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Self isolating (not quite yet)


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My manager at work told me to self isolate today, but he changed his mind- I had to explain I have a cough because I'm overweight and I snore, and my throat is scratched. But I see now where we're heading.

It's scary, and I'm trying to be rational, but I can't help being worried.

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First, stay calm and be positive. If you're nervous or worried your body will stress and it'll probably get worse, so you should first relax and think calmly. If you don't present clear symptoms, you shouldn't worry too much yet :thumbs_up:

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What EvaBloom said, stay calm and positive so you won't exacerbate your cough or stress your body out more. And the main symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. People are getting scared by any ol' cough now, but like all other pandemics, this too shall pass. You'll be okay 🙂

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That's so interesting! Where I live (US), colleges/universities have shut down or stopped meeting in-person. Meeting are done over the phone, and my parents were told to work from home "until further notice." 

Social distancing is a preventative measure, and it's implemented to keep things from getting bad. If anything, staying home from work will help keep you safe. This article summarizes what the CDC is doing to contain the pandemic pretty well. https://qz.com/1816060/a-chart-of-the-1918-spanish-flu-shows-why-social-distancing-works. What you can do for yourself is to wash your hands more frequently and don't touch your face

Also, if you look at data from China (see the active cases tab), the rate of infection is declining drastically since the end of February. Hopefully this trend follows in other countries as well. 

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I overreacted last night, I have not been in a sensible state lately. I am in a very fortunate position. I don't have to go out or travel much at all. I am in a job where I can work from home if we hit crisis point. I'm overweight but I don't get ill much from colds, flu, other bugs very often or severely.

My heart goes out to anyone with existing health problems that might make them more vulnerable, or elderly relatives. That's who we must try and keep safe. Thank goodness young children do not seem disproportionately affected by this.

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