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Virus scare


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So, I work at a language school for adult immigrants/refugees. We're not yet shut down by corona but naturally every-one is on high alert. With that background, this happened last week.

My co-worker C (quite pretty; blonde with soft features and stylish clothes.) is teaching a class when she hears a loud sneeze echo from upstairs (the walls are quite thin, it's an old building). There's a surge of anxiety in the room but my co-worker keeps on teaching. Then there's another sneeze, as loud as the first. Then another, and another. Students are getting very anxious now, and calling for class to be cancelled and the school shut down.

C is unsure what to do now, so she goes into our office and gets me and another co-worker and tell us what's going on, and we go into the hallway to listen. Sure enough, the echoing sneezes are still ongoing. We stand around for a moment, not quite sure how to proceed, when an sturdy-looking muscular Arabic man, mid-thirties, comes down the stairs, holding a paper towel. 

C speaks up. "Are you going home?"

Student: "What?"

C: You're sneezing and sneezing and sneezing (gesturing sneezing to get her point across)

Student, slightly awkward: "Yes. Very much."

C: "You should go home."

Student: "Yes... I just need to tell my teacher."

C: "No, I will tell her. You go home." (gestures walking with her fingers)


It was quite an interesting scene to witness. I do not think this man had corona since there was no coughing, just a common cold. But better safe than sorry.


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