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Lucifer is sick (Lucifer fanfic)


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So,I finished watching Lucifer (on Netflix) last week and I loved it! I immediately fell in love with the main character and of course I started thinking about writing a sickfic about him. Well,here we go! 

PART 1 :

"Good morning detective!" Exclaimed Lucifer,after clearing his throat : it had been all sore and scratchy all morning.
He immediately winced at the congestion in his voice,as well as its hoarseness.
Chloe turned around and noticed that he was holding up a tissue to his nose,as if he was trying to keep it from dripping.
His nose was so runny and felt EXTREMELY stuffed up.
It was so blocked that he had tο breathe through his mouth.
"Are you alright? You sound sick" asked Chloe,raising her eyebrows,slightly concerned about her partner.
He was also suffering from a terrible headache and that was very new to him,as he wasn't used to it at all.
He was rubbing his temples,when he finally realised Chloe had talked to him.
"What?" He asked,looking tired and confused,after sniffling heavily "I said are you okay? You look sick"
"Me? The devil? Sick? Oh please,don't be proposterous!" He laughed.
"Well,you look really tired,I think you need to rest".
"I most certainly do not!" He stated,trying to raise his voice,but failing miserably.
He touched his throat as it hurt an awful lot after that ridiculous attempt.
Suddenly,an annoying tickle developed right in the back of his nose and he started hitching. He grabbed the tissue and sneezed loudly into it.
Then he used the same tissue to blow his nose as quietly as he could. He had been needing to blow it ALL MORNING,as it was pouring like a leaky faucet and that's why he'd decided to bring a packet.
"Bless you! See? You're sick! You'll be spreading that cold around the office,everyone will get it if you keep sneezing all over the place!"
"I told you I'M NOT ILL,detective,but you won't believe me,will you?" He stopped speaking as he started coughing into his fist.
In spite of what he kept saying,Lucifer did feel utterly miserable : his head was pounding and he just couldn't breathe.
He'd never felt that bad before.
And the most unbearable thing of all,was that he,the devil himself,had caught a cold.
The actual devil,the one and only Lucifer Morningstar,exposed to petty human diseases? That couldn't be possible.
"You should go back home and have a nap,you look like you didn't sleep at all last night"
"No,detective,I'm here to help you and I cannot leave you alone! AH...AH...ACHOO!!"
"C'mon,Lucifer,you're denying the obvious here! You're sick as a dog and you're probably running a fever.
Go back home!"
He sighed and then politely blew his nose again. He was wiping away the sweat on his brow with his handkerchief when he felt a cold hand on his forehead.
"Omg,you're burning up! Why didn't you call in sick?"
He looked at her with his lips slightly parted : he sat on a chair as he started feeling dizzy and didn't answer his worried partner.
Then,he realised he was literally freezing.
"Why is it so cold in here?" He muttered,almost inaudibly,as he chattered his teeth.
"It's not cold,you feel cold because you have a fever".
"I said I'm fine,detectiv-"
He didn't even manage to finish the sentence when Chloe grabbed him by his left arm and pulled him up from the chair he was sitting on.
She said : "I'll take you home,aren't you ashamed? You were pouting like a child!"
He wanted to free himelf from her grasp but he felt too weak,so he leaned his head against her shoulder and let her support him to walk to his car,as he was so dizzy he couldn't even stand upright.

Let me know if you liked it and if you want me to continue! 

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Oh my Lord! I haven't read a Lucifer fic in such a long time. This was an amazing start! Poor Luci, such a shame, but oh so lovely. :D

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8 hours ago, Pyrus_Fangmon said:

Oh my Lord! I haven't read a Lucifer fic in such a long time. This was an amazing start! Poor Luci, such a shame, but oh so lovely. :D

Thank you,I'm glad to know you liked it! 

