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What a lovely start to my day


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Appearance: My fiancé is 6 foot five, with shaggy surfer style reddish sandy colored hair and a goatee. He is broad shouldered and athletically built with a nice strong perfectly proportioned nose and has hazel eyes. He is in his mid-40s.


I  got a wonderful observation this morning. My fiancé has a cold, and it has been mostly coughing up to this point, with some nose blowing due to coughing fits.  I was in the kitchen preparing to hard boil some eggs and he came out to visit with me. Hair tousled but pulled back I into a ponytail. His nose was cherry red and his eyes were a little glassy. He got as far as the threshold of the kitchen and stopped.  His jaw went slack and his face took on a particularly distressed pre-sneeze expression. As he often does during a buildup, he fanned the air slowly in front of his face. I could tell he was trying to hold back and wanted something to sneeze into, so I quickly snatched up a napkin and handed it to him.  He stumbled back over the threshold into the living room and bent double with a powerful “GuRRRASHHOO!”  Standing back up straight he commented a congested “Ungh “ and sat down at the kitchen table, wiping his nose with the napkin. He  congestedly croaked out, “Would you bmake mbe sobme tea baby?” Hearing himself talk so congestedly, he opened up the napkin and gave a harsh but relatively unproductive blow. He made a circle around his face after the napkin was balled up in his fist “it’s all up here ndow. Mby dose has beedn rudnning abd ive had to blow mby ndose so much. Beedn up sidnce 4. Had to stuff tissues idn my dnostrils so I wouldn’t drain all over mbyself while I was sleepig“


He asked me what medicine he should take and I told him Benadryl. He said “oh like that bmeme you showed bme that said you can’t sdeeze if you’re udnconscious ?” And I said yes that is the one. He said “That’s a lie. Because of bmy  REM sleep disorder I absolutely cadn sdeeze while I’bm asleep ad sobmtibmes wake bmyself up.” I giggled  because I know that’s true. 


He turned to walk back to the bedroom with his tea but a sneeze caught him by surprise. He grabbed the corner of the hallway and bent double again with a “heeASSHIOOUHh!” sneezing openly onto the carpet. “Dabmnit!” he exclaimed as he dabbed his foot where the tea had spilled onto the carpet and sniffed back the damage from the sneeze. As he closed the bedroom door I heard another great “HURASHHHEEEAOOO”! and a series of whirring honks as he tried to clear his sinuses. And then I had to head into work, which is a complete travesty since he would no doubt provide many more wonderful observations today! 


After seven years of being together I finally got a good opportunity to take anpicture of him this morning as he was sniffling above the steam coming from his tea and I could not be more pleased about that. The whole bottom half of his nose is red. Thankfully this is only an annoying head cold so he is not miserable, but he is quarantining himself to our bedroom because of the recent warnings. This morning was a nice little gift.

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Glad he seems ok from the virus-who-shall-not-be-named; and I really love that sort of male sneeze. When a man's sneeze sounds big, unstoppable and manly it's just sexy.

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You damn right about that. I love many things about my big masculine man and that sneeze is one of them. He’s an Aries so watch out if he’s mad but he has the tenderest heart, too. Sigh.... 😍

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