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Writing trades while social distancing?


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Like the rest of the world, I'm spending as much time at home as possible to try and avoid spreading this virus. I'm going to need some things to keep me busy, so I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to do a story trade.

I've been very into Knives Out, James Bond (was really looking forward to that premier next month, but I can wait until November now), Good Omens, and Prodigal Son. I'm open to other things though including original characters.

Hope everyone is safe and sound and healthy. :hug:

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I would be interested.  I’m a little behind the times in fandoms but familiar with Knives Out and always open to original fics.   

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I'd be down for this as well, though I'm not very familiar with those specific fandoms, if there's any scenario's you like I don't mind experimenting with original characters.

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