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Hi, everyone.


In order to insure that the forum is a safe space for our members, the staff would like to ask that any discussion involving COVID-19 goes in either of these following threads:



While ranting outside of the pit is discouraged, we want all members to have a safe space to discuss their worries. Outside of these two topics, please do not discuss this topic, as it is incredibly distressing for many (if not everyone) in our community. We want to support the needs of the community for both members who wish to discuss it, and for members who do not wish to discuss it. Therefore, please refrain from discussing COVID-19 outside of these two threads (if there is a reason to in the Pit, for example, please use a spoiler and a CW). 


Thank you for your attention. 

Any questions, please use the Contact Us Feature, or PM a staff member.

Please be safe and well.





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