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Hey guys! So, I had this idea for a sneeze themed tabletop RPG. I wrote it to be useful in any genre, but I've been playing it in a fantasy setting. Instead of strength or intelligence, there's stuff like Nose Strength (how much tickling your nose can take before sneezing) and Allergic Reaction (how many times you can sneeze before being out of the game).  


The battle system is focused on trying to make the opponent sneeze until their nose runs. Each weapon is used to tickle one's nose until they sneeze. Once you sneeze too many times, their nose starts running, and have to retreat to a safe place to blow their nose. 


I have a draft I'm still working on, but I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in playing a game like that?

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Huh, this sounds super interesting! If you're still around and working on it, I'd certainly be down to look over your draft version. 

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I saw a fic like this once a long time ago. Would love to actually be able to play something like this myself. 

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