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I caught another cold... on purpose again


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It is day three of my purposefully planned cold. I'm miserable and horny at the same time.

I was at my cousin's office helping out with some work when she told me that one of their clients came in earlier with a horrible cold. Apparently they were sneezing everywhere. My cousin was so pissed that this client decided to come in the first place. Well I sure wasn't...

I've had this luck before with her boss, but that was also a full 24 hours later when anything infected is significantly diminished. Still managed to get sick though after around 3-4 days if I remember correctly...

This was a whole different deal though. The client left less than 2 hours ago.

Anyways I realized they had to have been blowing nonstop if the cold was that bad. And I knew just the trash can to look. Upon inspection I struck gold. It was OVERFLOWING with used tissues and paper towels. At first I didn't believe it, but as I hoped I saw that they were indeed used only to blow their nose.

I wanted to find the freshest, most infectious one. Within I found exactly what I was looking for: a wet and sticky tissue. Thoroughly used, sticky and yellow. This was pure gold. 

I grabbed what I could without being suspicious and held on to what I could. In the meantime I also put two thoroughly used pieces up my nose.

When I got home I put them in my cool humidifier and breathed it in. I also tried holding my nose and blowing and sucking in as an attempt to bring them up into my sinuses and not down my throat.

Two days later I have a horrible headache. Thankfully that subsided, and now the congestion and tickles in the throat and nose have started. I did a lot of physical activity today, so I'm pretty worn out.

In terms of how I'm feeling today?  Runny nose, congested that comes and goes depending on what I'm doing. Itchy throat and nose, and tender lymph nodes. My ears are also really stuffed up, and a bit painful.

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Quick update. Congestion getting worse (definitely prefer that). But have a pretty bad earache that I'm not into... Also have a little fever that's 99.6.


More info to come...

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Update 2:


I took a hot shower to help with my earache (earlier, not at 3:13am haha), but it didn't do much. It just made me way more congested. I keep trying to induce but I caaan't 😩

I've been downing Walgreens nighttime pain/fever reliever and it's B U L L. I haven't been drowsy at all since taking it. But it did help with my earache a lot.

My low-grade fever went down (usually my temp is around 97.7), but I just checked it and it went back up to low grade.

Throat is starting to hurt a bit, but other than that mainly congestion overload right now.


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It is not trivial, I did not know this way of doing things. I am not an asthenophile, but your experience is interesting to read. ^_^
Done still careful not to catch too dangerous viruses using this method, because you can't really know which viruses the strangers have !

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Update 2:


I managed to not go to sleep until 6:30am and I think I'm feeling a bit of the effects. My fever isn't here right now, but my face is just kinda.. gross tbh.

My throat is hurting more today, and definitely still have some congestion. My sinuses seem a bit swollen and my eyes are red. Headache is dull and hearing is out of wack.

My nose is stuffy but not to the point of not being able to breathe. But when I do it starts to run a lot so generally I've been mouth breathing. 

This is definitely doing a killer on my sinuses right now hahaaa. Haven't had a cold like this in a long time.

I wish it wasn't so obvious exteriorly, because this is more of a personal thing for me, and I hate it when people know I'm sick (unless I had a partner but even then it's a love/hate thing cause I don't want them to catch what I have (but I'm also single affff sooo)). Any suggestions for the swelling would be super appreciated! I honestly look a lot worse than I feel.


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6 hours ago, Aitanawww said:

Whish I had the courage to do that, hope you get worst;) you already sound miserable, keep us updated

Haha, I have a couple of exams this week so in terms of thinking this whole thing out.. wasn't really expecting to look like a walking Tylenol commercial if I'm being honest.

I kinda wish I would've thought of that but oh well lmao. I've got a great immune system, and haven't had any sort of sinus or ear infection in years, so I'm a bit surprised that it looks like I have both right now.

I was actually thinking of going to the doctor today but I've been too busy. If it's still this bad tomorrow I might have to before or in-between exams.

I enjoy the occasional self-infection, but not into giving it to anyone else.

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My face is so puffy. The congestion comes and goes but my nose has been running non-stop. I'm starting to get that hint of pink underneath.

I had to coax a few sneezes out because I was so stuffy this morning. They were wet and hurt my head a bit more than I expected. My ears don't hurt anymore but I can't hear very well.

My throat is hurting more as the day progresses. And my low grade fever comes and goes. I'm totally functional today, but I look like I've been hit by a bus. I was hoping I could keep it on the down low and just keep to myself, but my family commented as soon as they saw me. I tried to just be by myself and watch some movies.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I can't miss this exam unless I'm dying (and only looking the part isn't enough for me to miss). Either way I'm pretty much screwed. Oh well

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