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First Night


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Tim had been lying there awake, enjoying the feeling of Ethan snuggled beside him when he felt the other man’s body contract and release in a sneeze.


That was followed seconds later by a second, sleepy “hatshoo.”


“Bless you.”  Tim murmured as Ethan sat up, rubbing his nose.


Their first time spending the night together had been unplanned.  Ethan had been hit suddenly with a migraine the night before at while they had dinner and a movie, and Tim had insisted he stay rather than drive.   Ethan had quickly concluded that Tim was right; driving with light and motion sensitivity was a bad idea, and he should just try to sleep it off there.   


He’d fallen into Tim’s bed, after rummaging through Tim’s meager stash of over the counter meds, taking some Tylenol, ibuprofen and Benadryl, and quickly fallen asleep, not even considering that his allergy pills were at his apartment.   


Ahhtshoo.”  The third sneeze in as many minutes.   


“You ok?”  Tim asked, surprised at the intensity, looking to see if there were tissues in the bedroom.   No luck…they were some other place in the apartment.


 Ethan nodded, sniffling wetly.  “Hay fever.”  He explained, stuffily.  “And my pills are at my place.” He groaned.


“I have some Claritin.” Tim offered.   “And I’ll go find the tissues.”   He ducked out of the bedroom to the sound of Ethan’s sniffles.


Tim grabbed the pills out of the medicine cabinet and began the hunt for the tissues.   He found them on the kitchen counter, next to the microwave.  Shrugging at their location, he filled a glass with water and headed back to the bedroom to see Ethan  building up for another sneeze.   




“Bless you again.   I don’t know which you want first.”  He held out the pills and tissues.


Ethan took the tissues.  “Let me blow my nose first.” He said, congestion thick in his voice.  Tim waited while he blew his nose several times, setting the used tissues in his lap, then handed him the bottle of pills, setting the water on the nightstand for him.   


“Ugh.  Thanks.  Sorry to wake you.  I should have warned you that I was gonna wake up sneezing.” He apologized.   


Tim waved away his apologies.  “I was already awake.  Just enjoying being next to you.  You always wake up this way?  Seems like a hell of a way to wake up.”


Ethan sniffed again.  “March until June.” He sighed.   


“I’ll remember to keep the tissues on the nightstand next time.”


Hatshoo.”  Ethan took a swipe at his nose with the tissue.  “So there will be a next time.”


“Under more desirable circumstances, of course.”


Ethan chuckled.  “You sneezed through our first two dates, our first time we spend the night together is because of a migraine.  We make quite the pair.”


“I’d ask if you were feeling better, but…” Tim gestured to the tissues.


“I feel pretty ok, actually.  Just sneezy. It’ll fade within the hour.”


Tim nodded.  “You want a shower?  I set out a towel.”


“I’ll take you up on that offer.”  Ethan blew his nose again.  “Usually helps with this.”  He gestured to his head.


“I’ll make breakfast while you do that.”  Tim headed to the kitchen while Ethan jumped in the shower.  He looked through the fridge, remembering that for Alex, his stomach was usually unsettled after a migraine, and he wanted something light in case Ethan was the same way.


He managed to put together a light breakfast as Ethan emerged from the shower and appeared in the kitchen, preceded by a sneeze.


Hahhtshoo.”  A sharp sniffle.  Ethan sat down at the table, setting the tissues on it and clearing his nose into a tissue.   


“Bless you.”


Ethan laughed.  “You’re gonna say that a lot the next few months.”


“So you’re planning to stick with me the next few months.” Tim teased, setting food on the table.  “Toast?”


“Yes, please.  And I certainly intend to.”  Ethan scooped some eggs onto his plate along with a banana.


“I didn’t know how much you’d want to eat.  Alex typically doesn’t eat much the day after a migraine, and that’s really the only experience I have with them.  And I didn’t know if you were a breakfast person or not.”


“Usually up for food.”  Ethan confirmed, voice hitching.  Hahhshoo.”


“I’m gonna need to keep more tissues around.” Tim observed.   


Ethan nodded, ducking his head and sneezing again.  Hatshoo.  Ugh.  Excuse me.”


Tim sat down next to him, picking out his own breakfast.  He waited for Ethan to blow his nose again.  “Its ok…I don’t mind it.  Are you always sneezy in the mornings or just during allergy season?”