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Part 2 :

"Are you sure you can drive home?" Asked Chloe. Lucifer sniffled wetly,sighed and then answered her : "Of course I am,detective! I'm fine!" 
"Well,ok then...
Go back home and GET. SOME. REST."
"Fair enough,I'll rest. Bye detective!" 
"Bye Lucifer,get well soon!" 
Lucifer nodded his head,rather reluctantly.
When the detective had moved away,Lucifer grabbed another tissue from his pocket and blew his nose wetly and loudly into it.
He was so stuffy and snotty that he just couldn't get any relief from blowing his nose at all but that was the only thing he could do.
Then he left.
As soon as he came back home,he hogged the bed as his WHOLE body hurt and he tried to get some sleep,just as the detective had suggested.
The problem was that he wasn't able to breathe properly as he was ridiculously congested and had a terrible cough. 
Furthermore,he was sneezing A LOT and he just couldn't help it.
He had never experience an illness before and,even though a cold/flu is often not a big deal among humans,it definitely was for him,as it was an unknown and,most importantly,unwanted discomfort for him : "This should be a torture in hell!" He thought to himself.
He'd managed to fall asleep when he was woken by a few noises coming from the other room. 
He struggled to get up as he felt terribly weak. When he finally succeeded in standing up,he saw the detective walking around and looking for him. 
He cleared his throat and then greeted her. 
He looked awful : he had dark circles under his eyes,his cheeks were red from the fever,his hair was messy and soaked in sweat,his nose had turned red and chapped from all the blowing and he was wearing his pyjamas. 
Chloe was quite surprised as she'd never seen him in such appalling conditions,but tried to act normally.
"Oh hi Lucifer,here you are! How are you feeling?"
"Well,I'm afraid I'm dying,detective...
I admit I'd underestimated this little illness thingy of yours! It actually is a bummer! ASHOO!!" He tried to stifle the sneeze but it was too powerful and,since he had no tissues,he simply used his hands to cover his nose and mouth. 
He sniffled thickly to clear his stuffy nose after that strong sneeze. 
"Bless you! Well,I guess you're not feeling any better... I'm sorry..."
"Well,you're not as sorry as I am,I assure you... AKSSHHH!!!"
This time,he managed to stifle the sneeze by pinching his nose with his thumb and forefinger.
"Bless you again!"
"Thanks... Ugh,how long does this torture last?"
"Well,it usually gets better within a couple of days but could stick around for a little longer,up to a week... but wait,are you trying to tell me that you'd never got sick before?"
"No,detective! Which part of the sentence the devil doesn't get sick do you not understand? 
Anyway,shouldn't you be working now?"
Chloe rolled her eyes,sighed and then said : "Yes,I just dropped by to check on you but now I'm afraid I really have to get going now,bye! Feel better!" 
Then,she left Lux and went back to work.
Lucifer was pleased with the fact she was so worried about him and smiled in satisfaction.
He came back to his bedroom and literally fell onto his bed : he felt like his fever was getting worse and he couldn't keep his eyes open,so he fell asleep again,despite having to breathe through his mouth.

This is it for today! Let me know what you think about it. 

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Two big thumbs up! Marvelous! I can't wait to see what you throw at him next.

3 hours ago, Zumil4702 said:

"This should be a torture in hell!" 

And this!!! This had me rolling so hard on the bed! :lmfao:

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Loving this!! One of my favorite characters. I can hear him in your writing - awesome job!

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On 4/3/2020 at 2:45 AM, sprinkles287 said:

Loving this!! One of my favorite characters. I can hear him in your writing - awesome job!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! 

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PART 3 :

Lucifer managed to sleep for a few hours. When he woke up he felt TERRIBLE,he couldn't even stand up/think straight.

His congestion had got worse and he couldn't even sniffle,so he grabbed a tissue and kept blowing his nose until it got REALLY red and chapped.

Even though he was constantly blowing it,nothing came out and he was forced to breathe loudly through his mouth.

The sneezing seemed to have subsided a bit,even though he did sneeze a few times.

The fact that he wasn't sneezing much was SOOO annoying,as he couldn't get any relief from the unbelievable congestion.

After a while,Chloe came back to Lux to check on him and what she saw was hard to believe : his partner was buried in tissues and his cheeks were burning with fever. He was panting like a dog and looked very miserable.

He was sleeping,so he didn't notice her presence. She touched his forehead and it was really hot,so she thought she could get some meds for him.

She bought a few meds to help him lower his fever and then immediately went back to Lux : this time,she decided to wake him up. 

She shook him : "Lucifer,Lucifer,wake up!"

He moaned and finally opened his eyes : "Detective,what are you doing here?" He asked,interrupted by a coughing fit.

"I brought you some meds to help your fever and your achy muscles" 

"Aww,how thoughtful,detective!" 

She handed him a glass of water and a pill and he took it.

"So,how are you feeling?"

"My head is pounding and I can't breathe through my nose..." he said,trying to sniffle to prove he just couldn't.

"Why does my whole body hurt,detective??" 

