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Multiple Obs and self obs on a business trip


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I went on a business trip with my manager who is also a great friend of mine (I will call her S). Although we work closely together, this was our first overnight business trip together, as we usually travel to different locations. There were a lot of observations and self observations during the trip.

The last few weeks my allergies have become more intense which is not the norm, and my nose is tickling a lot and sensitive.  I’m not sure why - trying to figure it out so I know what makes me sneeze in multiples/hitching with more satisfaction, vs singles with and occasional double, which was my older more regular patterns. I generally enjoy male sneezing, but S has really great female sneezes that vary and also always says bless you or god bless you and talks about allergies - not too shabby while working!

The first one, while traveling in the morning, S was driving and I was in the passenger seat. I could hear S sniffling a little all of a sudden and looked over and saw her scrunching her nose and touching/rubbing it with her hand. We were talking about work and all of a sudden she stopped mid sentence, took her right hand up to her face and had a very wet and forceful sneeze, “eSCHooo”. I said bless you and she thanked me and we continued talking. After sneezing into her hands, the majority of the time, she will immediately use antibacterial.

Later in the commute, I could feel my nose tickling in and out while we were talking. I knew a sneeze was coming, and turns out it was 4! I finished what I was saying and S was talking. I turned away towards the window and put up my right elbow up to sneeze into as I didn’t have any tissues or napkins ready - didn’t want to interrupt our work convo. “Ahh-tschoo, estchoo, Ahhh-ahhhTSChoooo” and as I was sneezing, S said bless you each time. My sneezes vary in rapidness, so I was able to squeeze a small thanks in between the second and third. I started responding to S from the work convo and felt a 4th sneeze creep up, so I stopped mid sentence and said “one more, estchooo” sneezed into my elbow. S said “my goodness, bless you!”. I thanked her and told her my allergies had been worse the last couple weeks and wasn’t sure why. She made some seasonal trigger suggestions and then brought up how I had sneezed 3 times in our meeting earlier in the week.

side observation from that: 8 - 10 of us were at a conference table and I was sitting on one of the outside chairs. A woman came in to our office with reallllllly strong perfume - I have noticed that a couple really extreme smelling ones seem like they could be triggering some sneezes (I wear perfumes and have never been bothered before, so still investigating). After 15 or 20 mins of tickling and some nose rubbing to try to calm it down and hold it back, I turned away from the table and sneezed 3 times into my elbow. My coworker stopped talking to bless me and after you second sneeze more people chimed in, and after the 3rd, I think almost all blessed me - it was hard to tell as I was looking away, but it was nice and they were satisfying sneezes as the tickle went away after. 

Later at our work destination we were sitting at a table together. S all of a sudden stopped writing and said very quickly “ihavetosneeze” and immediately sneezed into the crook of her shoulder, as she didn’t have time to figure out another plan that worked - “haruuumph”. I blessed her and she thanked me. She blew her nose a few times into a tissue after. 

A few hours in I felt a sneeze coming on while we were talking, so I put my hand up to indicate a pause and I turned to the side and sneezed as softly as I could, being in a workplace, into my elbow, “ah-schoo” and S blessed me and I thanked her. She continued and after 2 sentences I put my hand up and said “hang on there’s another” and I had a little more time as this one backed down and I hitched - there were a few people walking around us and I didn’t want to disrupt so I decided to try and stifle this one and I sneezed into my elbow, “ah...ahh...ahh-hmpk” and then had a vocal “choo” after letting out my deep breath after holding back. The hitches in that sneeze made my chest and nose shake and I was able to keep it fairly quiet so only S blessed me and I thanked her. S sneezed one more time into her hand before leaving and it was very wet “AhhSchhhh” and I blessed her and she thanked me.

After another drive, we were at our next destination and when we were walking about 1/3 of a mile or so, I felt the tickle come back. It had just started mixed precipitation outside and it was fairly cold out. Since we were outride and nobody else was around, I let out some bigger sneezes and S blessed me in between each one, “AHHH-Chooo”, “ETSCHoo”, and third one was more vocal and my voice went up higher pitch at the end as it was the most powerful, “AHHHCHOOOO”. I sneezed all three open and out to the side away from S as we were walking.

