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More memorable blows - a girlfriend who blew like Vesuvius


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Around 12 years ago, I was seeing a girlfriend for a few months, who was based in France, but came over to the UK quite often. After we had met a few times, I remember speaking to her on the phone, and the signal was a bit garbled, but I heard her say something about '.....blowing their nose...', so naturally my ears pricked up. Upon repetition, it turned out she was talking about some runners in Paris who were doing farmer's blows onto the pavement, and she found that rather gross. But I loved hearing her talk about something related to this.

Anyhow, the next time she came to the UK, in spring, we were sitting in a pub somewhere, and I (who don't get hay fever) could tell how pollen-rich the air was. I sensed that she was reacting to this, not least as she was sitting close to a plant, and to my delight I saw her (for the first time) open her handbag and take out a blue packet of tissues, already open and half-full, take one out and give a series of short but moderately 'full' blows to her nose with one of them, holding with two hands, relatively unself-consciously (she certainly wasn't worried about me seeing it).

Anyhow, a bit later, when paying for some food at the bar, I heard a big big rumbling gush, one which sonically dominated the room, and turned round to see her holding another tissue to her nose and clearly erupting loads and loads of snot in a single blow. Anyone in the whole of the pub would have been able to hear this, it was truly like a volcanic eruption, deep and very rich sound, and incredibly sustained. When we got back to my flat, she did another massive blow like this.

I just regret (not having the same 'measure' of all of this then) not telling her something like how cute it was to hear her blow like that, and teasing her about what a huge sound she manages to make. She was quite kinky in other ways, loved spanking and so on, and would have been really really embarrassed if I'd said that - and would have loved that feeling! But she could blow like few others. I've only known one other woman with such a voluminous blow, one in Dresden, about who more on another occasion....

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It's a shame that you couldn't go further with her on the subject. For my part, I always try to tease a little on the subject to see the reaction of the other person. Even if the person finds the subject disgusting, there are many who say it "mechanically" but do not necessarily think so. And they say it because that's what all of the people say. ^_^

It's been 12 years now, haven't you seen her since time ?

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