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More memorable blows - in the restaurant


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Another memorable occasion was when, over a decade ago, I was in an Indian restaurant in a city. My attention was instantly drawn when I heard a long (almost 10 second) mixture of snotty and honking blow, loud, almost vulgar, certainly un-self-conscious. I looked over discreetly, and saw a young couple, probably students, just over 20. She was quite short, maybe 5'3", medium length dark brown hair, moderately attractive but not one dressing to get attention or anything (very student-looking in that respect). She was with what I imagined was her boyfriend, a quite straightforward type, looked relaxed, down-to-earth, an easy guy, while she was quite tense in her demeanour, perhaps because she had a really bad cold. Anyhow, it was her holding the tissue with two hands to her nose and making that hard blow. I registered with without staring, and with a smile inwardly to myself at her loud coarse honk.

Anyhow, because of where the couple were sitting, I could see her reflection in a mirror I was facing (from the other side of restaurant eating area, so not especially near). As she ate, every minute or so she reached for one or two somewhat crumpled tissues, held those to her nose, and gave another hard blow, looking somewhat resentful, with her forehead and eyes scrunched up every time. It was as if each time she wanted this to be the 'final' blow, but it never was, her nose was clearly running hard, and she couldn't stop. Always a snotty sound, though, not just a dry honk, so I loved to hear, and stole a glance over to the mirror each time. I think she may have vaguely noticed me glancing over, and imagined that I was a bit unhappy with her blowing so hard in a restaurant, and after that she seemed to stop, and was looking a bit flushed from then onwards. Probably had to keep sniffing back the snot well....

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