The next day S was very sniffly and took allergy meds - she sneezed twice while we were in the hotel room getting ready. I was standing behind S and she was putting something in her bag crouched down on the floor. All of a sudden mid sentence she put her fingers up to her nose with her hand underneath them and almost grabbed her nose sneezing quickly into her hand, “harrumph” and before I could finish saying bless you she leaned back almost into me and had an even bigger “harrUMPH” and I said a more sincere bless you and touched S’s shoulder and she thanked me and told me it was her allergies and her eyes were bothering her. I asked her if I could get her anything and she thanked me And said she would be okay - she was sniffing and rubbing her nose for awhile as we did work in the room after that. 

We had napkins on our table at work and were talking and S announced she was going to sneeze and I looked at her and said “bless you” kind of light heartedly as she still had the sneeze coming in and she looked to me laughing a little but with her mouth open and eyes fluttering and nostrils flairing - she was breathing in and out fairly deep. She reached for a napkin that was in the middle of our table and took 2 hands and sneezed right into it hard in one fluid motion “ahh-HATSCHHH” and went right into a noseblow and I said bless you, as she sheepishly said thank you to me.

After leaving when we were driving back S told me her nose felt dry and she kept rubbing it, putting her finger under it, and sniffing. After about a minute, I started feeling my nose tickle and said that I agreed that something changed outside as I felt itchy and rubbed my nose a little and scrunched while putting my finger under my nose a few times to try to calm the sensation down - we were having an intense work conversation and I wanted to try to hold off although I knew S felt the irritation too - still can’t figure this stuff out but maybe it was the atmosphere? S did not sneeze again On the trip.

Then came my best self obs of the trip as I ended up with 5 sneezes (I used to only sneeze once and I love this amount - or more - if anyone knows any techniques or have any ideas to play around with this more/figure it out, please let me know!😊).

I had a napkin in my pocket from earlier so I took it out and folded it so it was sneeze ready. I held it about 10 mins while my nose continued to itch. I announced to S in between her sentences that I was going to sneeze and made a comment like “oh allergies” and then we resumed the work conversation. 1 or 2 mins later, S was talking and I was listening and I knew I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I brought the napkin up to my nose with both hands and before I sneezed S announced “here they are!” And I sneezed into the napkin with both hands, “Ahh-chooo, Ah-Ah...Ah-Ahhh-schooo, eh...eh-eh-TSCHOO” and the additional hitching between the second and third sneeze was extremely powerful. S blessed me as I was sneezing and I thanked her after number 3. She started talking again and I brought my napkin up a little before my 4th sneeze and said into my cupped hands that I was so sorry and there was another. I hitched into the napkin and my breathing was deep and I could feel my eyes tearing and my body shaking as I released my 4th sneeze,”Ahhh-tischhhh” and I got a loud and warm toned “bless you, my dear”And I thanked S again. I could feel my nose still tickling but it wasn’t as intense and I could concentrate again. S finished what she was saying and I started to respond. The tickle got really bad and all of a sudden I was in mid sentence and I trailed off as I was overpowered by the sneezing sensation. I fought it off and started my sentence over, and the same thing happened again and I had to stop and I started hitching a little and said “excuse me I’m sorry I’m... going to ...sneeze again” and the sentence was so hard to get through due to the uncontrollable hitching - I never did that until recently and I really like the sensation while trying to talk and then getting to the point where you can’t anymore but the hitching intensifies, which is why I want to find out what causes this type of sneezing in me! Then the sensation went away and I tried to get back on track but had lost my train of thought. I asked S where I was and apologized and she said “no worries girl! You are trying to recover from those sneezes!” And she rubbed my arm slightly as reassurance that it was fine. Then I finished my thoughts on our topic and S started talking. I felt the tickle come back strong and barely had time to sneeze hard into the napkin, “AHH-SCHOOO!” And as I finished S said “There it is, bless you!” as I was ending my powerful last sneeze and I immediately said in my hands cupped over my nose “told you there was one more” and went into a nose blow in the same napkin and the sensation immediately went away, and I knew I was finished. I then looked at S and asked her if that happened with her allergies where after sneezing the sensation goes away like that and she said yes...I commented that was so strange and we talked about allergies evolving and allergy testing a bit - she told me about her allergies a bit and I talked about how mine are changing, and then moved back to work stuff. 

