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Is she or is he a sneeze fetishist ?


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Sometimes I ask myself this question. Is she or is he a fetishist ? When I find myself on a bus or in a busy place, I sometimes wonder if some people are fetishists. For example on the bus today, I see a girl sitting in front of me with a crowded nose, sniffing and struggling not to sneeze. She would think that I'm fetishist and if I observe ?

I'll ask you the question differently...
You as a sneeze fetishist, if you end up on a bus or whatever and have a bad cold. Do you observe people around to see who is watching you and do you think they can be fetishists too ? :unsure:

I know there is little chance that this is the case, but that does not prevent questioning. At least for me. ^_^

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Wow, what an interesting question! If I have a cold in public, I am normally overthinking how I will sneeze if I feel like I might and I don’t notice people watching me. Maybe I should start paying more attention as I do when others are sneezing - something to really think about! 

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Yes, I think this is an important question. ^_^
Is this person attracted, disgusted, disturbed, distracted, interested, curious or downright fetishist ?

And also, how to differentiate them, how to spot a sneezing fetishist in a public place ?
Now, when I leave my house, I look as much at the people who sneeze but I also observe those who notice them.

Are there others who have already questioned themselves on the subject ?
You're on a bus, your nose crowded, you're sneezing, who's going to observe you ?
And which of them could be a fetishist ?

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