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I'm back with another Kaito and Mallory fic! This story is set between my fic, How They Met and But You Love Me Anyways.

 As always I hope you enjoy!


I placed the key that Kaito kept hidden under his unwatered plant into the deadbolt and turned it. The door swung open granting me escape from what my mom would call ‘uggy’ weather. The sky was gray and the clouds couldn’t decide whether not to be fog or rain so it settled somewhere in between. I closed the door behind me and placed the spare key on the entryway table. I didn’t see Kaito in his living room or the kitchen and figured that he was in his room, “I’m seeking refuge from influenza Jia” I called out. I shrugged off my jacket and placed it on his armchair, “Both Mia and Jess are back at my place with what I think is the flu?” I heard the door to Kaito’s bedroom open and I pulled my damp hair up into a messy ponytail, “I don’t know but they’re sick and I escaped before I was put on hair holding duty,” I lowered my hands and saw Kai shuffle into the living room, he looked worse for wear. He was dressed in an old college t-shirt and sweat pants, his black hair was tousled and he had a black medical mask covering the lower half of his face with a whole box of tissues in his hand. 

“Nod sure beig here is ad escabe fromb germbs snflgk,” Kai said his voice the most congested that I’ve ever heard. 

I puckered my lower lip into a pout, “aw I’m sorry, when did you start feeling sick?” 

Kai sniffled, “id cambe ond preddy fasd,” Kai paused to cough into his fist, “two days ago mbabye?” 

I made my way towards my sick boyfriend and placed the back of my hand against his forehead, “you don’t feel warm, think it’s the flu or just a hell of a cold?” 

Kai pushed my hand away and whipped around, “HUH!DJjj’SSHHtt!Uoo-HERRUSSSHHOOO!..ugh” slowly he uncurled himself and lowered his mask to blow his nose. Once he was finished he tossed the tissue into the garbage can across from the coffee table and turned back to me, “I thingk id’s jusd a cod, beed doig noding bud sdeez-sd,” his eyes fluttered shut and his breath came in uneven stutters, “sdee-HEEIISHOO... sngk” 

Kai had rotated away from me again but dropped the tissue box in the process of covering. I bent down and picked up the now battered box and handed him a few tissues, “Bless you, so just congestion and sneezing then?” I asked as he fumbily grabbed the tissues from my grasp and brought them up to his face. Once he finished blowing his nose, he turned back to me and nodded. With his mask tucked under his chin, I finally got a good look at his face. His brown eyes were tired and his nose and upper lip were an abused chapped red. I placed a hand against his cheek, “Aw Kai your poor nose,” Kai pulled away from me and moved the mask back over his face. 

“I dod wand do ged you sigk,” he muttered looking at me with his big brown eyes. 

I shrugged and walked back over to his couch to snag one of his blankets, “honestly I really don’t mind,”


I propped my hands on the arm of his couch, “Kai seriously I’ve got a great immune system. Stop worrying!”

Kai knuckled his nose through his mask, “bud you cabe here do escgape germbs and i’b sigk,” 

I sighed and rolled my eyes, of course, I didn’t mind being with him while he has a sexy sneezy cold! Not that I have the guts to tell him that, “Kai I came here to escape Mia and her germs, I don’t do puke. Plus they’re your germs and I love you so I-”  my eyes widen as I realize what I had just said. I glanced over at Kai to see his reaction and was greeted by a pre-sneeze expression. Quickly I faceplanted into his couch with the intention of hiding my embarrassment. It was just like me to say my first I love you subconsciously while ranting at my boyfriend. 


I didn’t move from my faceplant on the couch but I could hear Kai pull out a handful of tissues and blow his nose. 

“Bless you!” I said loud enough so my voice could be heard over the muffling of the couch cushions. My face was burning with shame and embarrassment, I meant to actually confess to him and I fucked it up. As I lay with my face against the cushions I became acutely aware of every sound in the apartment. I kept my eyes closed as I heard Kai clear his throat and make his way to the couch and me. My body went rigid when I heard his footsteps stop and I held my breath as I felt his hand give a soft tug to my ponytail. 

“Lobve you,”

I whipped myself up so I could look at him, Kai was crouched next to me by the side of the couch the mask under his chin and despite his red, raw, nose that was wriggling with a cold-induced tickle, he was grinning. 

I quirked an eyebrow but couldn’t stop myself from returning the smile, “what?” 

Kai sniffled, “I lobve you too,” 

It took me a moment from my brain to comprehend what was happening. I was so caught up in the fact that I just nonchalantly blurted it out to him that I didn’t really think about the possibility that he felt the same and would verbally reply. Once his reply sunk in my chest suddenly felt lighter, and what I can only describe as bubbly. Much to Kai’s surprise, I started laughing, my shoulders shaking.

“Mal?” Kai asked eyeing me warily as he swipes a hand under his nose. 

I shake my head as I sit up to properly face him, “it’s nothing,” I began still giggling, “it’s just I’m such a dumbass. I was planning to tell you in a more romantic way but instead, I let it slip while trying to convince you to let me stay despite you being sick,” slowly my laughter dies down but my cheeks begin to hurt from smiling, “and I just realized that this,” I point a finger between me and him, “is just such an us thing to do that I found it funny that I was worrying about it for so long,” Kai places a hand on my knee and I look back up at him, “I was planning to make it perfect, but this,” I lean forward and press my lips against his, bringing a hand up to cup his face until he has to break away to sneeze.

 Kai turns to his left away from me and lifts a clump of tissues up to pinch around his nose, “HAAAAESSCHEWWW!! HEPCHEWWWW!!! Heh...heh..HEESSSSCHEWWWW...sngkl” 

Slowly I hook a finger against his jaw and tilt his face back towards me,  “this is perfect.”

With another sniffle, Kai lowers the tissues from his nose which is an angry red and pulsating with need and I knew he would have to sneeze again soon, but he leans in to kiss me again, “what happened to not wanting to get me sick?” I ask. 

Kai’s breath begins to hitch, “y-youhh-heh...said snf you di..ihdn’t ih….heh...hePTCH,” he stifled into his shoulder, “did’t mind, sngk” 

“And that’s all it took to change your mind?”

Kaito pressed his forehead against mine, “baybe I jusd wanded do kiss you, do hell with dhis cold,” 

I laugh and pull away just enough to see Kai fighting the urge to sneeze again and losing, his eyes flutter shut and his nostrils are red and flaring, bringing up the abused tissues still clumped in his fist he lets out a double, “heh-RRSHOO!.. hhaah-RRSHOoo..ugh,” 

“Bless you,” I said. 

Kai lowers the tissues and leans over to kiss me, “lobve you,” 

I smile against his lips, “I love you too.” 

Kai sniffles thickly and kisses the top of my head, “you’re righd dhis is berfect.”

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