Ethan smiled, ducking his head.  “Always.  It’s just a difference of 5 or 6 versus 15 to 20.  And it’s always spaced out like this.  I never seem to be able to have the fit at once and be done with it.”


Tim smiled, sliding his chair a bit closer.  He placed a hand on the hand Ethan had resting on the table.  “I’ll just preemptively bless you for the rest of the morning.   Should I text you at lunch and bless you again?”


That got another laugh from Ethan. “I’ll need it.  Not as bad as now, but I’ll be sneezing regularly all day.  HahhAhhtShoo.  Sorry, sometimes they get a little loud.” He apologized.  


Tim waved away his apology.  “Don’t worry about it.  I’m used to Alex and Jamie.”   


“I’m sure.  I know I can’t help it; it’s just gotta work itself out of my system, but…” he trailed off.  


Tim nodded sympathetically as Ethan sneezed again.  Hadshoo.”  Blowing his nose on a crumpled tissue, he sighed and started on his banana.


Tim started on his toast, casting worried glances at Ethan each time the man sneezed.  After 4 more sneezes, Ethan spoke up reassuringly.   “Sweety, I’m ok.  Honest.  I wake up sneezing every day.  It’ll stop soon…well, I’m still gonna sneeze all day, ju…HUTchoo…just not like this, I promise.” 


Tim nodded.  “How are the tissues holding up?”


“I’ve got a quarter of the box left and probably about 5 or so sneezes left of this.  They’ll hold.”   


Tim laughed.  “I’ll pick up some more after work.  Anything else I can keep here for you?


Ethan shook his head, grabbing another tissue.  Hatschumphh.”  He blew his nose loudly.  “You’ve got antihistamines and tissues.  That’s about all I need.”   He finished his eggs.   “You make a good breakfast.”


Tim chuckled.  “Usually, it’s oatmeal, coffee and toast,” he admitted.  “I just didn’t know if you’d be up for that.”


Ethan snatched up his tissue.  Ahhtscmmphh.”   He pinched off the sneeze into the tissue again, and Tim looked at him curiously.   Ethan caught his glance.  “I find if I start stifling them into the tissue at the end, it helps end it.” He explained.   


Tim nodded as Ethan’s head tipped forward with another “Huhhtschummphh.”   He grabbed a fresh tissue and blew his nose several times.  “Ugh,” he sniffled, “I think it’s done.”  He finished his orange juice and checked his watch.   “I gotta leave in a few minutes.” He admitted.  “Gotta run home and get ready.”


Tim nodded.  “I know.  Next time, we’ll plan this.”  He went to wrap his arms around Ethan and give him a kiss goodbye when Ethan turned away. 


Hatschoo!  Sorry, one left, I guess.”  Ethan sniffled, then stepped back into Tim’s embrace, giving him a long kiss goodbye.   “My place tonight?”   At Tim’s nod, he whispered, “bring a change of clothes.”   With that, he slipped out to go home to get ready for work.


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3 minutes ago, Puzzle said:

Omg this was cute! Any way you could do a story about a sick Ethan as well?

Just posted one, I think literally as you were posting this.  😁

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Ooh the sweet flirting "feeling this out" stage...  They will definitely need to spend many many more mornings together.

Also.  This.  This is the cutest.

10 hours ago, aggedy_ann said:

 “I’ll just preemptively bless you for the rest of the morning.   Should I text you at lunch and bless you again?”


This is going to be my favorite allergy season.  Jamie, Alex, and Ethan.  Mmmhmm.

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On 2/28/2020 at 8:28 PM, sprinkles287 said:

Ooh the sweet flirting "feeling this out" stage...  They will definitely need to spend many many more mornings together.

Also.  This.  This is the cutest.

This is going to be my favorite allergy season.  Jamie, Alex, and Ethan.  Mmmhmm.

They’ll figure each other out.   

I feel like I should put those three together somewhere.   Tim, Freddie and Alyssa wouldn’t know what to do.

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8 hours ago, aggedy_ann said:

I feel like I should put those three together somewhere.   Tim, Freddie and Alyssa wouldn’t know what to do.

I wouldn't know what to do...

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3 hours ago, sprinkles287 said:

I wouldn't know what to do...

I would. 😈

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