift and my hair started to blow behind me.  I said, “let me help”.  I placed my hand around her nose and began massaging her nostrils.  Her breathing immediately slowed down and the tickle receded as I massaged the bridge of her nose.  “That should buy us a few minutes”.  I said.

            She entered the chamber and I closed the door behind her. I looked at the chamber cameras and saw her face begin to contort, her nostrils flared wider than I thought possible. Her breasts heaved, rising and falling with each huge breath.  


The floor shook.  A screen with a sneezeometer read out Level 14.


“Level 15”


Uhhhhhhhh….uhhhh….hueeeee hueee eehhhh..aaaaahhhh


The 3” thick glass on the door flapped wildly as the blast struck the room.

Level 19.

I was astonished, and infatuated with this girl.

She was roaring out several more sneezes when one of the engineers operating the sneeze room came out and asked me, “Is that your girlfriend?”

“We’ll see”, I said.  “in my dreams” I thought.

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I like the idea of a Sneezatorium :D Maybe we will hear some more from Yuna soon? I like the idea of 'leveling' sneezes into categories of how powerful they are!

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