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Surprising, happy accident


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So I was washing my face after a shower about an hour ago. I just got one of those subscription boxes in the mail today, and inside was a buzzing, vibrating facial brush thing, super soft flexible rubber nubbins on it and it felt nice on my face as I was washing. I’m doing little circles just enjoying the feeling when all of a sudden I must have hit a super sensitive spot off to the side of the bridge of my nose and had the biggest surprise sneeze I’ve had in a long while! I barely have time to gasp in a half breath before the nitro-fueled buzz tickle sneeze exploded out of me and I loved it. So of COURSE I had to attempt to recreate the experience, right? I finished washing and this time I sat on the bed with a couple fresh-from-the-dryer handkerchiefs. I gingerly searched for the secret trigger spot with the gentle buzzing brush... holding a soft, clean handkerchief in my free hand until ‘hu-hitschoo!’ it came on like lightening, again and again as I held the little buzzing brush in place, muffling each ‘hah-tischoo!’ With my handkerchief. I got over ten when I finally let myself have a little break to blow my nose and take a proper breath, but even after I turned it off I could still feel the tickly, buzzy, numbness in my nose and I knew I wasn’t quite done...I shook another fresh handkerchief to unfold it just in time to catch two more bonus sneezes! After a few good blows I felt like it was over and I just wanted to share because I’ve been feeling a bit down and I haven’t posted much lately and a little sneezy pick-me-up did just the trick for my mood.🤧

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