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I sneeze more since having a nasal endoscopy


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Odd. I know. 
A little over six months ago I had to have a nasal endoscopy due to having quite frequent nosebleeds. These would happen for no reason at all, and were getting in the way of day to day life. I told my GP about this, and she said that I will be referred to an ENT to have... a nasal endoscopy... 😦 I wanted to ground to swollen me whole, there and then. 

I was absolutely mortified, and said to my partner I’m absolutely not doing that, no way that goes against everything I could even think about doing. No way... I knew I had to. 

The appointment comes through, and the day comes for said appointment. I’m sitting in the waiting room feeling like I want to sob, I felt mortified. 

 I get called in, I had a lovely doctor who explained the procedure. She told me she needed to spray a numbing spray up my nose, to numb one side... 😳 I was mortified, embarrassed but I said “okay” - that’s all I could say. 

It felt weird, uncomfortable and it did make my sneeze twice and she smiled and said “don’t worry, that’s pretty much what always happens, that’s why we spray a tiny bit extra” and she handed me a tissue. I wanted to leave.

I numbed pretty quickly, so the procedure began. I saw the scope. I nearly did get up and ran... but I don’t think my legs would have carried me. I closed my eyes, and just hoped it wouldn’t take too long. It didn’t hurt, I could feel the scope. But it didn’t hurt. I was just so mortified that this girl that I found very attractive was doing this. 

It was over quickly. And I was sent home on my merry way. I wasn’t very merry, needless to say. 

But, since the procedure (maybe a few days after) - ‘normal’ sneezes (not allergies or colds) have been at least 3, and always quite rapid. No real build up, for the time before I’d have done 1 sneeze, I can do 3 or 4 in that time now... it’s so strange. When I wasn’t having an allergy attack or had a cold, I would sneeze once or twice on average.

My mind is blown, and I can’t find anything online about it.

Unlikely, I know... but... has, anyone had anything similar? If you had this procedure, I’m so sorry *hugs*

And after all that, they couldn’t find any reason for my nose bleeds, so they’re recommending that I get my nose cauterised. 


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Im not sure it would cause that? It could be that your nose is more sensitive since that procedure and it happened to happen at the same time but it wouldn't have lasted that long I imagine? Maybe your pattern just changed?

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When I was around 12 or 13 I too suffered with regular nosebleeds. One was so heavy an Ambulance was called! My Mother insisted (against my will) that I should see a specialist. When it came to the endoscopy I just said something like 'You're not putting that thing up my nose' and walked out. Incredibly from that day to this (that's around 50 years) I have never had a single bleed...go figure

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it's possible that the spray had some lingering and unexpected effect on you, but i think it should probably wear off eventually

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