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A nurse sneezes on my hand.


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I just remembered an experience I had a little over a year ago. I was in the hospital for a visit and I saw a little nurse (or nursing assistant) there. She must have been about thirty. I just passed her in one of the rooms and quickly enough. It must have been around 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

After I left the hospital, I headed for the bus stop to go home. There were a lot of people at that time and the bus was quickly filled, we were all crowded. I didn't pay attention to the people around me until I heard a sneeze right behind me. It was a little "HAATSHhh" discovered, cute and slightly damp. I even got a little spray on the back of my hand holding one of the bus bars.

When I turned around, I recognized her right away. She must have finished her service at the same time as I left. His nose was more rosy than what I had seen in the hospital and he was not even 20 cm from my hand. She breathed through her nose and I felt her warm breath on each exhalation. ^_^

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