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chhinkni to sell


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Who can inform me how and where buy chhinkni powder ?

I remember people gave me the address of a site names healthywealthy or something like that

but I can't find him again on the web.

thanks to all

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No, it's on "4wealthyhealth". ^_^
Just type on Google and it's the very first. Then you go to the "Shop" tab and there you will find $ 25 for a pack of 5.

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Edited out French
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@frenchsamuel and @oOMariusOo

Friendly reminder from staff that English needs to be spoken on this forum or at the very least, a translation needs to be provided. Also, please refer to the rules in regard to personal contact information. 

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OOOHHH I am so sorry

I beg your pardon, o native English speakers, for these two horribles sentences in this almost retarded language that is French

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@frenchsamuel Seeing that your full-blown French conversation was all about WhatsApp and Instagram, I’d say the rule is perfect. French is a beautiful language by the way. 

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