I am not sure if I have ever experienced that many sneezes that were not induced or inside my house - it’s been awhile since I sneezed in front of anyone besides my husband like that, so it was a pretty positive experience. I am hoping to get more of the hitching going in the future as I actually really enjoy that struggling feeling to talk when you have to sneeze and eventually losing the battle! Anyway, I’m fairly new at writing down obs, so hope you enjoyed checking them out and I will try to keep improving! :)









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Ok I absolutely love this  :) Great observation! So well told - made me jealous I wasn't on this business trip too...

Thanks for sharing! 

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On 2/27/2020 at 6:33 AM, Justasneezygirl said:

And I sneezed into the napkin with both hands, “Ahh-chooo, Ah-Ah...Ah-Ahhh-schooo, eh...eh-eh-TSCHOO” and the additional hitching between the second and third sneeze was extremely powerful.

Wow :D Sounds amazingly intense! Thanks for posting this epic obs :) 

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On 2/27/2020 at 9:36 AM, Bless you, Hi said:

Maybe it could it have all been from the location you visited? idk This was a pretty great observation though!

Definitely a possibility - I haven’t sneezed like that since I left, so I might have to go back and test it out! :)

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On 2/28/2020 at 4:38 PM, NoV said:

Wow :D Sounds amazingly intense! Thanks for posting this epic obs :) 

It was and you’re welcome. I’m not used to the involuntary breathing and hitching between sneezes, so it is still amazing me when it happens! Lol 😊

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On 2/29/2020 at 5:00 PM, Victoria said:

Really enjoyed reading this!  Thanks for posting.

Thank you very much and you are welcome! 😊

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On 2/29/2020 at 3:03 PM, RAV4girl said:

Love when people try to talk while hitching then eventually sneeze because of allergies. Love your descriptions of how it felt. Bless you! 

Me too! I have always loved it, but never experienced it myself - I hope to figure out what triggers it! It felt amazing and I tried my best to put it into words! Thank you! 😊

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On 2/27/2020 at 9:38 PM, Thom said:

Ok I absolutely love this  :) Great observation! So well told - made me jealous I wasn't on this business trip too...

Thanks for sharing! 

Thank you! Hehe I bet - I can only imagine that happening on a business trip with two sneeze fetishists! 😊

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On 2/27/2020 at 1:13 PM, honkmaster said:

Great obs thank you for sharing them. Do you mind if I ask what your blow sounded like?

Thank you! I don’t mind although I’m not sure if I am good at describing since this is my first time, but here goes.


S had a very forceful and powerful nose blow and it easy very wet and snotty both times that she blew her nose. She would immediately recover and dispose of the tissue and use antibacterial. 

I normally don’t like to blow my nose in front of others or in public, but I felt comfortable enough in front of S in the car. After my 5th sneeze I basically sneezed and continued blowing into my tissue and moved it back and forth on my nostrils to evenly blow each side. I wiped my nose on each side to make sure I was finished and threw the tissue into the garbage bag in the car and antibacterialed my hands. I did blow my nose once in our hotel room that morning, but no sneezes and just a tickle I had that went away after a simple nose blow after morning allergy stuffiness creeped in a little, and that was it for the trip! If I can describe more, let me know! 


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Thanks so much for trying to describe the blows. I know how you feel, I don't love blowing in public either. I meant when you blow your nose are you more loud or quiet?

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