"You're sick,it's normal..." 

"Will I ever be healthy again??"

"Of course you will! What the hell are you thinking?" 

The detective was so surprised by the fact that he was acting like he had never caught a cold/the flu before,but at the same time she felt really sad for him,as he looked like he was suffering a lot.

She left.

He was alone again but at least his fever had gone down a bit and he felt a little bit better.

He wasn't hungry AT ALL and he couldn't smell/taste a thing for his nose was still incredibly stuffed up and his throat hurt A LOT every time he swallowed.

He stayed in bed all day and managed to fall asleep again at night. 



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Hey there! Sorry I haven't written anything in such a long time,I've been terribly busy. But I'm back!

PART 4 :

The following day,Lucifer woke up,discovering that his cold had turned extremely sneezy again!

He just couldn't stop sneezing and there was nothing he could do to hold them back/stifle them so he just gave up.

He didn't feel like he had a fever anymore but his nose was still COMPLETELY congested and also very runny. His throat was still hurting.

He got ready to go to work and he put on one of his suits. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand.

"Bloody hell! Where are by tissues?? *sniff sniff* AKCHOOO!!" 

He sneezed without covering his nose/mouth as he found out he had run out of tissues.

Suddenly,he remembered about the handkerchief he always carried so he grabbed it and gave his nose a proper blow,which was followed by a couple of wet sniffles.

Out of the blue,Maze entered Lux and saw Lucifer as he wiped his snotty nostrils with his handkerchief and coughed into his fist. He heard the sound of the elevator and he turned around,noticing her presence : he immediately cleared his throat,putting away his hanky and sniffled softly,trying to act normal. "Good morning,Maze! What a delightful surprise! ACHOO!! ASHOO!!" He tried to stop the sneezes but they were so powerful and unexpected that he couldn't help but let them out in full force. "Hi Lucifer. Why are you sneezing so much?" "Well,Maze... I may have caught a slight c-cold. Or so it seems..." he admitted,chuckling lightly.

Maze started laughing : "Don't make me laugh! That's ridiculous! The devil,a cold? That's hilarious!" She kept laughing as she left Lux,forgetting why she had gone there.  Lucifer shivered a bit and blew his nose again : the handkerchief was drenched in snot,so he decided to replace it with another one.

On the way to work,he stopped by a shop to buy new tissues,as he was desperately needing loads of them.

His cold had really settled in his sinuses,leaving him all sneezy,stuffy and snotty. He also had a cough and his throat still hurt but those symptoms were less serious than the nasal ones.

As he walked towards Chloe,he noticed she looked very surprised : "Good morning Lucifer!! Looks like you're feeling better!" "Morning detective! Yes,I am indeed,I don't have a fever anymore! AKSSSHHH!!" Somehow he managed to stifle the sneeze into a tissue.

"Bless you!! Well,you may not have a fever but it looks like you've still got the sneezes and the sniffles so stay away,you're probably still contagious!"

"Ok,don't worry detective! I won't get any closer..." He promised,despite being a bit disappointed about that.

Ella greeted him from far : "Hi Luc!! How are you?? Whoa! Are you alright? You look pale! Are you sick?" 

"Good morning Miss Lopez! Well,technically I'm recovering from a little illness of yours but I'm fine,a little cold won't bring me down... ACHOO!!" 

"AAAWWW,God bless you,Luc!! Poor Lucifer,you sound so congested! You must be really sick! Bring it in..." And she hugged him. "He looks like he could really use a hug!" She'd thought to herself. "Thank you,Miss Lopez..." 

He said,glancing at Chloe as if he wanted to tell her : "See? She's not afraid of getting sick!" And she replied by rolling her eyes and looking away.

A couple of minutes later,Dan arrived : "Good morning everyone!" "OH! Hello there,detective douche!!" He said,even though he got interrupted by a coughing fit. At first,Dan tried to ignore his obvious illness but then he just asked : "Hey man,if you're sick just leave and go get some rest 'cause I don't have time get a cold,ok?" "It's just a cold Dan,he promised to stay away. He already got a day off,he's better now".

Lucifer nodded his head whilst politely blowing his nose : normally,he would protest,mainly but insulting Dan,but he still felt too weak to do so and therefore he remained silent.


That's it for today! Stay tuned for I'm already working on the 5th part and I think it will be structured as an episode,with our 2 partners closing another case together,but Lucifer has to deal with his sneezy,snotty cold!








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